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Fri Nov 29, 2019, 04:54 PM Nov 2019

Worship? No. Respect? Yes. [View all]

In response to an earlier post on military worship....

First and foremost, it is a cold, cruel, dangerous world outside the comfy confines of American power and that of our allies. Spend some time in, say, central Africa, central America, parts of south Asia and enumerable other places and failed states, and one becomes well aware of the anomaly of our bubble of protection. A bubble most of us don't even notice. A rough, modern analog of Pax Romana. That peace allowed the stability for growth and a flowering of civilization, along with, unfortunately, excesses analogous today. We can argue for days about the evils of imperial expansion and I would agree with you, but still there was peace an growth within the imperial bubble.

Though the majority of US wars were for wrong headed reasons and could and should have been avoided, not all wars are like that. And our military doesn't exist simply for those wrongheaded reasons. The rise of fascism comes quickly to mind. The military industrial complex and wars for corporate greed, as evil as they are at times, exist as parasites on the body of a much greater truth. A truth we lose sight of in our comfy bubble. So, lets not dispute that truth when we show our disdain for the parasites. Humans are tribal, prone to violence and are dangerous. We've been dealing with that fact with city walls and frontiers since the neolithic and I see no change in the foreseeable future.

Thus, for the protection that they provide, at the risk of their very lives, the least we comfy folks can do is show them a little respect. Don't worship, by any means. They're still human and subject to all our foibles. But they do put their butts on the line when many of use refuse to...yet love our comfy bubble all the same.
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Worship? No. Respect? Yes. [View all] paleotn Nov 2019 OP
Worthy of respect just as any other public servant. Teachers for instance. Dream Girl Nov 2019 #1
Teachers don't write a blank check with their life, nor break their bodies living hard and rough. braddy Nov 2019 #4
Thank you. dware Nov 2019 #6
Teachers in some places do just that. good grief. without the pay and benefits Kurt V. Nov 2019 #9
No they don't, unless you mean the Green Berets whose mission is largely to be teachers, they do braddy Nov 2019 #10
This message was self-deleted by its author Kurt V. Nov 2019 #12
The Green Beret is doing more pound for pound than our mediocre and incompetent teachers. braddy Nov 2019 #14
i'll assume your serious. Kurt V. Nov 2019 #17
Thanks for sharing your true feelings Blecht Nov 2019 #35
You're saying teachers are mediocre and incompetent? Clash City Rocker Nov 2019 #84
Just read the post, and of course I didn't vote for him, what is with the personal attack. braddy Nov 2019 #86
What Democrat would say that teachers are mediocre and incompetent? Clash City Rocker Nov 2019 #87
Only 10% of Military personel see combat edhopper Nov 2019 #19
All of the military is part of the war force, some of them cook and some repair vehicles etc. braddy Nov 2019 #20
Yes edhopper Nov 2019 #22
Hard living is common in the military it's called going to the field and on exercises, even cooks do braddy Nov 2019 #25
There is a big difference between WWII edhopper Nov 2019 #34
The military has to be ready for whatever comes up, currently the military is getting back to braddy Nov 2019 #36
If you think only one nurse died in Vietnam, you are sadly mistaken. cwydro Nov 2019 #39
I said that only one American military female was killed by enemy action in Vietnam, she was braddy Nov 2019 #43
Diminishing lives lost in war...hmm. cwydro Nov 2019 #46
I'm not diminishing anyone, I told you a fact about how many and who was the only American military braddy Nov 2019 #47
Come on. Aquaria Nov 2019 #65
Ship duty, field duty, exercises like Reforger, constantly moving the family and kids. braddy Nov 2019 #68
The vast majority in the military don't either Major Nikon Nov 2019 #49
Danger in the military depends on the times, but they do write a blank check with their life and braddy Nov 2019 #50
Not so much since WW2 Major Nikon Nov 2019 #52
Military life is difficult and hard on people and you never know when you will be called to the braddy Nov 2019 #53
It's always been a problem nobody cared about Major Nikon Nov 2019 #54
Your figures on annual black lung deaths are wildly incorrect. braddy Nov 2019 #55
Tell that to Wikipedia Major Nikon Nov 2019 #57
Tell it to the CDC. braddy Nov 2019 #61
Wikipedia is not a credible source. Aquaria Nov 2019 #67
Don't really give two shits about what your college accepts or not Major Nikon Nov 2019 #94
It's not merely my college that does that. Lots of them have the same policy. Aquaria Dec 2019 #110
I think you missed this part so let me be more clear Major Nikon Dec 2019 #111
