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5. How inexpensive?
Thu Aug 1, 2019, 11:54 AM
Aug 2019

What if you had to pay 600 to 800 for a public option instead of the 900?

I’d agree if you said that still sucks and that people in other countries pay less.

Would you agree that you and others would choose to pay 600 instead of 900?

I agree that we need to make it so most people don’t need private insurance. We probably disagree how to get there.

Draining the profitability of private insurance might seem slower, but I think it has better chance for working than outright elimination. One danger is that insurance companies will fight against an unfair advantage of the public option but if they can win that fight we have no chance for direct elimination.

The battle is not just this election cycle but the next few. We don’t win until the majority of the country is under a new plan and likes it

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