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6. What Caliman73 said
Mon Nov 25, 2019, 09:37 PM
Nov 2019

One would think that after all the investigations on the Clintons, it would finally get through thick rethug skulls that they have been punished to the max for their wrongdoings (impeached for lying about a BJ?! After all the FBIgates, Filegates, Thisgate, thatgate, the funniest accusation was when they were accused of murdering 2 teenagers with a freight train! And it still isn't enough for the cult).

But, sell the whole country out to Russian oligarchs and mobsters? Nothing to see here... move on.

Lock the criminals in the WH up! Lock'em ALL up!

how about a neutral option? mopinko Nov 2019 #1
Ima go with, hell no. dewsgirl Nov 2019 #2
Same here... regnaD kciN Nov 2019 #9
They are far more appropriate than "lock her up" chants, which are baseless. Caliman73 Nov 2019 #3
What Caliman73 said Leith Nov 2019 #6
I'd prefer 'vote him out' C_U_L8R Nov 2019 #4
Goose, Gander, Sauce . . . hatrack Nov 2019 #5
they are mandatory. NRaleighLiberal Nov 2019 #7
No. meadowlander Nov 2019 #8
Trump and Christie brought it all on . Wash. state Desk Jet Nov 2019 #10
Hell, no. Payback's a motherfucker. . . DinahMoeHum Nov 2019 #11
Depends on the social setting Red Mountain Nov 2019 #12
Normally I would find arguments like "He did it first..." childish, but these days... TreasonousBastard Nov 2019 #13
Something like "si, se pueda," would be more uplifting tirebiter Nov 2019 #14
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