Yeah, because a source claiming to be reliable Aquaria Dec 2019 #109
Neither do many enlisted! Most do not! nt USALiberal Nov 2019 #64
The enlisted signed over a blank check with their lives when they took the oath, they do not have braddy Nov 2019 #72
My grandfather was a coal miner during WWII Drahthaardogs Nov 2019 #66
Many military veteran cops and firefighters and miners would laugh at that claim, in fact braddy Nov 2019 #71
Yeah, those cooks in the Navy sure face a lot of danger Drahthaardogs Nov 2019 #75
Yes, cooks do die in war and what snide union remark are you talking about, union jobs are good jobs braddy Nov 2019 #76
And so did and do other public servants Drahthaardogs Nov 2019 #77
That had nothing to do with my posts on this military thread about respecting our military. braddy Nov 2019 #79
It had EVERYTHING to do with your posts! Drahthaardogs Nov 2019 #83
But no, I haven't except for recognizing that the teaching field is producing lousy results. braddy Nov 2019 #85
Really? Drahthaardogs Nov 2019 #88
Looks that way from here. Kingofalldems Nov 2019 #98
You agree with his disparaging of teachers? Drahthaardogs Nov 2019 #99
Agreeing with you 100%. Kingofalldems Nov 2019 #100
Thanks Drahthaardogs Nov 2019 #101
And look how we respect cops in this country. MicaelS Nov 2019 #89
And it's wrong. Drahthaardogs Nov 2019 #90
Sure, but you can't tell some people that. MicaelS Nov 2019 #91
There ARE bad cops, there are priests who molested kids, Drahthaardogs Nov 2019 #92
Very true. MicaelS Nov 2019 #93
Sorry but too many cops Turin_C3PO Nov 2019 #106
You know something? MicaelS Nov 2019 #108
Okay, but. . . matt819 Nov 2019 #2
There is a big difference between working or vacationing in places considered high crime or less braddy Nov 2019 #5
This message was self-deleted by its author Kurt V. Nov 2019 #8
Killing IS the point to soldiering. braddy Nov 2019 #11
This message was self-deleted by its author Kurt V. Nov 2019 #13
Being a soldier disproves what claim? braddy Nov 2019 #16
This message was self-deleted by its author Kurt V. Nov 2019 #15
I have no idea what that means. braddy Nov 2019 #18
This message was self-deleted by its author Kurt V. Nov 2019 #21
I don't know what you are talking about. What do murderers have to do this, how does that fit into braddy Nov 2019 #23
This message was self-deleted by its author Kurt V. Nov 2019 #27
So? people of all types exist everywhere, teachers rape, rob and murder also, many teachers braddy Nov 2019 #29
This message was self-deleted by its author Kurt V. Nov 2019 #31
Fine, the military members deserve our respect for the risk and sacrifices they endure to protect us braddy Nov 2019 #32
Good grief. Aquaria Nov 2019 #70
Actually.... paleotn Nov 2019 #41
Huh? braddy Nov 2019 #45
Those trained killers you're talking about. paleotn Nov 2019 #62
I still don't know what point you are trying to make. braddy Nov 2019 #73
Sorry. paleotn Nov 2019 #103
They do face professional trained troops whether they are ISIS, Russians, or whatever. braddy Nov 2019 #105
I agree wholeheartedly... paleotn Nov 2019 #37
its complicated. but the parasites you talk about are running the thing. how can you respect that? Kurt V. Nov 2019 #3
I was in Iraq myself and I agree with Dream Girl JonLP24 Nov 2019 #7
As I said iin another reply here edhopper Nov 2019 #24
"Died to keep me free" The_jackalope Nov 2019 #30
Recommended. H2O Man Nov 2019 #26
And that's the most important part. paleotn Nov 2019 #38
Damned right! H2O Man Nov 2019 #40
I really respect oceans. The_jackalope Nov 2019 #28
Thank you for the attempt. TomSlick Nov 2019 #33
A long time ago, H2O Man Nov 2019 #44
Because he chose to serve his country TomSlick Nov 2019 #48
Criticism of "politicians" should be reserved for Republican politicians gulliver Nov 2019 #69
My comparison between the troops and politicians was not a criticism but a statement of fact. TomSlick Nov 2019 #96
Kick. cwydro Nov 2019 #42
Excellent post. emmaverybo Nov 2019 #51
Don't forget the spouses and kids nitpicker Nov 2019 #56
You are, of course, correct. TomSlick Nov 2019 #80
That earlier post was meant to divide us. pwb Nov 2019 #58
Ignore the RW and divide US? Who could want that? Nah. Hortensis Nov 2019 #59
that's what I was thinking Crabby Appleton Nov 2019 #60
Bullshit! It was a different opinion, but nice try! nt USALiberal Nov 2019 #63
I'm glad someone else sees this, you inspired me to write a thread on this ck4829 Nov 2019 #74
This message was self-deleted by its author Baked Potato Nov 2019 #81
Mmm...no thanks. WhiskeyGrinder Nov 2019 #78
Well put gulliver Nov 2019 #82
Interesting thread. braddy Nov 2019 #95
Wow. Insulting. Way to garner respect. Iggo Nov 2019 #97
incredible thoughts. kozar Nov 2019 #102
We've tipped over into worship. The NFL's recent display is a perfect example. maxsolomon Nov 2019 #104
Being anti war does not make me anti troops lunatica Nov 2019 #107
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