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Fri Nov 29, 2019, 08:43 AM
Nov 2019

Barack Obama is more of a man, a better father, and more of a success than Trump
ever was or will be all this and knowing that President Obama won his elections straight
up eats at Trump every day.

Truth be told the Obamas are richer than Trump too.

At around 0:18, watch the woman on the left of the screen... LuckyCharms Nov 2019 #1
You have a stronger stomach than me......... MyOwnPeace Nov 2019 #9
The guy in front of her, too. GoCubsGo Nov 2019 #20
Because he is a petty, jealous little man. smirkymonkey Nov 2019 #2
+1 Botany Nov 2019 #16
This malaise Nov 2019 #32
It's killing him. smirkymonkey Nov 2019 #33
Fine by me malaise Nov 2019 #34
WHY is he wearing his Scarsdale Nov 2019 #3
Because it's bulletproof? nolabear Nov 2019 #12
Closest thing to a cape 2naSalit Nov 2019 #17
Or James Brown? Scarsdale Nov 2019 #18
He is a small insecure little boy, his mommy and daddy never showed him any love KelleyKramer Nov 2019 #4
His own mother said, "What kind of son, have I created?".😳 dewsgirl Nov 2019 #11
She should have said "Not tonight, Fred" TheCowsCameHome Nov 2019 #22
She should have immediately deep douched with bleach, ammonia, and hydrochloric acid... magicarpet Nov 2019 #25
And the millions of Americans who STILL want him in charge... FiveGoodMen Nov 2019 #31
Because he's a petty little piss-ant, that's why. calimary Nov 2019 #5
Just as long as that Scarsdale Nov 2019 #19
After 3 years, why are we still shocked by this clown? tman Nov 2019 #6
That is truly the correct question Sherman A1 Nov 2019 #8
Narcissist Personality Disorder Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin Nov 2019 #7
I noticed in the video played on TV ... left-of-center2012 Nov 2019 #10
Many reasons duforsure Nov 2019 #13
Because he's a jealous, self-loathing, useless sack of shit, GoCubsGo Nov 2019 #14
Queen gotta twerk it. NCLefty Nov 2019 #15
+1 dalton99a Nov 2019 #30
His presidency is the closest thing we have as far as penis envy Norbert Nov 2019 #21
definitely Demovictory9 Nov 2019 #36
Some on the right are too brainwashed to see Trump for what he is Martin Eden Nov 2019 #23
The guy on the right, wearing dark jacket..... secondwind Nov 2019 #24
That's what tin-pot dictators do... spanone Nov 2019 #26
Every day I hope to wake to the news that Trump is dead Orrex Nov 2019 #27
You and me both. 3catwoman3 Nov 2019 #29
Cause he's Putin's tool and kacekwl Nov 2019 #28
What the Fuck would this Bone Spurred Mango Menace dware Nov 2019 #35
The troops do not look happy. At all. nt Hekate Nov 2019 #37
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