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blue moon 2012

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13. OMG!!! And you have the nerve to talk about the 1%?!
Fri Aug 31, 2012, 04:47 PM
Aug 2012

Even 170K is up there in the ethers in terms of the average person. Thanks for making my point! I am on the very low end of things. You are probably envious that you're not at Mitt's level!

Mitt's money fled America to avoid taxes. JoePhilly Aug 2012 #1
How much money do you make a year? What's with all the class warfare? blue moon 2012 Aug 2012 #6
The rich declared class warfare in 1981 hifiguy Aug 2012 #8
Again, I have stated blue moon 2012 Aug 2012 #9
So one poll, and some one mocked you ... wow. JoePhilly Aug 2012 #14
I make over 170k a year ... you? JoePhilly Aug 2012 #12
OMG!!! And you have the nerve to talk about the 1%?! blue moon 2012 Aug 2012 #13
You don't seem to be very bright. JoePhilly Aug 2012 #15
The troll has left the building. nt hifiguy Aug 2012 #16
Awe ... its so much fun to mock the crazies. I miss him already. JoePhilly Aug 2012 #17
I hear you might be dumb. Please respond if untrue. Iggo Aug 2012 #20
the poster "got mocked once" but just signed up today? grasswire Aug 2012 #18
Careful, you're going to "out" yourself! Care Acutely Aug 2012 #19
Mitt the anchor baby roguevalley Aug 2012 #22
Wasn't part of the "birther" ohheckyeah Aug 2012 #2
Now that rMoney is the GOP candidate, this is the time to file a legal action SDjack Aug 2012 #3
Yes, it was. But $$$ don't need a birth certificate... freshwest Aug 2012 #4
I know! Obama's mom was American as were his mom's parents. DonRedwood Aug 2012 #11
dodging the draft in two countries central scrutinizer Aug 2012 #5
So Miles Park Romney faced a choice: cleduc Aug 2012 #7
and he chose his ____ spanone Aug 2012 #10
They did not "flee".. they absconded SoCalDem Aug 2012 #21
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