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Thu Nov 14, 2019, 03:10 AM Nov 2019

To every person, who didn't trust Hillary Clinton. FUCK YOU! [View all]

Your whole world, your reality, is a fabrication based on lies. You say you couldn't trust Hillary Clinton because of her handling of emails on a server and that was a bridge too far, so you voted for tRump or you didn't vote for Hillary Clinton.


Fuck your upside down world view. I pity you, because your whole political world view was shattered AGAIN!

Today we learned that the POTUS conducted U.S. foreign policy on a cellphone and not just any cellphone call, but one with another caller whose cellphone was in a foreign country (Ukraine) AND the mother fucking POTUS's conversation could be heard by others who where not on the phone with him!!! An unsecured cellphone conversation by the POTUS, not lies about Hillary Clinton's email server, first hand recollection of his voice being overheard in a Ukrainian restaurant.

I have no respect for you or any of these water carrying anti-American anti-patriotic shitheads who call themselves by names like conservatives, GOP, republicans, and any other neo-nationalistic label. FUCK YOU ALL!

You might as well just spit on our forefathers or pissed on their graves. ENOUGH!

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This is correct. betsuni Nov 2019 #1
Not only that DFW Nov 2019 #2
+1 ffr Nov 2019 #25
+1 Docreed2003 Nov 2019 #26
Excellent. yardwork Nov 2019 #29
It was not conscience - not even close. PhoenixDem Nov 2019 #62
So, so true. And they'd do it again, if she ever runs for anything. librechik Nov 2019 #3
Don't sugar coat it like that, ffr. SergeStorms Nov 2019 #4
many DUers fell for the Hillary garbage too Skittles Nov 2019 #5
Still. Sadly. NurseJackie Nov 2019 #15
oh yes Skittles Nov 2019 #23
Damned if u ain't right. Nt BootinUp Nov 2019 #49
Yep, that's why I hardly ever comment here anymore. Beacool Nov 2019 #36
and help him they surely did Skittles Nov 2019 #37
One of my All-Time Favorite New Rules William Weehours Nov 2019 #6
How do I rec this? BuffaloJackalope Nov 2019 #13
I don't think you can William Weehours Nov 2019 #21
Once in a while Maher gets it right. Dem4Life1102 Nov 2019 #17
Hear, hear!!! Beacool Nov 2019 #32
That was good! treestar Nov 2019 #65
Hillary wasn't my first choice in the primaries, but I DEFINITELY voted for her in the general. roamer65 Nov 2019 #7
100% Correct! It is also about National Security and Trump being a loose cannon. UCmeNdc Nov 2019 #8
She did it for the security of the country AlexSFCA Nov 2019 #9
+100000000 pandr32 Nov 2019 #10
But, but, what about the Stein/Sarandon revolution? nt JustABozoOnThisBus Nov 2019 #11
No person in our country has been investigated BigMin28 Nov 2019 #12
I think they were trying to get her even back in Arkansas. dhol82 Nov 2019 #79
couldn't say it better... handmade34 Nov 2019 #14
co-signed... Blue_Tires Nov 2019 #16
Hey, dware Nov 2019 #18
K&R Gothmog Nov 2019 #19
+100000000. (nt) ehrnst Nov 2019 #20
And they torched all our children's futures. WhiteTara Nov 2019 #22
Climate change bdamomma Nov 2019 #24
But at least he isn't Hillary. Funtatlaguy Nov 2019 #27
You GO, ffr! Cha Nov 2019 #28
Great rant! yardwork Nov 2019 #30
That's really not how a society functions. Kurt V. Nov 2019 #31
I Salute You Me. Nov 2019 #33
Yes Bev54 Nov 2019 #34
Add to the list, fuck every progressive who stayed home or voted third party. Beacool Nov 2019 #35
+1 Maru Kitteh Nov 2019 #38
+1 oasis Nov 2019 #46
++++++ PhoenixDem Nov 2019 #61
+1 betsuni Nov 2019 #71
+1 StarryNite Nov 2019 #72
Thank you, ffr. sheshe2 Nov 2019 #39
Hillary was the most qualified candidate PhoenixDem Nov 2019 #40
This had to be said K&R nt NYMinute Nov 2019 #41
I was listening to Hillary and Chelsea on Trevor Noah's show talk about the conspiracy theories. Jewls2 Nov 2019 #42
Murdered two? wtf! triron Nov 2019 #43
Here's the whole interview, they addressed all the crazy conspiracy theories: Rhiannon12866 Nov 2019 #47
Here is the interview. I think this will have it on it. Jewls2 Nov 2019 #48
Look how my post on her possibly running brought out the Hillary haters here on DU. triron Nov 2019 #44
I'm sure it did.. that's why I didn't Cha Nov 2019 #53
ImWithHer oasis Nov 2019 #45
DU rec. BootinUp Nov 2019 #50
Yes indeed... comradebillyboy Nov 2019 #51
Well said ffr!!! still_one Nov 2019 #52
Same to would-be leaders who say no difference between us and Republicans. Hortensis Nov 2019 #54
Big shout out to Doctor Jill Stein and those voters who saw no difference Cha Nov 2019 #55
Yes, thank you Cha! ffr Nov 2019 #74
Thank you, ffr! and NO thanks to stein's LIES Cha Nov 2019 #78
So, we're still whining about Hillary losing to trump? RandiFan1290 Nov 2019 #56
Very true. Their are those that do and those that let emotions control them. Raymond O Nov 2019 #58
Yeah, "shame on us" for being pissed at the fucking LIES of Cha Nov 2019 #70
And some people whine every time they see her name. MrsCoffee Nov 2019 #59
Why bother with people that unreasonable? treestar Nov 2019 #66
No. We are saying fuck you and fuck off ismnotwasm Nov 2019 #68
We're Saying a BIG "Fuck YOU to THe LIES of jill stein and SS" Cha Nov 2019 #69
You cannot reason with unreasonable people. musicblind Nov 2019 #77
I'll tell ya what's "unreasonable". it's Stein's Fucking LIES Cha Nov 2019 #80
K&R brer cat Nov 2019 #57
I was looking at the recs to this OP. PhoenixDem Nov 2019 #60
What is it you think you see? MrsCoffee Nov 2019 #64
More like what I don't see in the list. n/t PhoenixDem Nov 2019 #67
Oh, I am SOOOO BlueMTexpat Nov 2019 #63
Their accusations about Hillary were baseless. I have no use for those people. LiberalFighter Nov 2019 #73
Thank you for this... NurseJackie Nov 2019 #75
YES!!! still_one Nov 2019 #76
They claimed she didn't have enough experience. When she got more experience than everyone else, StarfishSaver Nov 2019 #81
so true, they fell for the brainwashing propaganda demigoddess Nov 2019 #82
I imagine you're talking to an awful lot of DU'ers. NCLefty Nov 2019 #83
I never stopped liking Hillary I_UndergroundPanther Nov 2019 #84
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