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The funny thing is - Trump came in second rurallib Sep 2019 #1
Yes, Trump lost. And that was even with cheating. Bluepinky Sep 2019 #3
In other words, dirt doesn't vote. People vote. LastDemocratInSC Sep 2019 #2
Yall keep saying dirt dont vote quakerboy Sep 2019 #31
Point taken with respect to federal representation LastDemocratInSC Sep 2019 #32
We need to grow the House swimboy Sep 2019 #33
DC has 700,000 and no vote in Congress IronLionZion Sep 2019 #39
Exactly quakerboy Sep 2019 #42
That's not even a map of the 2016 election. BlueStater Sep 2019 #4
Well, Lara Scarsdale Sep 2019 #5
Was Wondering About the Map erpowers Sep 2019 #49
Another fact-based reality response. Thank you for this thread. It's now "meme ON" ancianita Sep 2019 #6
How stupid do you have to be Mr.Bill Sep 2019 #7
There are vast cavernous empty areas of unused storage lunatica Sep 2019 #9
I believe it's (lack of) brain development in some areas. albacore Sep 2019 #20
I think some of it is people that have never been to these areas. Mr.Bill Sep 2019 #23
it's kind of hysterical really stopdiggin Sep 2019 #8
Before this is over lunatica Sep 2019 #11
No, they'll view him even more strongly as their persecuted savior. Garrett78 Sep 2019 #15
Not when they realize he hates them. lunatica Sep 2019 #16
He has insulted his supporters more than once and they adore him. Garrett78 Sep 2019 #18
They don't think he's talking about them lunatica Sep 2019 #22
If they wish to forfeit their lives over Rump in any way shape or form, no matter how he Celerity Sep 2019 #35
Says she who married a Trump ON PURPOSE. dchill Sep 2019 #10
Birds of a feather... lunatica Sep 2019 #12
...grift together. dchill Sep 2019 #13
I just looked at pics of her.(Never saw before) She looks like.... ready for this? pangaia Sep 2019 #19
OMG. You're right. Must be a type that... dchill Sep 2019 #24
Well, there are good witches ............ pangaia Sep 2019 #25
They both have that republican "horsey" look. smirkymonkey Sep 2019 #47
The dumbest one too BigMin28 Sep 2019 #27
k&r DesertRat Sep 2019 #14
Lara trump? Who dat ? pangaia Sep 2019 #17
I see blue wings Generic Other Sep 2019 #21
Oh, can livestock vote now? klook Sep 2019 #26
Or rocks? Retrograde Sep 2019 #38
I like maps. OilemFirchen Sep 2019 #28
Here's the 1972 electoral map. Bleacher Creature Sep 2019 #29
Excellent point. LastDemocratInSC Sep 2019 #34
George McGovern didn't even win his own state FakeNoose Sep 2019 #40
Lara Trump would do herself and her image a big smirkymonkey Sep 2019 #30
They like to talk about how many "counties" trump won, like that means something. Actually.... George II Sep 2019 #36
We actually tried very hard not to Impeach him. MasonDreams Sep 2019 #37
She's actually married to Eric FakeNoose Sep 2019 #41
That's so much worse IronLionZion Sep 2019 #43
Oops, I just guessed she was wife #2 of grabber. MasonDreams Sep 2019 #46
Best map, IMO sharedvalues Sep 2019 #44
These are all useful. calimary Sep 2019 #45
What is that anyway, a threat? Are the Republicans going to murder us all if Trump is impeached? NCLefty Sep 2019 #48
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