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Stinky The Clown

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Tue Feb 19, 2019, 01:27 PM Feb 2019

Did and Did Not [View all]

This discussion thread was locked as off-topic by Yonnie3 (a host of the General Discussion forum).

This is going to be my one and only Bernie Sanders thread. He is NOT a Democrat and never has been. That has worked for him but, honestly, not for Democrats. He is, in my view, a self absorbed demagogue. So let's look at some facts:

He DID profess to be a Democrat ONLY when it suited HIM.

. . . but . . .

He DID NOT actually become a Democrat

He DID NOT leave the primary soon enough to allow time for wounds to heal and for HRC to benefit from his supporters.

He DID NOT release his tax returns.

He DID NOT give loud, clear, and unequivocal support to HRC when she needed it most.

He DID NOT, as we found out later, support and protect his own female staffers.

He DID NOT engage POC on a basis equal to that with which he engaged white people in general and upper middle class white people in particular.

He DID NOT wave off support from what appeared to be Russians even as it was clear the GOP guy was getting the same.

I have no interest in debating any of this. They are my own beliefs. I have no use for Sanders. I wish he would just go away. In my view, he is poisonous to Democrats. I have had the words "bernie" and "sanders" on my trash word list since MF45 was sworn in, in large measure because of Sanders. I will watch this thread, for whatever that's worth, and refresh those same words.

Like Colbert's bears, Bernie is dead to me and he knows why.

By the way, and for the record, Bernie is NOT a Democrat and not subject the protections on DU that accrue to REAL Democrats.

