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Sun Nov 3, 2019, 09:25 AM Nov 2019

Was Jeffrey Epstein murdered? [View all]

Was Jeffrey Epstein murdered?

44 votes, 2 passes | Time left: Unlimited
No, it was suicide.
11 (25%)
Yes, and it was both Republicans and Democrats.
1 (2%)
Yes, and it was Republicans.
29 (66%)
Yes, and it was Democrats.
2 (5%)
Yes, and it was neither Republicans nor Democrats.
1 (2%)
Other, please state your theory.
0 (0%)
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Disclaimer: This is an Internet poll
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If they can lie us into a war, and institute torture, and give us Orange Hitler, Cary Nov 2019 #1
So, you are going with "she's a liar"? jberryhill Nov 2019 #36
It was whomever decided that 2naSalit Nov 2019 #2
Maybe essme Nov 2019 #3
The problem with most conspiracy theories is you need another conspiracy theory to explain them brooklynite Nov 2019 #4
Another problem is that conspiracy theories can never be disproven, because any evidence StarfishSaver Nov 2019 #6
I like to think of myself as disinclined towards conspiracy theories Cary Nov 2019 #10
I'm also very skeptical of conspiracy theories, but that doesn't mean that they don't ever exist StarfishSaver Nov 2019 #12
Exactly...As HRC Proved Me. Nov 2019 #76
"I am slightly persuaded by Epstein's lawyers' medical examiner" jberryhill Nov 2019 #39
Could you elaborate on what makes him more believable? Cary Nov 2019 #42
But you give more credence to the guy hired by Epstein's lawyers jberryhill Nov 2019 #45
And you're free to believe The New York Post Cary Nov 2019 #47
Ha, ha, ha, ha... jberryhill Nov 2019 #48
This. cwydro Nov 2019 #13
Show me one interview where he said he attempted murder in July Polybius Nov 2019 #21
"His lawyer said no from the start" jberryhill Nov 2019 #37
I don't know StarfishSaver Nov 2019 #5
Of course you don't know Cary Nov 2019 #8
What an odd comment StarfishSaver Nov 2019 #9
Oddly enough I was answering YOUR POST! Cary Nov 2019 #11
I know. That's why I responded. It was an odd comment to address only to one who says I don't know StarfishSaver Nov 2019 #14
I was affirming you Cary Nov 2019 #15
I don't know either. Corgigal Nov 2019 #73
There are a lot of strange things involved here StarfishSaver Nov 2019 #74
He was Frankie Five Angeled exboyfil Nov 2019 #7
Really? 70%? nt USALiberal Nov 2019 #16
Herd mentality jberryhill Nov 2019 #29
Scary really! Nt USALiberal Nov 2019 #60
Right out of Trump TV... jberryhill Nov 2019 #62
He was exfiltrated and is living on an island with Tupac Recursion Nov 2019 #17
I'm gonna go with "Probably but they're hiding it well"... Wounded Bear Nov 2019 #18
I don't think so. It was over for him. The prosecution was going to continue to add more charges Buckeyeblue Nov 2019 #19
He did have customers on both sides Polybius Nov 2019 #20
You do realize the optics of this right? Arthur_Frain Nov 2019 #22
The most high profile prisoner in the federal system exboyfil Nov 2019 #52
You know this issue is being amplified a lot by the trolls on social media, right? Tommy_Carcetti Nov 2019 #23
I saw it discussed on MSNBC and the NYT Cary Nov 2019 #24
Yes but the JeffreyEpsteinDidntKillHimself tag has quickly become memeified Tommy_Carcetti Nov 2019 #25
++I wish more would see this for what it is - Look over here/ talk about this instead now lunasun Nov 2019 #51
Precisely - and on DU jberryhill Nov 2019 #28
Bill Barr is going to have a lot duforsure Nov 2019 #26
epstein is alive rampartc Nov 2019 #27
Alive, Well & Living With Ken Lay Me. Nov 2019 #77
Yup. I'm sure Barr had him murdered to prevent him OliverQ Nov 2019 #30
Why did Barr have him arrested in the first place? jberryhill Nov 2019 #33
Who said Barr had him arrested? OliverQ Nov 2019 #38
On a DoJ indictment jberryhill Nov 2019 #40
Searches, seizures, etc leftstreet Nov 2019 #85
Lol no Loki Liesmith Nov 2019 #31
You think that's fair? Cary Nov 2019 #32
Do you think going after Barbara Sampson is fair? jberryhill Nov 2019 #35
You think Orange Hitler will murder Barbara Sampson? Cary Nov 2019 #43
Total non-sequitur jberryhill Nov 2019 #46
When I find people who appear to take themselves too seriously I tend to mock them Cary Nov 2019 #49
I dislike RW propaganda jberryhill Nov 2019 #50
I dislike rude, condescending, and obnoxious behavior Cary Nov 2019 #55
Well, there's always Fox News jberryhill Nov 2019 #58
I didn't say I found him persuasive. Cary Nov 2019 #63
Who wrote these words jberryhill Nov 2019 #65
If you're going to tell me what my words meant then you will discuss them alone Cary Nov 2019 #67
You should have been around when the 9/11 forum was in full swing jberryhill Nov 2019 #34
I dont know but lean towards the theory Epstein was given the tools/time/space to kill himself Arazi Nov 2019 #41
Suspicious indeed. Cary Nov 2019 #44
Frankie Five Angels exboyfil Nov 2019 #53
Barr visited the jail the week before Epstein was found dead... brush Nov 2019 #54
Who had the means, motive and opportunity to murder him and make it look like a suicide? MrScorpio Nov 2019 #56
None of us know. Cary Nov 2019 #57
Fox News Has The Answer.... jberryhill Nov 2019 #59
The one armed man did it! Nt USALiberal Nov 2019 #61
No ismnotwasm Nov 2019 #64
Truth by majority consensus, eh? Act_of_Reparation Nov 2019 #66
Who said anything about "Truth by majority consensus?" Cary Nov 2019 #68
Or maybe just simple and idle speculation. LanternWaste Nov 2019 #69
Or maybe this wasn't posted in a vacuum. Act_of_Reparation Nov 2019 #71
This is DU Cary Nov 2019 #72
I'm about 60/40 on him being murdered Bradical79 Nov 2019 #70
There were a whole lot of Bettie Nov 2019 #75
Why can't the victims identify them? jberryhill Nov 2019 #82
"Teenage Escorts" Bettie Nov 2019 #83
Epstein was a wealthy powerful man who denied everything jberryhill Nov 2019 #86
76% od DUers say yes Polybius Nov 2019 #78
None of that means a damned thing. MineralMan Nov 2019 #88
Probably no one Polybius Nov 2019 #89
Do you see anyone like that here? I don't. MineralMan Nov 2019 #90
I see the usual anti-conspiracy theorist liberal mindset is active. MarcA Nov 2019 #79
Yea, I left my tin hat at home today sorry. redstatebluegirl Nov 2019 #80
We will never know. gldstwmn Nov 2019 #81
I am a long time "conspiracy theorist" and I don't put much stock in Doctor Baden. Midnight Writer Nov 2019 #84
Polls can't establish facts. Polls are just people's guesses. Nobody here knows. MineralMan Nov 2019 #87
If that is the standard why discuss anything? Cary Nov 2019 #92
Because when "authority" speaks you're suppose to sit down and shut up, MarcA Nov 2019 #93
I'm sorry you feel that way Cary Nov 2019 #94
Sorry. Didn't think I needed too include the word snark in my comments. n/t MarcA Nov 2019 #95
Cameras were off, indicating the likelihood of foul play. ooky Nov 2019 #91
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