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Crunchy Frog

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20. And why is it that Trump, or anyone else, has the right to expect members of Congress
Fri Jul 19, 2019, 06:33 PM
Jul 2019

To display fealty to any foreign country? Why should they have any kind of allegiance to Israel, or any other country besides the United States?

Isn't this the question that got Ilhan Omar into so much hot water for asking a few months ago? I think she had a valid point.

For a long time, forever?, any questioning of Israel has translated by many into 'hatred,' elleng Jul 2019 #1
I was told the other day that I didn't even have the right to ask why that is... hlthe2b Jul 2019 #2
The RIGHT? Person questioning obviously not aware of elleng Jul 2019 #5
They tried to turn it onto the "mansplaining" example and feminist issues to which hlthe2b Jul 2019 #6
I generally stay away from it, as I have no fondness for that country. elleng Jul 2019 #7
I think my point is that this "feeling" among some complicates our attempts to push back on hlthe2b Jul 2019 #8
MSM is in total fear of Wellstone ruled Jul 2019 #3
So Trump defends Israel reneging on Middle East Peace.... ProudMNDemocrat Jul 2019 #4
How does all this square with Charlottesville supporters of Trump? Did he call them out for their richsonpoordad Jul 2019 #9
NOPE!!! ProudMNDemocrat Jul 2019 #10
Thats his method.. Demovictory9 Jul 2019 #11
Every time he says someone hates Israel he never says what they actually said or did. ooky Jul 2019 #12
i wish someone would make him point to what they actually said. mopinko Jul 2019 #13
"Allowed"? lunatica Jul 2019 #14
I don't like this attitude of treating Israel as some "sacred cow" Proud Liberal Dem Jul 2019 #15
Because the RW needs Israel for their End Times crap nt maryellen99 Jul 2019 #16
It's funny how so many of his cult members "love" Israel (even thought most of them smirkymonkey Jul 2019 #17
Trump has made worse allegations Poiuyt Jul 2019 #18
He is trying to win over the Jewish American vote. Baitball Blogger Jul 2019 #19
And why is it that Trump, or anyone else, has the right to expect members of Congress Crunchy Frog Jul 2019 #20
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