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7. Was he talking to the media or the American viewers?
Thu Sep 19, 2019, 09:31 PM
Sep 2019

Is he like Lewendoski who lies to the media on national t v? Probably.

Ghouliani having a fit on CNN. [View all] Kingofalldems Sep 2019 OP
The right place for him is a NY Jail PhoenixDem Sep 2019 #1
How would he know if the whistleblower is lying or not? StarfishSaver Sep 2019 #2
He knows all Kingofalldems Sep 2019 #3
Best question👍🏼 spanone Sep 2019 #4
great question! Takket Sep 2019 #19
As always, you are on target. saidsimplesimon Sep 2019 #21
Lol Laura PourMeADrink Sep 2019 #31
Appreciate that Biden is making Ghoul Cha Sep 2019 #5
Squealing is more like it. sheshe2 Sep 2019 #16
lol.. right. Afterwards I heard the Cha Sep 2019 #20
I can see Biden laughing at Giuliani as clear as day. lunatica Sep 2019 #32
"Laughing" at mr 9-11-& a verb. Cha Sep 2019 #35
Admitted to it all Johnny2X2X Sep 2019 #6
Was he talking to the media or the American viewers? pwb Sep 2019 #7
He's talking to the audience of one. lunatica Sep 2019 #33
He's busted. The Velveteen Ocelot Sep 2019 #8
What is Giuliani's pressure point? PJMcK Sep 2019 #9
HOLY SHITE! Was listening to this insanity in the car and got home just in time... TreasonousBastard Sep 2019 #10
Cuomo kept pressing and Rudy completely gldstwmn Sep 2019 #12
I didn't see it.. just read this & looks like Cuomo did a pretty good job.. Cha Sep 2019 #38
Here's the spin from Giuliani. mtngirl47 Sep 2019 #11
Yep yep and yep GusBob Sep 2019 #13
She is against Impeachment Laura PourMeADrink Sep 2019 #34
Biden Johnny2X2X Sep 2019 #14
He'd be going to jail if attorney general wasn't corrupt sharedvalues Sep 2019 #15
What a ratfucker. greatauntoftriplets Sep 2019 #17
Hunter Biden Johnny2X2X Sep 2019 #18
Don't give the attempt any media legs. saidsimplesimon Sep 2019 #24
This is craziness Johnny2X2X Sep 2019 #25
I was hoping for a Putney Swope moment. OilemFirchen Sep 2019 #22
So this is it. yardwork Sep 2019 #23
this may be it, you are correct dweller Sep 2019 #26
Rudy's all shook up. Cracklin Charlie Sep 2019 #27
I notice in that screen shot Giuliani's hands are all fuzzy captain queeg Sep 2019 #28
Any other time in history of US Johnny2X2X Sep 2019 #29
LOCK HIM UP!!!!!!!! durablend Sep 2019 #30
This message was self-deleted by its author geralmar Sep 2019 #36
Beware of flying spittle! Out of control flunky ahead. n/t Guilded Lilly Sep 2019 #37
Holy shit! orangecrush Sep 2019 #39
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