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Tue Aug 21, 2012, 05:44 AM

In spite both the prevention and termination of unwanted pregnancies, [View all]

Not to mention the loss of wanted pregnancies through miscarriage and termination through necessary, life sustaining medical procedures, isn't it a fact that the current birth rate is still going up and up?

In America, since our rate of consumption is so much higher than every other country on the planet, wouldn't any unwanted births not ended in this country have a more detrimental effect on the globe than were they to happen anywhere else?

Why is the Right determined to impose unwanted births on women and families before they're prepared to cope with new children, while doing everything that they can to prevent the personal and societal capacity to raise these kids in the long run?

Aren't the overstrained educational system, the high umemplyoment problems, the overwhelmed medical system, the prison complex, the homelessness issues and the general failure of the social safety net progams clue enough to these people that, we have enough problems coping with everyone whose here today plus the addition of wanted pregnancies, than to add onto those existing problems by imposing unwanted births on a society that's ill-prepared for them?

If I didn't know any better, I would swear that the Right with its irrational obsession on fetuses, even to the extent that it excuses rape and incest to drive up the birth rate above existing levels, is out to destroy this planet and humanity as a whole through overpopulation and the depletion of natural resources.

The Right is clearly practicing both a form of lop-sided moral relativism, as well as a scheme to gain and maintain hegemonic power over the rest of the planet.

Through their fervent advocacy of an unmanaged birth rate as well as their efforts to man and unleash both a bloated, unequaled military and an unrestrained banking system on the planet, this is done in order to take control of global resources and humanity at will.

Their advocacy to create a constituency of wealthy elites is also required to fund a take over of our political system against a backlash of democracy, as well as the way that they use societal misery, fears and prejudices against the electorate in order to impel the majority to vote against its best interests. Simply make them believe that the things that the Right are up to are the moral things to do.

Against raising the general standard of living, managing a sustainable birth rate, pursuing peaceful resolution of conflicts, practicing safe and sustainable energy production and resource usage, the Right has distorted these things as immoral and have convinced a sizable amount of the American public that the complete opposite is moral.

It's no accident that advocates for rape like Todd Akin are using moral justifications in their defenses, this is merely their exercise of a system of control. Control of society as a whole through the control of women's reproductive systems is at the core of their strategy. Any exercise of self-control by women and families represents a fundamental threat to the Right's access to power and overall control.

In conclusion, it's quite clear to me that the Right is willing to risk the very existence of human life on this planet in order to control it.

And why not?

Their moral relativism dictates that their behavior guarantees a safe and desirable reward in the Afterlife. Nothing that happens on this planet is important to them in the long run and is thusly available to be sacrificed to obtain that much vaunted reward.

In other words, we're dealing with unreasonable fanatics who are hellbent on throwing our very existence as a species away.

If that doesn't impel you to do everything that you can to marginalize these people to the point of harmlessness, I don't know what will.

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