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Response to Baitball Blogger (Original post)

It's about the voters overall wanting it... cynatnite Apr 2019 #1
"Impeachment" proceedings needs to be reframed. Baitball Blogger Apr 2019 #3
+1000 smirkymonkey Apr 2019 #6
re: "it's about giving the public the best information possible" thesquanderer Apr 2019 #23
Exactly! Andy823 Apr 2019 #65
+1 Exactly. forgotmylogin Apr 2019 #40
I'm not arguing that... cynatnite Apr 2019 #46
defeatism is an option, but not a proactive one. Baitball Blogger Apr 2019 #74
defeatism is acceptance without a struggle... cynatnite Apr 2019 #78
This message was self-deleted by its author CrispyQ Apr 2019 #54
I have to agree. badhair77 Apr 2019 #5
They need to be re-programmed Generic Other Apr 2019 #12
I hope the Dem war room can come up with an effective way to counter this line of thinking. badhair77 Apr 2019 #24
To not impeach offers far more harm than good regards 2020. PufPuf23 Apr 2019 #34
If the senate does not remove Trump following impeachment, TryLogic Apr 2019 #61
I didn't see MSNBC but I did see the front headline of my local newspaper. "Report shows trickyguy Apr 2019 #114
How can we vote him out if the russians angstlessk Apr 2019 #2
Well, we know they're targeting our election counties. Baitball Blogger Apr 2019 #4
absolutely... myohmy2 Apr 2019 #7
Some guy on MSNBC hit it out of the ballpark on that issue of foreign intervention. Baitball Blogger Apr 2019 #10
+1 uponit7771 Apr 2019 #87
We do allow foreigners to come to our country and vote in our elections. hughee99 Apr 2019 #108
That would be great, assuming we had the power to make that happen, but we don't yet. better Apr 2019 #11
Thank you for this important response, how would a backlash angstlessk Apr 2019 #14
You bring up a good point. If handled properly, impeachment proceedings is free advertisement Baitball Blogger Apr 2019 #18
That's true, but by far the less important thing, imo. better Apr 2019 #41
+1 Baitball Blogger Apr 2019 #73
Place holder uponit7771 Apr 2019 #86
Vote??? Traildogbob Apr 2019 #47
+1 uponit7771 Apr 2019 #85
You assume"information" is what moves people at the ballot box zaj Apr 2019 #8
BINGO! The_Counsel Apr 2019 #9
God damn it! Hoyer said yesterday we should let the voters decide in 18 months... DontBooVote Apr 2019 #13
The Mueller report has done this: tiredtoo Apr 2019 #15
All we have seen from the Mueller report is Barr's spin. Baitball Blogger Apr 2019 #19
And some Democrats are going to get so damn sick of doing nothing and losing that they give up too.. PeeJ52 Apr 2019 #16
Thank you! hedda_foil Apr 2019 #21
Bringing knives to a gun fight... HopeAgain Apr 2019 #32
You don't need impeachment to hold hearings.... louis c Apr 2019 #17
The difference is what can come from those hearings versus from impeachment proceedings. better Apr 2019 #45
Call me when you think there is an even chance to get 67 Senators to remove Trump... louis c Apr 2019 #50
Removal from office is not the only outcome of significance from impeachment proceedings. better Apr 2019 #67
Oh, louis c Apr 2019 #94
DJT's successors marieo1 Apr 2019 #20
If the tables were turned the fascists would shut everything down, including the government, to yaesu Apr 2019 #22
Ya, that worked out well for them last time. louis c Apr 2019 #64
Not doing anything will guarantee 4 more years of Trump. nt yaesu Apr 2019 #72
Who said not to do anything? louis c Apr 2019 #92
i fear Locrian Apr 2019 #25
"perceived business as usual / the powerful always get away with it" FiveGoodMen Apr 2019 #79
yep - and the end result is the state we're in now - n/t Locrian Apr 2019 #80
We need to win the White House in 2020. NOTHING is more important than that. CaptainTruth Apr 2019 #26
Fear based defeatism not based on facts in evidence. Fiendish Thingy Apr 2019 #29
And in addition to the points of the previous response... better Apr 2019 #52
Country before party; protecting the Constitution is the most important Nt. Fiendish Thingy Apr 2019 #27
you don't need impeachment for that qazplm135 Apr 2019 #28
Impeachment would be a bigger spectacle. Probably lead the news every evening. honest.abe Apr 2019 #30
Let them vote on it Timewas Apr 2019 #66
