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Mon Apr 29, 2019, 01:47 PM

Self-inflicted wounds add up- this one could be fatal [View all]

Here's what he ([Redacted], that is) said, at his Wisconsin pep rally last week:

“The baby is born. The mother meets with the doctor. They take care of the baby. They wrap the baby beautifully. And then the doctor and the mother determine whether or not they will execute the baby.”

This actually happened, Saturday night, April 27th.

I'm pretty sure that [Redacted]'s intention was just to toss a well-done chuck steak to the base in the form of the 'abortion doctors as murderers' meme that the forced-birth advocates are pushing.

There were plenty of ways he could have phrased it that would accomplish that purpose, but [Redacted]'s only talent is his rhetorical skill with flammable embroidery. That is, coming up with the words, the best words, the most incendiary words, the most emotionally-laden words, to push powerful buttons in his specific audience. Even when the actual words themselves are nothing but salad with zero factual or logical content.

He does it on the fly, instinctively, without planning or preparation, without consultation or testing. Without considering second- or third-order consequences. It is the dark gift of the demagogue, the con artist, the accomplished grifter.

So that was an "applause line" when he tossed it out to that audience of cult-addled worshippers.

Then it started getting reported, per usual, on the post-sploogefest list of "outrageous antifactual utterances from The Guy With The Nuclear Launch Codes". A long list, every time. The cumulative list would beat George RR Martin's page count. Or Gibbon's.

And therein lies the trap: Any one thing on those lists can (and often does) serve as outrage fuel for the already-outraged. But there's just so much, it dilutes the impact of any one thing. And the context of the list- "It was just pep-rally hyperbole"- provides a layer of insulation. Thus, he generally gets away with it.

This time, though, I'm not so sure.

Scroll up and read those words again.

The calculated inhuman murderous sadism he attributes to... mothers? Physicians? -is almost nauseating to contemplate. Sure, his pep-rally audience is on board with it.

And sure, the already-outraged are, predictably, outraged. By that among many other sources of horrific outrage.

But what about the people who haven't drunk his sploogefest koolaid and who haven't already spent countless hours on social media trying to gin up awareness of just how morally bankrupt he and his co-conspirators are?

The ordinary folks whose response to him, up to this point, have ranged from a mildly inattentive "He says some outrageous things but he also said some things I agree with, so BFD." to an avoidant and distasteful wish that he'd just STFU and quit tweeting, FFS. Those people.

They're reading those words. The words that explicitly state The Guy With The Nuclear Launch Codes thinks mothers and doctors calculate a kind of coldly sadistic infanticidal postpartum ritual on a regular basis.

And they're starting to respond.

And it's not good.

Anyone who's ever been touched by infant death (check the infant mortality statistics for the past fifteen years, and then think about the number of people touched by each of those deaths- parents, siblings, medical teams, counselors, and more) or who's experienced neonatal crisis and the kind of all-out mortal combat the nurses and doctors mobilize to save a child's life is seeing those words.

He thinks that about mothers (like the one(s) I know) and doctors (like the one(s) I know)?


What kind of SICK FUCK can even CONTEMPLATE that bullshit, much less say it, in public, from the bulliest pulpit our government provides?

And they're starting to realize that yes, The Guy With The Nuclear Launch Codes is THAT kind of sick fuck.

And they're not happy with the knowledge.

They're unlikely to actually do much with it, in terms of, say, demanding impeachment right this instant, or using some media/social media outlet to express their horror, or whatever. The vast majority of them will never be polled about it.

But they vote.

And I suspect the queasy, uncomfortable memory of just what kind of sick fuck is on the ballot WILL have an influence.


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