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Did and Did Not [View all] Stinky The Clown Feb 2019 OP
K&R stonecutter357 Feb 2019 #1
Well stated. honest.abe Feb 2019 #2
Factually incorrect on many points Lordquinton Feb 2019 #3
Yep. Can't even get that one right. Lol Hassin Bin Sober Feb 2019 #8
Confused by our fun pix. Jakes Progress Feb 2019 #48
Can you name 3 points and why? thx in advance, wanting to be objective uponit7771 Feb 2019 #13
Off the top of my head Lordquinton Feb 2019 #98
For the first one I think its the timing that was mentioned not the amplitude of Sanders support... uponit7771 Feb 2019 #106
Nope. calimary Feb 2019 #37
Name two please. Jakes Progress Feb 2019 #49
Last one is incorrect Lordquinton Feb 2019 #100
Your recollection of his "unequivocal" support does not Jakes Progress Feb 2019 #118
I get it, you hate Sanders Lordquinton Feb 2019 #127
"Unequivocally" BannonsLiver Feb 2019 #123
I know what it means Lordquinton Feb 2019 #128
I have to agree. sagesnow Feb 2019 #4
I think Bernie was reluctant to fully ... Whiskeytide Feb 2019 #5
"I know many Dems who might have supported him in the 2016 primary who are now firmly against him." CaptainTruth Feb 2019 #29
Same here. Fuzzpope Feb 2019 #55
Same here. we can do it Feb 2019 #109
Yes, me also. nt. MH1 Feb 2019 #113
Analysis published by the WAPO showed that Sander primary voters voted for Hillary by a 2:1 margin CentralMass Feb 2019 #33
From memory Jakes Progress Feb 2019 #46
Here is the link to the WAPO article that I was referencing. CentralMass Feb 2019 #63
Your memory for stats is flawed if you don't know what the numbers mean. Jakes Progress Feb 2019 #71
Sorry that was a hastily drafted cellphone post during a work break. CentralMass Feb 2019 #81
I see that you are trying. Jakes Progress Feb 2019 #94
Well i belive the conclusions of those studies. I supported Hillary in 2008. CentralMass Feb 2019 #95
Agreed Catch2.2 Feb 2019 #115
Disagree. Jakes Progress Feb 2019 #119
Of course you do. Jakes Progress Feb 2019 #116
I didn't say he tanked her. My post is ... Whiskeytide Feb 2019 #59
Only 2-1? world wide wally Feb 2019 #124
Another Bernie bashing thread Catch2.2 Feb 2019 #114
Just Vetting his past history.. Cha Feb 2019 #132
and he says women's bodily autonomy is a negotiable issue. niyad Feb 2019 #6
AND one of his early essays for $50 a pop REALLY stayed with me. calimary Feb 2019 #39
I had not heard about his rape essay until earlier today, had no idea what was in it, niyad Feb 2019 #43
Cool story. java108 Feb 2019 #7
Ha. SammyWinstonJack Feb 2019 #40
Better than "Cool" it's Reality. Cha Feb 2019 #85
K&R murielm99 Feb 2019 #9
Well said, Stinky The Clown. nt iluvtennis Feb 2019 #10
But we need his supporters votes in the general election. jalan48 Feb 2019 #11
Bernie's supporters got mad and voted for Trump ... you know, they could not fathom... NotHardly Feb 2019 #14
NotHardly. Bernie supporter here who voted for Hillary. SammyWinstonJack Feb 2019 #44
The tricky bit Jakes Progress Feb 2019 #51
See post 33. CentralMass Feb 2019 #68
Why do you think there would be a problem? Cha Feb 2019 #86
You tell people to go away often enough they just might do it. jalan48 Feb 2019 #88
Nobody's telling them to go away.. if Cha Feb 2019 #90
I agree about Fascism but then we've been dealing with this since the 80's. Reagan and Bush Sr. jalan48 Feb 2019 #93
I won't vote for him. bluescribbler Feb 2019 #12
100% Agree leftieNanner Feb 2019 #15
Couldn't Have Said It Any Better! DoctorJoJo Feb 2019 #16
Agree. Rec and Kick louis c Feb 2019 #17
Judging from the comments I've read over at TPM, Steve Benen's posts charlyvi Feb 2019 #18
But wait until the russian money and bots start in. Jakes Progress Feb 2019 #52
True. charlyvi Feb 2019 #54
It worked in 2016. Jakes Progress Feb 2019 #70
They already have. Quayblue Feb 2019 #89
I know what you mean, charlyvi.. Cha Feb 2019 #67
I agree 100% Andy823 Feb 2019 #19
Stop the infighting Traildogbob Feb 2019 #20
Well said, watoos Feb 2019 #23
Bravo! RobertDevereaux Feb 2019 #42
But it's so much fun...the infighting and accomplishes so much. SammyWinstonJack Feb 2019 #47
The facts need to come out.. just like every other candidate.. Cha Feb 2019 #96
.?? Traildogbob Feb 2019 #108
History repeats, watoos Feb 2019 #21
Bernie compared to FDR???? lillypaddle Feb 2019 #30
I know. Jakes Progress Feb 2019 #50
I read that too! Clash City Rocker Feb 2019 #62
lol Cha Feb 2019 #104
No they did NOT. FDR was Not a Cha Feb 2019 #91
I will vote for him in the primary as opposed to others, except for Elizabeth Warren. 3Hotdogs Feb 2019 #22
not subject the protections on DU that accrue to REAL Democrats. HAB911 Feb 2019 #24
He also voted against Russian sanctions twice: Once by "nay," the other by no-show. VOX Feb 2019 #25
Another question about him. citizen blues Feb 2019 #26
K&R for visibility lunamagica Feb 2019 #27
Yes, yes, yes, yes! lillypaddle Feb 2019 #28
And grantcart Feb 2019 #31
And he never released his tax returns. calimary Feb 2019 #45
That was what I was referring to re: transparency grantcart Feb 2019 #65
That quick trip to Rome to ambush the Pope pandr32 Feb 2019 #76
and this will be my only comment on Sanders threads. Kurt V. Feb 2019 #32
It's amazing that some people cont to think he is a Democrat. Honeycombe8 Feb 2019 #34
And my own belief is thank GOD we have heroes like Sanders. pdsimdars Feb 2019 #35
How can we criticize Trump for not releasing his tax returns, when BS refuses? louis c Feb 2019 #56
He did. pdsimdars Feb 2019 #61
No he didn't.. that's two pages of one year.. Cha Feb 2019 #102
Good question, louis.. here's Elizabeth Warren Cha Feb 2019 #103
A thousand times. Rec. Maru Kitteh Feb 2019 #36
I support this thread BlueMTexpat Feb 2019 #38
Back in the run up to the 2016 primaries mac56 Feb 2019 #41
But I felt the Bern.... Joe Nation Feb 2019 #53
good post and so true. lynintenn Feb 2019 #57
I give this post my 100% full-throated approval. NBachers Feb 2019 #58
KnR Hekate Feb 2019 #60
Bernie is not a democrat but we don't have to do the pukes work for them either. pwb Feb 2019 #64
Agreed! Catch2.2 Feb 2019 #117
I simply think Bernie will just be another version of Jill Stien all over again. Doreen Feb 2019 #66
Thank You so Much for Exposing Cha Feb 2019 #69
+1000 very well put nt Apollyonus Feb 2019 #72
My adult daughter called me at work today Lefta Dissenter Feb 2019 #73
Wow.. she's certainly Cha Feb 2019 #92
I'm 100% certain you'll post more anti-Bernie posts. aikoaiko Feb 2019 #74
I will not vote independent nor for a fake Democrat kimbutgar Feb 2019 #75
As of today, Trump is Bernie's biggest fan. TomSlick Feb 2019 #77
This message was self-deleted by its author Kajun Gal Feb 2019 #78
We want to make sure it doesn't. Cha Feb 2019 #84
This message was self-deleted by its author Kajun Gal Feb 2019 #87
I'm keeping this KICKED for Cha Feb 2019 #79
I don't think Bern has the self-awareness ... Lucid Dreamer Feb 2019 #80
Rec yardwork Feb 2019 #82
K&R denbot Feb 2019 #83
Elizabeth Warren on "Tax Returns".. Cha Feb 2019 #97
K&R betsuni Feb 2019 #99
KICK! Cha Feb 2019 #101
True, but he also DID NOT run as a third party candidate. Vinca Feb 2019 #105
KICK! Cha Feb 2019 #107
I don't think he'll get far this time. Sparkly Feb 2019 #110
No we won't, Sparkly.. Cha Feb 2019 #125
Yes! Can it Truly Be Said Bernie is More of a Uniter than a Divider? dlk Feb 2019 #111
He may... Catch2.2 Feb 2019 #112
Not a chance FakeNoose Feb 2019 #120
Bernie Sanders is going to let his ego destroy his reputation. hunter Feb 2019 #121
Well said Stinky! BannonsLiver Feb 2019 #122
If he can't run as a Democrat he might just run as an Independent. ... spin Feb 2019 #126
We have excellent, qualified Democrats Cha Feb 2019 #129
We will see if any of the candidates running can draw the crowds Bernie can. ... spin Feb 2019 #130
I don't care about BS' "crowds".. Cha Feb 2019 #131
Locking ... Yonnie3 Feb 2019 #133
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