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Crunchy Frog

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38. If we don't impose limits on him now through the impeachment process,
Sat Jun 22, 2019, 02:52 PM
Jun 2019

then, even if we vote him out next election, good luck with the next R president, or R controlled House or Senate. The R's will know for certain that they can get away with ANYTHING, and that NO ONE will even bother with trying to impose any limits on them. We will have one large, powerful party that knows it doesn't live under the rule of law, and will be operating without breaks.

Call me crazy, but I don't think that would be a healthy thing for our country or our democracy.

It's too soon watoos Jun 2019 #1
Lol. Tipperary Jun 2019 #10
And both times it cost the impeaching party seats Recursion Jun 2019 #2
Actually not true watoos Jun 2019 #7
We risk losing a large number of moderate seats Gothmog Jun 2019 #11
Actually zipplewrath Jun 2019 #3
K&R, impeachment doesn't mean removal. The party of the impeachment has never fared well in ... uponit7771 Jun 2019 #4
and he has already told us he will do so. Grasswire2 Jun 2019 #28
+1, uponit7771 Jun 2019 #29
A serious problem is "if" he were impeached and not removed, and as usual the senate does RKP5637 Jun 2019 #5
why would he be emboldened? All of his crimes will have been laid out for everyone to see ProfessorPlum Jun 2019 #6
I doubt his supporters care. To them he is a great leader, and others use him as best they can. RKP5637 Jun 2019 #8
A majority of House members do not support impeachment and the American people do not support Gothmog Jun 2019 #9
But, but...we want DRAMA!!!! Jakes Progress Jun 2019 #21
Slow walk the march to impeachment gratuitous Jun 2019 #12
for the slow walk to work, it needs to begin ProfessorPlum Jun 2019 #13
We risk a number of moderate/swing seats going for impeachment without 20 GOP senate votes Gothmog Jun 2019 #14
The Senate never even votes on Democratc legislation passed in the house either, world wide wally Jun 2019 #15
There are many people declaring what "will happen" if... Good luck at predicting the future. TryLogic Jun 2019 #16
"Can't we, for once, really hurt Donald Trump?" Martin Eden Jun 2019 #17
Just how will all of these people who don't know Jakes Progress Jun 2019 #22
Impeachment will be headline news Martin Eden Jun 2019 #23
Yes, it will. It will lead to trump's reelection. Jakes Progress Jun 2019 #39
Great post! StarfishSaver Jun 2019 #43
No impeachment, warmfeet Jun 2019 #18
Failure to at least open an impeachment inquiry will significantly suppress the youth vote Fiendish Thingy Jun 2019 #20
If the Dems don't impeach Martin Eden Jun 2019 #24
Cowards go home- the Constitution needs our best and bravest to defend it Fiendish Thingy Jun 2019 #19
Impeachment Inquiry elevator48 Jun 2019 #25
Who is "most legal experts?" Can you specify where you heard that? (nt) ehrnst Jun 2019 #47
All the... Snackshack Jun 2019 #26
Impeachment will be nothing more than an exercise. Yes, bring all his crimes, corruption, and emmaverybo Jun 2019 #27
but he will be able to go ahead with the doables.. the GOP senate will grant him all his wishes samnsara Jun 2019 #33
we have ONE chance..we cant blow it. samnsara Jun 2019 #30
this. It's weird how some can't accept that. nt Baltimike Jun 2019 #31
You don't even have enough votes in the HOUSE, but keep on Baltimike Jun 2019 #32
Nonsense. If it comes to an impeachment vote in the House, the House will vote to impeach mtnsnake Jun 2019 #35
You skipped a couple of steps. Before voting to impeach, the House must vote to open an inquiry. StarfishSaver Jun 2019 #44
the investigation for the impeachment process will guarantee ProfessorPlum Jun 2019 #36
we agree on this. nt Baltimike Jun 2019 #37
It is a reason. Impeachment doesn't remove the Trumpass. boston bean Jun 2019 #34
So simple and so true. Dont know why so many just want the vengeance that gives trump ammo oldsoftie Jun 2019 #46
If we don't impose limits on him now through the impeachment process, Crunchy Frog Jun 2019 #38
How will the impeachment process impose limits on trump? Jakes Progress Jun 2019 #40
What limits would the impeachment process impose on him? StarfishSaver Jun 2019 #45
Clyburn says they'll impeach him eventually, Pelosi says no IronLionZion Jun 2019 #41
Impeachment process LakeArenal Jun 2019 #42
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