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15. seersuckeriously, they can all go to hell !
Wed Nov 6, 2019, 01:46 AM
Nov 2019

welcome to OUR WORLD with this traitorous MAGAT in the Oval Office

may they wither and squirm in slow death spiral ...

damn, now
back to my mild unassuming self


where do "conservatives" go? Mother Russia Hermit-The-Prog Nov 2019 #1
Mother Russia... LovingA2andMI Nov 2019 #5
Argentina? Fozzledick Nov 2019 #9
Nice! Baked Potato Nov 2019 #24
Isn't that Brazil's outline? Just curious... (n/t) Moostache Nov 2019 #29
That George Soros seems to have an endless supply of money. Yavin4 Nov 2019 #2
He's a real help in my retirement, paying me to post here. And many other places. Captain Zero Nov 2019 #7
His $$$ to post plan paid for my summer chateau in the Loire Valley France BannonsLiver Nov 2019 #13
Not just money, he seems to have supernatural powers DBoon Nov 2019 #8
How awesome for us if George Soros actually did all the things they accuse him of. Marie Marie Nov 2019 #12
Yeah, for real. But don't wake them from their fantasy. nt Blue_true Nov 2019 #20
whatever will they DO when Soros passes Skittles Nov 2019 #14
They will find another boogieman, they always do. nt Blue_true Nov 2019 #21
If what they accuse him of were true Jake Stern Nov 2019 #16
Tommy T's column about the Freeperati at First Draft should be good gratuitous Nov 2019 #3
GOP to America: "The confederacy of losers and traitors was better than Democrats!" NCLefty Nov 2019 #4
Freepers are never happy Generic Brad Nov 2019 #6
And for all the bravado BannonsLiver Nov 2019 #11
To hell, that's where you can go Trump Bot! BannonsLiver Nov 2019 #10
seersuckeriously, they can all go to hell ! dweller Nov 2019 #15
Ooh who wants a big, frosty mug of conservative tears? Initech Nov 2019 #17
This message was self-deleted by its author Chin music Nov 2019 #28
New Jersey, California & New York - The three shitholes that fund the Republican Moocher States. TheBlackAdder Nov 2019 #18
Don't be a loudmouth. Blue_true Nov 2019 #19
Sugar Daddy Soros' payments seem to have missed my change of address request... Moostache Nov 2019 #30
Maybe the money printing machine that he has in his basement broke down from overwork. Blue_true Nov 2019 #33
Okay, I'll nitpick. Virginia has plenty of "scenic mountains." They just look a bit bluer now. dameatball Nov 2019 #22
They've always LOOKED blue! Withywindle Nov 2019 #23
Where will they go? ThoughtCriminal Nov 2019 #25
This message was self-deleted by its author Chin music Nov 2019 #26
To Hell as far as I'm concerned. gibraltar72 Nov 2019 #27
Whatta maroon. New Jersey is freakin' cool Clash City Rocker Nov 2019 #31
Someone please inform these assholes that the counties that John Fante Nov 2019 #32
where do conservatives go if all states turn blue: gopiscrap Nov 2019 #34
Ritual seppuku is always an option for disgruntled Freepers... comradebillyboy Nov 2019 #35
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