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15. A lot of scenarios
Sat Feb 2, 2019, 12:56 AM
Feb 2019

1. Is it a part of a stand-up routine?
2. Is it a part of some skit or play?
3. Were the parties sober or drunk?
4. Is the video complete or there are just clips?
5. Is it available in its entirety?
6. Do the friends in the video corroborate it as serious?

I'm sure there would be a thread about giving him kudos. LexVegas Feb 2019 #1
Point taken. applegrove Feb 2019 #2
But did you watch the WHOLE video?! nt Codeine Feb 2019 #3
It was a subjective question. There is no such video. Blue_true Feb 2019 #17
It was a joke. Codeine Feb 2019 #20
Codeine was joking EffieBlack Feb 2019 #21
Never joke with a humorless person. nt Blue_true Feb 2019 #24
How about you? melman Feb 2019 #4
As much as I respect your opiniions, EffieB ... NanceGreggs Feb 2019 #5
Nancy - you're one of my favorites here, but I strongly disagree with you on this EffieBlack Feb 2019 #8
As you are one of my favourites here, Effie. NanceGreggs Feb 2019 #9
Mwah! EffieBlack Feb 2019 #10
Why drag Booker into this? exboyfil Feb 2019 #13
Sigh ... EffieBlack Feb 2019 #14
To me there is no question that it would be a disqualifier for POTUS primary... RockRaven Feb 2019 #6
The ONLY reason this would disqualify him is that it would make it hard for him to win? EffieBlack Feb 2019 #11
Not even close to what I wrote. "Only" and "unquestionably" are not even on the same axes. RockRaven Feb 2019 #16
I guess that "for one simple reason" your entire post was about threw me. EffieBlack Feb 2019 #19
Hell, this was a doctor making a racist joke, which makes it actually worse. Why would anyone trust still_one Feb 2019 #7
I liked... myohmy2 Feb 2019 #12
A lot of scenarios Apollyonus Feb 2019 #15
So, you think there are some instances where it's ok to joke about raping women? EffieBlack Feb 2019 #18
If it is a part of a play or a skit Apollyonus Feb 2019 #23
7. Is it a sarcastic caricature of people who genuinely DO joke about such things? RockRaven Feb 2019 #22
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