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3. hahahahahahahahahaha n/t
Wed Feb 20, 2019, 01:30 AM
Feb 2019
Great choices, congrats! at140 Feb 2019 #1
It is a conspiracy! irresistable Feb 2019 #2
hahahahahahahahahaha n/t Apollyonus Feb 2019 #3
FFR. Hmmmm. n/t rzemanfl Feb 2019 #53
Wow! Bravo. Especially saving $ for Beto!!!! Laura PourMeADrink Feb 2019 #4
Thank You! Cha Feb 2019 #5
All good choices but... jcgoldie Feb 2019 #6
Option 1: donate to the "Draft Sherrod Brown" movement brooklynite Feb 2019 #35
Thank you for your contributions Gothmog Feb 2019 #7
Cool story ornotna Feb 2019 #8
Some people really are wealthy enough to do that Mariana Feb 2019 #31
Some people aren't resentful of the wealth of others brooklynite Feb 2019 #36
I expressed no resentment. Mariana Feb 2019 #39
So people saying they gave $27 to Bernie is not bragging and wagging a finger in other people's Blue_true Feb 2019 #67
I love it ornotna Feb 2019 #40
People become wealthy by standing on the backs of the poor. panader0 Feb 2019 #55
That is not true at all. Blue_true Feb 2019 #68
I have never understood resentment of wealth. Blue_true Feb 2019 #66
Yes I agree ornotna Feb 2019 #41
Those four donations are like my yearly income. panader0 Feb 2019 #51
There are a number of people on DU who are well off. Blue_true Feb 2019 #65
"Oh, life is a glorious cycle of song, QC Feb 2019 #9
One of my favorite quotes. cwydro Feb 2019 #34
Thank you! QC Feb 2019 #37
I applaud you for having the financial resources to accomplish this... chwaliszewski Feb 2019 #10
And how does one donate to someone who has not declared candidacy? QC Feb 2019 #13
It's legal. WeekiWater Feb 2019 #24
Depending on the person, several options brooklynite Feb 2019 #45
Easy. Committees can be set up prior to declaring candidacy. Happens frequently. George II Feb 2019 #71
Go Dems! SunSeeker Feb 2019 #11
I hope Beto runs radius777 Feb 2019 #12
great choices! Tiggeroshii Feb 2019 #14
K&R betsuni Feb 2019 #15
In case it isn't clear DFW Feb 2019 #16
I think Beto came out with plenty of money at the end. TexasTowelie Feb 2019 #58
He does seem to be in good shape, funding-wise DFW Feb 2019 #59
Sure, sure. Yesterday I had breakfast with Kamala, Lunch with Elizabeth and Dinner with Sherrod. progressoid Feb 2019 #17
Why so dismissive? xmas74 Feb 2019 #54
This former poster may very well have donated for all we know. progressoid Feb 2019 #60
I thought the max donation was $2700 per candidate? aidbo Feb 2019 #18
2800 USD now, as it is indexed to inflation Celerity Feb 2019 #42
Cool, thanks! aidbo Feb 2019 #52
Don't be concerned about donating too much if you misread the law. Blue_true Feb 2019 #69
I'll take 'Things that never happened for $500 please Alex' WoonTars Feb 2019 #19
I'll take "I project my own inaction onto everyone else" as the Daily Double. LanternWaste Feb 2019 #33
Oh i donated alright...no inaction here... WoonTars Feb 2019 #44
I know someone irl who is doing this. xmas74 Feb 2019 #56
There are some on DU that are capable of donating multiples of the legal limit if the law allowed Blue_true Feb 2019 #70
Goodbye! QC Feb 2019 #20
. Hassin Bin Sober Feb 2019 #22
Oops ornotna Feb 2019 #43
lol RandiFan1290 Feb 2019 #46
My personal favorite -- QC Feb 2019 #47
lol RandiFan1290 Feb 2019 #48
Are you saying not only does the poster Rock! he lies under a rock? Autumn Feb 2019 #49
At least for the next five or ten minutes. n/t QC Feb 2019 #61
Perfect! MuseRider Feb 2019 #62
Cool story bro. nt LexVegas Feb 2019 #21
You Rock! NurseJackie Feb 2019 #23
You are awesome! Thank you! nt Ilsa Feb 2019 #25
awesome job! thank you! JuJuYoshida Feb 2019 #26
Good for you. aikoaiko Feb 2019 #27
wowza jodymarie aimee Feb 2019 #28
Message auto-removed Name removed Feb 2019 #29
1000 agree jodymarie aimee Feb 2019 #38
I've given $1,000 to Hickenlooper... brooklynite Feb 2019 #30
Good for you! Wish we could do it, but not with the way our jobs feel right now. redstatebluegirl Feb 2019 #32
If I could, I'd donate the max to KH and CB. ecstatic Feb 2019 #50
Well done. Thanks and i'll be donating soon. nt okaawhatever Feb 2019 #57
I will vote for whomever wins the nod proud patriot Feb 2019 #63
The $27 claims are a bit old by now. Blue_true Feb 2019 #64
Locking ... Yonnie3 Feb 2019 #72
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