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6. Yay :)
Tue Jan 29, 2019, 12:19 AM
Jan 2019

There actually are SOME cases where what's after the question mark COULD be useful, if DU's software worked differently. It's not ALWAYS a 'bad thing', but our software here doesn't leverage it ... in those useful cases.

For example, if I try to share a Youtube vid, forwarded to the 193 second mark ... a "?t=193" is appended to the URL created by Youtube, which denotes to the Youtube server to 'start at 193 seconds', but the DU software will not support it, and will instead show the "?t=193" mark (which denotes a list of 'parameters' being passed the web server, in case you're interested ) as text, but does not 'pass it' to YouTube when you (as a DU user) click the video.

Which is why, if you click the below video, it will start at the beginning, instead of at 193 seconds ... like I was hoping when I created the link. And IS what would happen if you copy/pasted the actual link I pasted below ... into your address bar. That "?t=193" there ... is extraneous, rather than 'useful', due to how DU works.

ppl who own twitter stock might frizz out but the rest of us thank you lol nt msongs Jan 2019 #1
What looks ugly to me is a link from Twitter that has 2, 3, or even more of the same tweet. Hoyt Jan 2019 #2
My guess on that one is a bug in the DU software, not something that the poster of the link has mr_lebowski Jan 2019 #8
Thanks. I wondered what caused it. Hoyt Jan 2019 #9
That happens when someone posts the links to *replies* to an original tweet.. Princess Turandot Jan 2019 #12
Yes that's it. Thanks. Seeing losers like that once, is more than enough. Hoyt Jan 2019 #15
Learned something new Midnightwalk Jan 2019 #3
Yay :) mr_lebowski Jan 2019 #6
Dumb question Midnightwalk Jan 2019 #10
Logical question ... Youtube is apparently a 'special case' to the DU software ... mr_lebowski Jan 2019 #11
I know that only because I know simple html markup. lunatica Jan 2019 #4
That's just, like, your opinion, man. LakeSuperiorView Jan 2019 #5
Jesus ... (nt) mr_lebowski Jan 2019 #7
lolololol obamanut2012 Jan 2019 #13
LOL! fleur-de-lisa Jan 2019 #22
Also the "utm" stuff is Facebook Recursion Jan 2019 #14
Thank you for this. WeekiWater Jan 2019 #16
thanks for the lesson 912gdm Jan 2019 #17
Thanks for this tip. I've noticed lately that when I post a video it does that. Autumn Jan 2019 #18
Look at all those votes for annoying. SMH. DontBooVote Jan 2019 #19
Catch more flies with honey? The message was actually helpful, the headline was not - so maybe seaglass Jan 2019 #20
I am perfectly willing to accept the assessment that I'm being annoying anal :) mr_lebowski Jan 2019 #21
Those URL strings don't "pay" Twitter. It's tracking code the publication uses. jpljr77 Jan 2019 #23
This is true, and yes, I posted a simplified explanation of the situation mr_lebowski Jan 2019 #24
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