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where do "conservatives" go? Mother Russia Hermit-The-Prog Nov 2019 #1
Mother Russia... LovingA2andMI Nov 2019 #5
Argentina? Fozzledick Nov 2019 #9
Nice! Baked Potato Nov 2019 #24
Isn't that Brazil's outline? Just curious... (n/t) Moostache Nov 2019 #29
That George Soros seems to have an endless supply of money. Yavin4 Nov 2019 #2
He's a real help in my retirement, paying me to post here. And many other places. Captain Zero Nov 2019 #7
His $$$ to post plan paid for my summer chateau in the Loire Valley France BannonsLiver Nov 2019 #13
Not just money, he seems to have supernatural powers DBoon Nov 2019 #8
How awesome for us if George Soros actually did all the things they accuse him of. Marie Marie Nov 2019 #12
Yeah, for real. But don't wake them from their fantasy. nt Blue_true Nov 2019 #20
whatever will they DO when Soros passes Skittles Nov 2019 #14
They will find another boogieman, they always do. nt Blue_true Nov 2019 #21
If what they accuse him of were true Jake Stern Nov 2019 #16
Tommy T's column about the Freeperati at First Draft should be good gratuitous Nov 2019 #3
GOP to America: "The confederacy of losers and traitors was better than Democrats!" NCLefty Nov 2019 #4
Freepers are never happy Generic Brad Nov 2019 #6
And for all the bravado BannonsLiver Nov 2019 #11
To hell, that's where you can go Trump Bot! BannonsLiver Nov 2019 #10
seersuckeriously, they can all go to hell ! dweller Nov 2019 #15
Ooh who wants a big, frosty mug of conservative tears? Initech Nov 2019 #17
This message was self-deleted by its author Chin music Nov 2019 #28
New Jersey, California & New York - The three shitholes that fund the Republican Moocher States. TheBlackAdder Nov 2019 #18
Don't be a loudmouth. Blue_true Nov 2019 #19
Sugar Daddy Soros' payments seem to have missed my change of address request... Moostache Nov 2019 #30
Maybe the money printing machine that he has in his basement broke down from overwork. Blue_true Nov 2019 #33
Okay, I'll nitpick. Virginia has plenty of "scenic mountains." They just look a bit bluer now. dameatball Nov 2019 #22
They've always LOOKED blue! Withywindle Nov 2019 #23
Where will they go? ThoughtCriminal Nov 2019 #25
This message was self-deleted by its author Chin music Nov 2019 #26
To Hell as far as I'm concerned. gibraltar72 Nov 2019 #27
Whatta maroon. New Jersey is freakin' cool Clash City Rocker Nov 2019 #31
Someone please inform these assholes that the counties that John Fante Nov 2019 #32
where do conservatives go if all states turn blue: gopiscrap Nov 2019 #34
Ritual seppuku is always an option for disgruntled Freepers... comradebillyboy Nov 2019 #35
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