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Sat Mar 9, 2019, 04:43 PM Mar 2019

I think my 21 year old son made a good move getting into the electrical trade [View all]

It was interesting watching him submit resumes and apply for jobs as a recent electrical trade school graduate. He had been working almost full-time doing residential electrical work (wiring houses, meters, and water well pumps) while finishing his last semesters with a focus on industrial/commercial electric.

He had made friends at school that graduated before him and landed jobs so he even had their supervisors calling him unsolicited asking him to come work with them because they heard he was graduating.

He accepted a union position at a mill starting at around $70,000 a year depending overtime. Their average electrician made $106,000 last year and their top electrician made $150,000 (how many hours was that person working!). What I found really interesting was they told him that they selected 12 applicants to move to the testing phase and only 2 out of the 12 passed the written tests that included a good bit of math and electrical code questions.

He dropped out of high school right after turning 17 and worked some $8-10 an hour odd jobs and I could tell he was stressing watching many of his friends go on to more education and/or landing full-time jobs making decent money. For his program I believe it was about $8,000 total, he did graduate debt free, working during the day and attending his last couple of semesters at night.

Talking to him and his friends, many of whom have gotten into electrical, plumbing, welding, etc, they all have lots of exciting opportunities at their young ages in these fields. Something to maybe consider if you or someone you know is looking for an opportunity. I'm half thinking about going back to trade school myself at 41, I can retire early from my government job in the next few years if I want and defer the pension, I make like $28 an hour, straight 40 a week, so like 60k a year and now it feels strange my son and his buddies are making that and higher in their early 20s!

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Your son definitely used his head! CaliforniaPeggy Mar 2019 #1
I'm CTE faculty, and this is our big selling point; go into trades that cannot be outsourced. LongtimeAZDem Mar 2019 #2
Not many people are going into those trades these days. Arkansas Granny Mar 2019 #12
I was watching "This old house" on PBS, and Mike Holmes on the TV machine mitch96 Mar 2019 #37
Getting older would seem to be a good incentive to madville Mar 2019 #49
K&R!!! Very very smart move!!! n/t RKP5637 Mar 2019 #3
Excellent post! MyOwnPeace Mar 2019 #4
Yes I agree lol, that's why I'm half joking about my plans madville Mar 2019 #5
I understand the "temptation".............. MyOwnPeace Mar 2019 #9
Tell your son to start saving on his own for retirement. Delmette2.0 Mar 2019 #55
He started a 401k contribution that they match madville Mar 2019 #56
Good for him, he is a smart young man. Delmette2.0 Mar 2019 #64
Good news! All the best to him for the future...sounds like he's seen the light!❤❤❤❤ Karadeniz Mar 2019 #6
I'm a big fan of technical education mcar Mar 2019 #7
bah! humbug! Hermit-The-Prog Mar 2019 #8
WOW!!! Who knew????? MyOwnPeace Mar 2019 #10
My buddy is an electrician he went into the trade young... Historic NY Mar 2019 #11
There are some great trades out there malaise Mar 2019 #13
This is what Cliff Stoll was talking about over 20 years ago LongtimeAZDem Mar 2019 #14
Minute 25:00 - three laws of plumbing madville Mar 2019 #23
OJT. That's the way. Get in to some trade at the ground level and learn your way up. erronis Mar 2019 #15
IBEW Sparky here! Tink41 Mar 2019 #16
Awesome - The union hall model for trades work has always intrigued me madville Mar 2019 #33
Its interesting to say the least.... Tink41 Mar 2019 #34
Hands-on jobs that cannot be outsourced overseas. keithbvadu2 Mar 2019 #17
He made a good decision. akraven Mar 2019 #18
Excellent news! Solly Mack Mar 2019 #19
It all depends a lot on the economy. Scruffy1 Mar 2019 #20
That's why several people encouraged him to look at industrial jobs madville Mar 2019 #26
In my LU Tink41 Mar 2019 #35
Yes, there are so many trades to choose from, procon Mar 2019 #21
Yes he did! fascisthunter Mar 2019 #22
Good for him! Drahthaardogs Mar 2019 #24
He actually got a home school-type diploma before going to tech school madville Mar 2019 #28
Good! Drahthaardogs Mar 2019 #29
Yes, he most certainly did so Sherman A1 Mar 2019 #25
tell me about it! KT2000 Mar 2019 #27
Congratulations! kooth Mar 2019 #30
The electoral trade is pretty rough these days. SpankMe Mar 2019 #31
Our son is a general contractor. Cold War Spook Mar 2019 #32
Both of my sons went the trade school route ooky Mar 2019 #36
Just had to call an electrician yesterday to install a 220 outlet in our garage for our EV. SunSeeker Mar 2019 #38
Your son made a great choice... louis c Mar 2019 #39
Skilled trades will remain in demand! Adrahil Mar 2019 #40
Yes, excellent choice. PoindexterOglethorpe Mar 2019 #41
Trades such as electrical, plumbing etc. will not be replaced by robots FakeNoose Mar 2019 #42
Great news! Yes, having a vital trade is s good move MaryMagdaline Mar 2019 #43
I've been in the trade since December of 1978.... twogunsid Mar 2019 #44
Will do madville Mar 2019 #50
Good move they can't ship those jobs doc03 Mar 2019 #45
A friend of mine and his dad were pipeline welders madville Mar 2019 #47
We're in a weird place. Higher education is bankrupting millions but you're anti-education if you... MadDAsHell Mar 2019 #46
I think a person really needs to honestly analyze the return on their investment madville Mar 2019 #48
With unemployment at 3.6% skilled construction workers will be at140 Mar 2019 #51
Coming out of winter also madville Mar 2019 #52
Treated me very well since 1970. /nt aka-chmeee Mar 2019 #53
I think that he made a wise choice. CentralMass Mar 2019 #54
Good choice. But there is a downside we can fix! GulfCoast66 Mar 2019 #57
My friend has a son at California Maritime Academy- learning engineering, facilities, as well as NBachers Mar 2019 #58
I know a couple of guys that work on container ships in a union madville Mar 2019 #59
Good move. As long as we use electricity, we'll need electricians. DFW Mar 2019 #60
Way back in the '60s my folks wanted me to get a college degree mikehiggins Mar 2019 #61
Once he has enough experience he can become his own boss. There are quite a few very good one man retread Mar 2019 #62
Climate change and power grid issues will probably assure high demand lostnfound Mar 2019 #63
Smart kid and I bet he isn't in debt for most of his life with student loans. Vinca Mar 2019 #65
He didn't take any loans madville Mar 2019 #66
Good for him! More people should consider his route. In the future, should he decide he wants Vinca Mar 2019 #67
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