The problem with investigations Blaukraut Apr 2019 #31
right qazplm135 Apr 2019 #37
If somebody won't vote Dem because they tried to impeach... HopeAgain Apr 2019 #33
Excellent point. honest.abe Apr 2019 #35
And a responsible exercise of congressional powers. TryLogic Apr 2019 #51
+1 uponit7771 Apr 2019 #88
Impeachment has never been more justified in this country's entire history. DO IT! (nt) Paladin Apr 2019 #36
If you're talking about Steny Hoyer's statement, that's not what he actually said. George II Apr 2019 #38
Agree spike91nz Apr 2019 #39
I believe we shouldn't worry about the politcs The Liberal Lion Apr 2019 #42
It is all there Timewas Apr 2019 #43
This is my position srobertss Apr 2019 #56
Along with that Timewas Apr 2019 #70
Sounds like the tide is turning a bit at least on DU. BlueWI Apr 2019 #44
Ah, the Custer Strategy louis c Apr 2019 #59
Well said Baitball Blogger -- agree Dems need to get impeachment going for obstruction of justice. iluvtennis Apr 2019 #48
Are Dems afraid Repubs in the Senate will actually vote to remove him TryLogic Apr 2019 #49
Lack of consequences is inducement for recidivism MurrayDelph Apr 2019 #53
I know, it's just grating on my sense of equal justice. Baitball Blogger Apr 2019 #76
Add in Reagan and the hostages in Iran stopwastingmymoney Apr 2019 #105
Exactly. For once, it will all be there at one time, Laura PourMeADrink Apr 2019 #55
can't see the forest through the trees.. stillcool Apr 2019 #57
100% Agree... louis c Apr 2019 #60
I go back and forth like a yo-yo.. stillcool Apr 2019 #63
"Impeachment is a show with a bad ending" there's no evidence of this. Clinton false equivalency has uponit7771 Apr 2019 #84
It has not been "debunked" louis c Apr 2019 #96
Yes it has, O'Donnel gave the scoop on that lie this morning. Republicans won house and senate ... uponit7771 Apr 2019 #97
Democratic gains in both branches. louis c Apr 2019 #99
Gains are irrelevant at best, that's obscures from the point republicans impeached and ... uponit7771 Apr 2019 #100
What does Clinton have to do... stillcool Apr 2019 #103
Republican house impeached Clinton but republican senate wouldn't remove him and republicans uponit7771 Apr 2019 #106
I don't see any correlation.... stillcool Apr 2019 #107
This is what people voted for in 2018. We had a gigantic blue wave because people wanted there to -Steph- Apr 2019 #58
I am not sure what the answer is. The founders made certain assumptions about how marylandblue Apr 2019 #62
It's their job. Meechum brought up what was said at the constitutional convention on O'Donnell pdsimdars Apr 2019 #68
IMHO if they don't impeach then DEMS lose in 2020 Pobeka Apr 2019 #69
It's a similar idea to saying of a murderer . . . Richard D Apr 2019 #71
AND - even more worrisome: are they NOT aware that nothing's been done to stop Russia from violating calimary Apr 2019 #75
Hope you post this as its own thread. Baitball Blogger Apr 2019 #82
+1 uponit7771 Apr 2019 #89
K & R! 50 Shades Of Blue Apr 2019 #77
K & R SunSeeker Apr 2019 #81
*****THIS***** Not only that how in the hell do we trust Russia isnt going to help Red Don in 2020!! uponit7771 Apr 2019 #83
+1000 rogue emissary Apr 2019 #90
It seems that many Democrats do not want Trump impeached. Cold War Spook Apr 2019 #91
67 Senators. louis c Apr 2019 #98
I fear Pence would be harder to beat n/t TexasBushwhacker Apr 2019 #93
Democrats: "Hey voters. You should vote for us because Trump is a criminal." Yavin4 Apr 2019 #95
I'm picking up what you're "laying down." Chin music Apr 2019 #101
First of all who doesnt have all of the information? tymorial Apr 2019 #102
I was watching the MSNBC interviews on the street, and was surprised to hear Baitball Blogger Apr 2019 #111
Congressional investigations and Trumpocalypse Apr 2019 #104
Don't impeach Trump until .... Shoonra Apr 2019 #109
Message auto-removed Name removed Apr 2019 #110
IMPEACH before the Reichstag fire! MasonDreams Apr 2019 #112
To be fair that was months ago but now the report by Mueller is in and I suspect cstanleytech Apr 2019 #113
history will judge us joet67 Apr 2019 #115
We can't leave it for 2020 sweetroxie Apr 2019 #116
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