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Sun Nov 10, 2019, 11:16 PM

The Last Lifeboat Has Now Departed [View all]

The Trumptanic, steered into turbulent waters by the madman at the wheel, is now listing to one side and is about to sink. All passengers who ignored the warning signs of its inevitable fate and refused to board the lifeboats are now doomed; all crew members who insisted the ship was unsinkable will be going down with it.

You’ve had many opportunities to save yourselves and your party, GOP. You could have jumped ship when migrant kids were taken from their parents and jailed, or when your captain exploded the deficit to give tax-cuts to the wealthy, or when he started lining his own pockets with taxpayer money.

You could have bailed when your captain sailed away from our allies and towards our enemies, or when he began dismantling the very structures that keep the ship-of-state safely afloat. You could have mutinied when he started dividing the passengers into us and them, when he encouraged those on board to violence, when he demanded the crew follow his insane orders, while tossing those who refused to do so overboard.

The signs were all there – unmistakable signs that you were now on a journey that would end tragically – but still you held on to the ridiculous notion that your rudderless ship would somehow survive.

Well, the last lifeboat has now sailed. It left when you knew your captain was guilty of using bribery and extortion to extract self-serving information from our ally, Ukraine, and withheld congressionally-approved funds until his demands for ‘dirt’ on a political opponent were met. It left when you decided to dismiss what is clearly a high crime and misdemeanour, and instead insisted that your captain is above the law. It left when you chose to put a lying, thieving idiot above your Constitutional duty and above the national security of the country you swore to protect.

The coming weeks will be interesting, as you attempt to defend the indefensible while the nation – and the world – watches. It will be fascinating to see you flail about in iceberg-strewn waters, trying to explain how extortion and bribery for personal political gain is something that all presidents have engaged in, so we should all just get over it. It will be beyond entertaining to see you trying to convince the citizenry that career civil servants with impeccable credentials are lying, while the man who has lied over 13,000 times is the truth-teller.

No doubt you will use your usual tricks to distract from the truth. You will be disruptive; you will rail on endlessly about irrelevancies, insist that due process is not being followed – maybe even order a few dozen pizzas during the hearings. But those tactics will only serve to prove that you find the most solemn and serious undertaking – determining if a “pResident” is guilty and should be removed from office – is something to be scorned, ignored, and ultimately laughed at.

The Trumptanic is going down – and it will take all souls still on board with it. Its sinking was always inevitable, and those who refused to see that inevitability are now facing a watery political grave – and the majority of the populace will cheer as you go under.

As Carl Bernstein once said to a RWer who declared that no one is interested in investigations into Trump: ”There was a time when no one was interested in Watergate – which was followed by the time when everyone was interested in Watergate.”

We are about to enter that time when everyone is interested in Trump’s crimes – and they are about to hear the overwhelming evidence against him 24/7 on all news outlets, blasted in headlines, set out in details that can’t be ignored.

So those of you who chose to go down with the ship – well, you’re fucked. You should have grabbed a seat on that last lifeboat – the one that represented your last chance at getting out while abandoning ship was still an option.

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