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Now you're talking. Chin music Mar 2019 #1
Sounds good to me, lets go katmondoo Mar 2019 #2
Indeed...LET'S GO. Chin music Mar 2019 #10
Katyal is the former Acting Solicitor General of the United States .. Grasswire2 Mar 2019 #3
Yes and he messed up. He left enough loopholes drray23 Mar 2019 #68
I love this guy !! nt UniteFightBack Mar 2019 #4
Exactly. We're paying for this shit show. We should call in our chips. nt SunSeeker Mar 2019 #5
It' springtime and it feels like October. Chin music Mar 2019 #11
K&R!! 2naSalit Mar 2019 #6
What a great idea malaise Mar 2019 #7
(I was thinking the other day, withhold Barr's salary until he releases....) lastlib Mar 2019 #63
Do it. CentralMass Mar 2019 #8
DO IT NOW!!!!!!!!! TruckFump Mar 2019 #9
Neal goes there...LAWLESSNESS....could there be a better description for what we are asiliveandbreathe Mar 2019 #12
Congress is the Peoples Branch. No wonder he thinks he doesnt have to answer to us. Chin music Mar 2019 #13
Barr was probably already paid handsomely watoos Mar 2019 #14
Does anyone else think Neal might feel responsible cilla4progress Mar 2019 #15
I'm not sure anyone could have anticipated the perfidy of today's Republicans... Grasswire2 Mar 2019 #17
Yes, cilla4progress Mar 2019 #20
I'm afraid that anything re: government not codified into law will be used and abused Ligyron Mar 2019 #35
How about defunding the WH? democratisphere Mar 2019 #16
how can we defund trips for golf and maralago? :-) nt Grasswire2 Mar 2019 #24
Excellent idea. nt DLevine Mar 2019 #18
That's what I call bringing a gun to a knife fight!!! padah513 Mar 2019 #19
Trump has spent millions on golf. I think that is enough. notdarkyet Mar 2019 #31
You know damn well the Republicans would do it in a heartbeat Firestorm49 Mar 2019 #21
there's no way to see that report in full using regular certainot Mar 2019 #64
Hey Honey .... take away hiw money !!! Embarass the Hell-o out of Barr !!!! trueblue2007 Mar 2019 #22
Would Barr care? SHRED Mar 2019 #23
He would only care because Dems are taking it from him, not that it had a good purpose. lark Mar 2019 #25
Excellent idea - kill the money flow onetexan Mar 2019 #26
Wow, I actually thought that on Monday but I didn't think it realistic !!! OnDoutside Mar 2019 #27
This is the type of Action that Can and Should be done. MarcA Mar 2019 #28
How "can" this be done effectively onenote Mar 2019 #52
Thank you. Do it already! triron Mar 2019 #29
It's all about 💰 and power Butterflylady Mar 2019 #30
K&R! gademocrat7 Mar 2019 #32
The Senate will laugh Capperdan Mar 2019 #33
So both congressional bodies needed to stop the money flow? tia uponit7771 Mar 2019 #34
Yes, The House would need Senate approval madville Mar 2019 #37
Yes...Congress always has the option to shutdown the government. Hasn't worked out too well tritsofme Mar 2019 #36
Do it, do it, please do it......... nt Hotler Mar 2019 #38
No. Just no. California_Republic Mar 2019 #39
Rs can't shut it down. Grasswire2 Mar 2019 #40
No they don't former9thward Mar 2019 #44
I will take the word of the former acting Solicitor General, sorry. Grasswire2 Mar 2019 #46
The rules are written by the U.S. Constitution. former9thward Mar 2019 #48
Actually, funding bills don't have to start in House onenote Mar 2019 #53
Regardless......the House can't do it unilaterally. The Senate would have to go along with it. WillowTree Mar 2019 #58
Absolutely correct. onenote Mar 2019 #60
Can't convict, what never happened. I'm sure Pres H Clinton would take an investigation Chin music Mar 2019 #41
Yes, but it's different when we do things like this. hughee99 Mar 2019 #49
They wont do this anyway !??!?! PLEEEEEASE Stop asking slope questions about the KGOP !!! uponit7771 Mar 2019 #72
This year's budget is already set, but next FY is another DeminPennswoods Mar 2019 #42
Exactly. It sends a strong message! hughee99 Mar 2019 #50
It sends the message that Dems are serious about getting DeminPennswoods Mar 2019 #67
i remember when Trump "got serious" about building a wall. hughee99 Mar 2019 #71
Why do you think the Senate can't do anything about it? onenote Mar 2019 #51
Because all appropriations start in the House DeminPennswoods Mar 2019 #65
All appropriations do not necessarily start in the House onenote Mar 2019 #69
They can recommend anything they want. WillowTree Mar 2019 #61
That's not how it works DeminPennswoods Mar 2019 #66
Please cite the passage in that link....... WillowTree Mar 2019 #70
What a monumentally stupid waste of time idea. onenote Mar 2019 #43
Transfer the DOJ funds to the Special Olympics. LastLiberal in PalmSprings Mar 2019 #45
love it Grasswire2 Mar 2019 #47
I'm stunned that so many DUers on this thread don't understand that both the House and Senate onenote Mar 2019 #54
Frankly, I'm regularly surprised....... WillowTree Mar 2019 #62
By all means. You need to do something. Firestorm49 Mar 2019 #55
Perfect strategy nt BlueFlorida Mar 2019 #56
Rec, thanks G2. Nt Mc Mike Mar 2019 #57
defund whitehouse budget...let them fly coach to Florida beachbum bob Mar 2019 #59
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