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37. Mr. Plutocracy speaks again.
Thu Jan 31, 2019, 07:11 PM
Jan 2019

Mitch is just upset because we're trying to tear down the means by which they built a Repug majority for the corporate world.

Corporate power all this free-market freak has ever been about. His lifeblood has always supporting Big Tobacco, Big Healthcare, or big anything that strips the public of power.

As we've been trying to do since he was first elected, Ditch Mitch......

And Turtle uses the "Democrat" Party slur thegoose Jan 2019 #1
Usage of certain words Wellstone ruled Jan 2019 #4
Perhaps we should follow Rove and embrace the term, thereby neutering its use. TheBlackAdder Feb 2019 #58
Agree. I've wondered why we get so upset about Democrat (or Liberal or even the "social" terms.) erronis Feb 2019 #66
Honestly, i had no idea this was a thing. Kurt V. Jan 2019 #9
It has been for about a decade, always said with disdain, a sneer... Hekate Jan 2019 #15
This was one of Bob Doles favorite little mean-spirited digs... EarnestPutz Jan 2019 #19
Actually, it goes all the way back to McCarthy... First Speaker Jan 2019 #21
limbaugh brought into modern times certainot Feb 2019 #64
ah, thanks. i haven't watched TV in 9 years. its harder to pick up in the written word. Kurt V. Jan 2019 #24
Learn to duck! lunatica Jan 2019 #25
I do social media. I'm a twitter addict now. lol. no ducking necessary Kurt V. Jan 2019 #27
Well that means you're way ahead of the revolution then! lunatica Jan 2019 #31
I'm a real trend setter Kurt V. Jan 2019 #32
OK! Now I'm really laughing! lunatica Jan 2019 #36
i have 3 followers! Kurt V. Jan 2019 #39
. lunatica Jan 2019 #41
Actually, I think the social media revolution is not happening on T.V. erronis Feb 2019 #67
You make an interesting argument lunatica Feb 2019 #68
The revolution will not be televised, but it WILL be on Youtube....! eom lastlib Feb 2019 #69
It's pretty clear on which side of the aisle Harker Jan 2019 #23
Yeah, its meant to imply democRAT thegoose Jan 2019 #30
I've been schooled . still find it silly. words matter. this isn't one of them. Kurt V. Jan 2019 #34
By way of explanation... Harker Jan 2019 #50
Yep. It is. "DemocRAT" They never refer to "the Democratic Party" or the Democratic Senator. nt Honeycombe8 Jan 2019 #46
According to this, it goes back to 1940 with Thomas E. Dewey... SMC22307 Jan 2019 #53
It is beyond infuriating. The Repubicans must be voted out of existence. olegramps Feb 2019 #61
its repeated 100 times a day on 1500 radio stations certainot Feb 2019 #65
tell it, Speaker! Hermit-The-Prog Jan 2019 #2
Thank You for so eloquently pointing Cha Jan 2019 #3
Hey, McCockell: Tell Us About All That Russian Money You Pocketed! DoctorJoJo Jan 2019 #5
Fuck the turtle Traildogbob Jan 2019 #28
I love that we are seeing MyOwnPeace Jan 2019 #6
Thank you for standing up for American democracy, Speaker Pelosi Achilleaze Jan 2019 #7
K&R Scurrilous Jan 2019 #8
Thanks, Mitch, Mr.Bill Jan 2019 #10
Motherfker, there's no such thing as the "Democrat" party. OMGWTF Jan 2019 #11
it is used so often many people don't know scarytomcat Jan 2019 #33
+100000 Duppers Jan 2019 #12
Madame Speaker is kicking ass EVERYWHERE NoMoreRepugs Jan 2019 #13
And all she does is use facts and tell the truth! lunatica Jan 2019 #26
McConnell is the "Gravedigger of American Democracy". oasis Jan 2019 #14
K&R. Pelosi rocks ... again and again! KPN Jan 2019 #16
She IS as good as they kept saying she was. pdsimdars Jan 2019 #17
Just mov to fucking Mother Russia, Mitchie world wide wally Jan 2019 #18
Yes ask his bdamomma Jan 2019 #45
It's a cold day in shell for Moscow Mitch Blue Owl Jan 2019 #20
My tweet to Nancy chwaliszewski Jan 2019 #22
"ForThePeople" - best Democratic campaign slogan EVER!nt procon Jan 2019 #29
Here's the lesson to be learned from this... doompatrol39 Jan 2019 #35
I agree 100%. I am so pleased with strategy! Nevermypresident Jan 2019 #40
Mr. Plutocracy speaks again. KY_EnviroGuy Jan 2019 #37
Ditch Mitch bdamomma Jan 2019 #47
It's been on bumper stickers for many years in KY...to no avail. KY_EnviroGuy Jan 2019 #48
Since when do we need a "crisis" or "emergency" to justify more democracy? unblock Jan 2019 #38
Your Friends across bdamomma Jan 2019 #42
I couldn't agree with Pelosi more AlaskaDave Jan 2019 #43
Welcome to DU bdamomma Jan 2019 #49
I bow to Madam speaker. Dem2theMax Jan 2019 #44
what's smarter than two dozen republicans? spanone Jan 2019 #51
25 Republicans? Generic Brad Jan 2019 #54
DAYUM, THE Speaker sure knows how to OWN these asswipes. Ferrets are Cool Jan 2019 #52
She plays these dolts like a fiddle, or rather a master violinist. Liberty Belle Feb 2019 #55
Moscow Mitch is a piece-a Baltimike Feb 2019 #56
Kick for Sanity and Truth Bomb! Cha Feb 2019 #57
Sorry, Mitch SoCalDem Feb 2019 #59
I'd be willing to bet good money that Mitch didn't actually read the bill. Initech Feb 2019 #60
So, on the one hand that POS traitor pubican DirtEdonE Feb 2019 #62
Here's a recent party at the Turtle household thegoose Feb 2019 #63
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