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38. Sadly they have earned our hatred.
Tue Jan 29, 2019, 05:16 PM
Jan 2019

Fifty years of telling us that liberals are immoral, unpatriotic people that are to be despised has justified our revulsion. The fact is that their leadership consists of scumbags that don't have one ounce of compassion for their fellow mankind. Their leadership has consisted of flagrant criminals. Each Republicans administration has been more corrupt than the last. The enemy is not at the gates, they are dining in the White House and contaminating every office for local to federal. The stench of their corruption is strangling us.

I fucking hate Republicans. [View all] 47of74 Jan 2019 OP
When you meet the devil, hatred is the right response. FiveGoodMen Jan 2019 #1
I say that several times a week katmondoo Jan 2019 #2
Me too! DownriverDem Jan 2019 #22
To a point... brooklynite Jan 2019 #4
Indeed!! Duppers Jan 2019 #21
There are NO good republicans. Not one. onecaliberal Jan 2019 #27
Sadly they have earned our hatred. olegramps Jan 2019 #38
I don't hate them however - walkingman Jan 2019 #3
Sometimes the line between hate and despise seem to cross and its takes too much positive thought in2herbs Jan 2019 #7
I pretty much just hate them. smirkymonkey Jan 2019 #10
That's okay because I HATE them enough for both of us. SammyWinstonJack Jan 2019 #11
So, in other words, you hate them. It's okay. So do I. Texin Jan 2019 #14
In other terms, you hate approximately 50% democratisphere Jan 2019 #5
Methinks that number is too high rurallib Jan 2019 #15
More like 30%... I hate them too! backscatter712 Jan 2019 #17
i reiterate that several times a week. barbtries Jan 2019 #6
Hatred can save your life! lunatica Jan 2019 #8
Yep, rather like swearing... Duppers Jan 2019 #24
Message auto-removed Name removed Jan 2019 #9
Welcome to DU bdamomma Jan 2019 #13
it's unanimous bdamomma Jan 2019 #12
That is always on the tip of my tongue... BlueJac Jan 2019 #16
I can remember a time when I just didn't understand them. Texin Jan 2019 #18
Me, too. lillypaddle Jan 2019 #19
Republicans Are A Disease PaulX2 Jan 2019 #20
I don't hate them sarge43 Jan 2019 #23
They're a cancer to this country! LW1977 Jan 2019 #25
Me too! Rizen Jan 2019 #26
I've said it for years Rorey Jan 2019 #28
The Republican party was founded by abolitionists who wanted to end slavery. Yavin4 Jan 2019 #29
Then it was remade by Southerners wanting to keep slavery. SunSeeker Jan 2019 #33
It is ok to hate bigotry. That is all they are. nt SunSeeker Jan 2019 #30
Agree! 100% UCmeNdc Jan 2019 #31
Close your eyes, and wish all that on them. sandensea Jan 2019 #32
You are not alone Roadside Attraction Jan 2019 #34
Send them a card with a large cash donation postmarked with Intelligent Mail Bar Code. IADEMO2004 Jan 2019 #35
No shit. 47of74 Jan 2019 #44
Well i hated them because they only care about THEMSELVES BUT now bluestarone Jan 2019 #36
#1 a million times! riversedge Jan 2019 #37
I thought I hated Bush. Looking back, compared to my hatred of Trump, I really loved Bush. Pepsidog Jan 2019 #39
Bush ground my gears, but not the way this guy does. 47of74 Jan 2019 #45
It helps my nerves to try and understand them and... KY_EnviroGuy Jan 2019 #40
Watched the show about Ted Bundy, serial killer, on Netflix. morningglory Jan 2019 #41
You are not alone. There are days.... Hekate Jan 2019 #42
I grew up hearing my late Dad in the 60's saying, " dirty stinking lousy republicans" kimbutgar Jan 2019 #43
I've come to hate their instigators but the rank and file are just jimlup Jan 2019 #46
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