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don't hold back, tell us how you REALLLLLY feel niyad Aug 2012 #1
Well I'm 64 years old and I do say lunatica Aug 2012 #2
I'm 67 years old...and I SUPPORT YOU 100%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! N/T onecent Aug 2012 #45
I agree madokie Aug 2012 #3
I have to kick this. n/t porphyrian Aug 2012 #4
You ROCK, and you deserve an awful lot of respect. Thanks. kysrsoze Aug 2012 #5
thank you- Bluerthanblue Aug 2012 #6
f*ck again Stake Aug 2012 #48
A big FUCKING K&R 99Forever Aug 2012 #7
Bravo!! Downwinder Aug 2012 #8
OK...Fuck it is. There I said/typed it. Auntie Bush Aug 2012 #9
I love it!!! Playinghardball Aug 2012 #10
Romney isn't worth your little fingernail... pinboy3niner Aug 2012 #11
How long do you think it would have taken Mittens to make his di-di the first time ... 11 Bravo Aug 2012 #24
Mittens wouldn't have made it through boot. sarge43 Aug 2012 #56
I do admire a guy who doesn't beat around the bush. K&R trof Aug 2012 #12
One more middle aged white guy... KinMd Aug 2012 #13
I'm a wasp in my 60's and Romney/Ryan are total fucks, fuck them. xtraxritical Aug 2012 #17
Make that two middle aged white guy (& veteran) usaf-vet Aug 2012 #52
make it three..USAF as well Vietnameravet Aug 2012 #58
Welcome to DU sarge43 Aug 2012 #59
Romneys medical condition.. Vietnameravet Aug 2012 #67
He suffers from depth perception, too sarge43 Aug 2012 #68
This middle aged veteran thinks Romney sucks too! Joey Liberal Aug 2012 #14
Can't argue amuse bouche Aug 2012 #15
Get him but good. I grew up in a military family that were dems. My dad fought in WWII, Korea and southernyankeebelle Aug 2012 #16
I'll co-sign that 11 Bravo. bluesbassman Aug 2012 #18
You sir atreides1 Aug 2012 #19
Well said, and a big K&R. Faygo Kid Aug 2012 #20
He is a Fucking Fuck! If elected, we are all fucked! I support Obama, and I can't wait to see Dustlawyer Aug 2012 #21
Thank you for your service to our country, 11 Bravo, and thank you for this post!!!! calimary Aug 2012 #22
FUCK YEAH!! (nt) bobhuntsman Aug 2012 #23
Willard don't know Recon from D-Con. Hubert Flottz Aug 2012 #25
Bravo, 11 Bravo!!! babylonsister Aug 2012 #26
young, disabled white guy a geek named Bob Aug 2012 #27
Hear, here! leveymg Aug 2012 #28
My dad's older than your parents, was a strong democratic politician for years, and back RKP5637 Aug 2012 #29
Lmao! pitbullgirl1965 Aug 2012 #30
Great one!!! n/t RKP5637 Aug 2012 #34
Bravo this is five two The Wizard Aug 2012 #31
Roger that. I'll go to Tampa and call it in. Down 50, fire for effect (I want to see the results ... 11 Bravo Aug 2012 #36
11b40 here in complete agreement, well said my friend pwb Aug 2012 #32
well said! fascisthunter Aug 2012 #33
Right on 11 Bush chknltl Aug 2012 #35
Here's a second, from and ol' vet! demosincebirth Aug 2012 #38
An Infantryman (a grunt) "humped the bush" or "humped the boonies" pinboy3niner Aug 2012 #41
K&R! Bobbie Jo Aug 2012 #37
11 Bravo jim goodson Aug 2012 #39
Welcome to DU! 11 Bravo Aug 2012 #40
Welcome to DU, Jim! pinboy3niner Aug 2012 #42
OK, pinboy3niner, I know this wasn't in response to me, but I'm going to finally give in ... 11 Bravo Aug 2012 #43
hugs for you!! handmade34 Aug 2012 #46
Allow me to be Rec #107 n/t UTUSN Aug 2012 #44
kicked for honesty tavalon Aug 2012 #47
63 year old white guy- never voted repuke, never will- they are twisted assholes NBachers Aug 2012 #49
Right there with you, 11 Bang. Aristus Aug 2012 #50
I'm 58 Flashmann Aug 2012 #51
From a 69 yo white woman life long demo Aug 2012 #53
White Geezers for Obama unite! Stainless Aug 2012 #54
Hey, Romney! I'm an old, married, Christian, white, veteran The CCC Aug 2012 #55
Count me in at 68 Vietnameravet Aug 2012 #57
Response SBVOTER Aug 2012 #60
Yep. Has a way with words on this topic. Paulie Aug 2012 #62
Not only that, but I also know that "English" should be capitalized and that ... 11 Bravo Aug 2012 #66
Not only Romney, but... Blanks Aug 2012 #61
Yowzah ! yesphan Aug 2012 #63
Now, don't hold back, 11 Bravo, tell us how you really feel, LOL! whathehell Aug 2012 #64
He'll give to the wealthy - Here's what he's said... socialindependocrat Aug 2012 #65
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