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Oy vey... Dennis Donovan Sep 2019 #1
We all know what Faux would have said if Obama Boomerproud Sep 2019 #2
how about a 5th recommendation? Jeffersons Ghost Sep 2019 #3
Ha malaise Sep 2019 #5
mentally unstable spanone Sep 2019 #4
That is kind malaise Sep 2019 #6
He's as perverse as any human being I have ever seen spanone Sep 2019 #8
What burns and pains is his arrogance in the presence of absolute malaise Sep 2019 #10
During a family birthday dinner last night with BigmanPigman Sep 2019 #19
25th the demented psychopath now. Voltaire2 Sep 2019 #7
and he didnt know there was such a thing as a cat 5 cane, mopinko Sep 2019 #9
That one and the one that destroyed Puerto Rico malaise Sep 2019 #11
It's a damn good thing this bozo has chauffeurs and pilots Totally Tunsie Sep 2019 #12
Not by the look of that pic malaise Sep 2019 #13
Those pants are now gold and brown world wide wally Sep 2019 #17
Biden's gaffes ain't got nuttin on agent orange's Leith Sep 2019 #14
Precisely malaise Sep 2019 #15
Depends. Dagstead Bumwood Sep 2019 #16
He is a complete imbecile NastyRiffraff Sep 2019 #18
How is this not cause for alarm? malaise Sep 2019 #21
the presidency has been dumbed down so much that no one even notices. nt yaesu Sep 2019 #20
True malaise Sep 2019 #23
Forget what Fox would say if Obama did that. TrollBuster9090 Sep 2019 #22
or if he didn't know about Cat5 hurricanes after facing malaise Sep 2019 #24
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