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57. Count me in at 68
Tue Aug 28, 2012, 01:27 PM
Aug 2012

I am white, male, USAF vet and 68..and my father was a WW2 combat wounded vet..and I am with you.

This guy thinks and perhaps knows that he can say whatever the fuck he wants and with the Kock bros paying for it, he can say it so many times people will swear it's true.

Mitt, your kind had no problem sending us off to war for fake reason as they sat on their asses urging everyone to "Support the Troops" Of course we all know what happened to John Kerry and Max Cleland, two combat wounded troops, when they dared exercise their rights to speak and said something the right wing chicken hawks didnt like.. So much for supporting the troops!

More and more folks, this country is beginning to look like a bad marriage that cannot be fixed.. Yesterday I got an email from some big talking buffoon who told me "We love y'all but if Barack Hussein Obama is reelected we may have to secede."

I say Good riddance!

don't hold back, tell us how you REALLLLLY feel niyad Aug 2012 #1
Well I'm 64 years old and I do say lunatica Aug 2012 #2
I'm 67 years old...and I SUPPORT YOU 100%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! N/T onecent Aug 2012 #45
I agree madokie Aug 2012 #3
I have to kick this. n/t porphyrian Aug 2012 #4
You ROCK, and you deserve an awful lot of respect. Thanks. kysrsoze Aug 2012 #5
thank you- Bluerthanblue Aug 2012 #6
f*ck again Stake Aug 2012 #48
A big FUCKING K&R 99Forever Aug 2012 #7
Bravo!! Downwinder Aug 2012 #8
OK...Fuck it is. There I said/typed it. Auntie Bush Aug 2012 #9
I love it!!! Playinghardball Aug 2012 #10
Romney isn't worth your little fingernail... pinboy3niner Aug 2012 #11
How long do you think it would have taken Mittens to make his di-di the first time ... 11 Bravo Aug 2012 #24
Mittens wouldn't have made it through boot. sarge43 Aug 2012 #56
I do admire a guy who doesn't beat around the bush. K&R trof Aug 2012 #12
One more middle aged white guy... KinMd Aug 2012 #13
I'm a wasp in my 60's and Romney/Ryan are total fucks, fuck them. xtraxritical Aug 2012 #17
Make that two middle aged white guy (& veteran) usaf-vet Aug 2012 #52
make it three..USAF as well Vietnameravet Aug 2012 #58
Welcome to DU sarge43 Aug 2012 #59
Romneys medical condition.. Vietnameravet Aug 2012 #67
He suffers from depth perception, too sarge43 Aug 2012 #68
This middle aged veteran thinks Romney sucks too! Joey Liberal Aug 2012 #14
Can't argue amuse bouche Aug 2012 #15
Get him but good. I grew up in a military family that were dems. My dad fought in WWII, Korea and southernyankeebelle Aug 2012 #16
I'll co-sign that 11 Bravo. bluesbassman Aug 2012 #18
You sir atreides1 Aug 2012 #19
Well said, and a big K&R. Faygo Kid Aug 2012 #20
He is a Fucking Fuck! If elected, we are all fucked! I support Obama, and I can't wait to see Dustlawyer Aug 2012 #21
Thank you for your service to our country, 11 Bravo, and thank you for this post!!!! calimary Aug 2012 #22
FUCK YEAH!! (nt) bobhuntsman Aug 2012 #23
Willard don't know Recon from D-Con. Hubert Flottz Aug 2012 #25
Bravo, 11 Bravo!!! babylonsister Aug 2012 #26
young, disabled white guy a geek named Bob Aug 2012 #27
Hear, here! leveymg Aug 2012 #28
My dad's older than your parents, was a strong democratic politician for years, and back RKP5637 Aug 2012 #29
Lmao! pitbullgirl1965 Aug 2012 #30
Great one!!! n/t RKP5637 Aug 2012 #34
Bravo this is five two The Wizard Aug 2012 #31
Roger that. I'll go to Tampa and call it in. Down 50, fire for effect (I want to see the results ... 11 Bravo Aug 2012 #36
11b40 here in complete agreement, well said my friend pwb Aug 2012 #32
well said! fascisthunter Aug 2012 #33
Right on 11 Bush chknltl Aug 2012 #35
Here's a second, from and ol' vet! demosincebirth Aug 2012 #38
An Infantryman (a grunt) "humped the bush" or "humped the boonies" pinboy3niner Aug 2012 #41
K&R! Bobbie Jo Aug 2012 #37
11 Bravo jim goodson Aug 2012 #39
Welcome to DU! 11 Bravo Aug 2012 #40
Welcome to DU, Jim! pinboy3niner Aug 2012 #42
OK, pinboy3niner, I know this wasn't in response to me, but I'm going to finally give in ... 11 Bravo Aug 2012 #43
hugs for you!! handmade34 Aug 2012 #46
Allow me to be Rec #107 n/t UTUSN Aug 2012 #44
kicked for honesty tavalon Aug 2012 #47
63 year old white guy- never voted repuke, never will- they are twisted assholes NBachers Aug 2012 #49
Right there with you, 11 Bang. Aristus Aug 2012 #50
I'm 58 Flashmann Aug 2012 #51
From a 69 yo white woman life long demo Aug 2012 #53
White Geezers for Obama unite! Stainless Aug 2012 #54
Hey, Romney! I'm an old, married, Christian, white, veteran The CCC Aug 2012 #55
Count me in at 68 Vietnameravet Aug 2012 #57
Response SBVOTER Aug 2012 #60
Yep. Has a way with words on this topic. Paulie Aug 2012 #62
Not only that, but I also know that "English" should be capitalized and that ... 11 Bravo Aug 2012 #66
Not only Romney, but... Blanks Aug 2012 #61
Yowzah ! yesphan Aug 2012 #63
Now, don't hold back, 11 Bravo, tell us how you really feel, LOL! whathehell Aug 2012 #64
He'll give to the wealthy - Here's what he's said... socialindependocrat Aug 2012 #65
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