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18. Or James Brown?
Fri Nov 29, 2019, 08:51 AM
Nov 2019

Forget that, Brown was a good entertainer. tRump is a disaster at EVERYTHING, except getting Putin's changes made in the USA.

At around 0:18, watch the woman on the left of the screen... LuckyCharms Nov 2019 #1
You have a stronger stomach than me......... MyOwnPeace Nov 2019 #9
The guy in front of her, too. GoCubsGo Nov 2019 #20
Because he is a petty, jealous little man. smirkymonkey Nov 2019 #2
+1 Botany Nov 2019 #16
This malaise Nov 2019 #32
It's killing him. smirkymonkey Nov 2019 #33
Fine by me malaise Nov 2019 #34
WHY is he wearing his Scarsdale Nov 2019 #3
Because it's bulletproof? nolabear Nov 2019 #12
Closest thing to a cape 2naSalit Nov 2019 #17
Or James Brown? Scarsdale Nov 2019 #18
He is a small insecure little boy, his mommy and daddy never showed him any love KelleyKramer Nov 2019 #4
His own mother said, "What kind of son, have I created?".😳 dewsgirl Nov 2019 #11
She should have said "Not tonight, Fred" TheCowsCameHome Nov 2019 #22
She should have immediately deep douched with bleach, ammonia, and hydrochloric acid... magicarpet Nov 2019 #25
And the millions of Americans who STILL want him in charge... FiveGoodMen Nov 2019 #31
Because he's a petty little piss-ant, that's why. calimary Nov 2019 #5
Just as long as that Scarsdale Nov 2019 #19
After 3 years, why are we still shocked by this clown? tman Nov 2019 #6
That is truly the correct question Sherman A1 Nov 2019 #8
Narcissist Personality Disorder Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin Nov 2019 #7
I noticed in the video played on TV ... left-of-center2012 Nov 2019 #10
Many reasons duforsure Nov 2019 #13
Because he's a jealous, self-loathing, useless sack of shit, GoCubsGo Nov 2019 #14
Queen gotta twerk it. NCLefty Nov 2019 #15
+1 dalton99a Nov 2019 #30
His presidency is the closest thing we have as far as penis envy Norbert Nov 2019 #21
definitely Demovictory9 Nov 2019 #36
Some on the right are too brainwashed to see Trump for what he is Martin Eden Nov 2019 #23
The guy on the right, wearing dark jacket..... secondwind Nov 2019 #24
That's what tin-pot dictators do... spanone Nov 2019 #26
Every day I hope to wake to the news that Trump is dead Orrex Nov 2019 #27
You and me both. 3catwoman3 Nov 2019 #29
Cause he's Putin's tool and kacekwl Nov 2019 #28
What the Fuck would this Bone Spurred Mango Menace dware Nov 2019 #35
The troops do not look happy. At all. nt Hekate Nov 2019 #37
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