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140. There was a reason he was slow to react
Fri Jan 18, 2019, 02:17 PM
Jan 2019

Namely, he knew better than anyone the "allegations" were all bogus, and didn't think there was anything to respond to. It blindsided him completely that anyone took them seriously, and people who knew him and his family well never did.

... handmade34 Jan 2019 #1
I'm with you 100%. lark Jan 2019 #11
Bill the Cat Glaisne Jan 2019 #120
or mine. she should be ashamed of herself. trueblue2007 Jan 2019 #139
Don't worry. She'll NEVER become our party's nominee. NurseJackie Jan 2019 #18
I will never understand how that went down. Dont see ANYBODY winning in that one. Eliot Rosewater Jan 2019 #54
If I can't trust her judgement on something like this... NurseJackie Jan 2019 #59
It is so absurd it is almost comical. Al Franken, for those who know him and his family Eliot Rosewater Jan 2019 #64
He was railroaded and denied the investigation he sought. NurseJackie Jan 2019 #69
In all of the Senate, Franken was the one tRump* and his minions feared the most... Raster Jan 2019 #88
+1 mahina Jan 2019 #101
Thank you for this wonderful post in support of Al Franken, pazzyanne Jan 2019 #125
I think that he realized that he was losing his effectiveness with these bogus claims question everything Jan 2019 #133
I want to thank you as well maui902 Jan 2019 #153
Consider that confirmed. n/t DFW Jan 2019 #98
My feelings as well. Pepsidog Jan 2019 #19
... iluvtennis Jan 2019 #38
My feelings exactly wryter2000 Jan 2019 #47
Her past is ugly and what she did to Franken even uglier RVN VET71 Jan 2019 #61
Franken 2020 greblach Jan 2019 #99
I personally agree completely with that letter. Rene Jan 2019 #2
Yes, I could not have said it better question everything Jan 2019 #5
the loudest distortion was constant from the radio, limbaugh, certainot Jan 2019 #90
Agreed Timewas Jan 2019 #3
If you don't want to vote for Gillibrand in the primaries, don't do it. Squinch Jan 2019 #4
Sorry, not going to self-censor. DU is exactly the place to debate Democratic primary matters. Demit Jan 2019 #9
it is not the place to demonize women fighting against sexual harassment crazycatlady Jan 2019 #16
We only wanted that 'fan favorite' to have his day in court, so to speak, with the ethics panel. Gidney N Cloyd Jan 2019 #31
OMG, your user name wryter2000 Jan 2019 #48
+1 Gidney N Cloyd Jan 2019 #79
You really believe that the republicans Trumpocalypse Jan 2019 #62
Well, you've got three questions there and I guess they'll never be answered. Gidney N Cloyd Jan 2019 #78
Were basic background checks on the accusers done? suegeo Jan 2019 #82
You raise a great point-- if KG was interested in justice, she could have shut down the railroading. Gidney N Cloyd Jan 2019 #85
They don't usually run background checks on victims Trumpocalypse Jan 2019 #102
Victims of what? NotAPuppet Jan 2019 #138
Tweeden was a fake. Trumpocalypse Jan 2019 #143
Ok, let's look at the other accusers! NotAPuppet Jan 2019 #147
OK Trumpocalypse Jan 2019 #148
Post removed Post removed Jan 2019 #146
How many of those 7 women filed lawsuits against Al Franken? pazzyanne Jan 2019 #131
Why would they? Trumpocalypse Jan 2019 #141
No evidence was found to support the allegations. pazzyanne Jan 2019 #142
What proof? Trumpocalypse Jan 2019 #145
... pazzyanne Jan 2019 #150
I' take that as a no Trumpocalypse Jan 2019 #151
You can take it anyway you want. pazzyanne Jan 2019 #152
Have a nice day too Trumpocalypse Jan 2019 #154
Thank you! pazzyanne Jan 2019 #155
Weiner and Franken are not a good comparison Perseus Jan 2019 #32
I agree with everything you said PatSeg Jan 2019 #52
Forgot about that. This, alone, should disqualify her question everything Jan 2019 #72
She and over 30 other Senators Trumpocalypse Jan 2019 #63
Franken wanted an investigation, which he did not receive. The Velveteen Ocelot Jan 2019 #41
I won't defend any of the other men accused wryter2000 Jan 2019 #51
And LeAnn was buddies with PatSeg Jan 2019 #55
They are going to try FuzzyRabbit Jan 2019 #74
I don't doubt it PatSeg Jan 2019 #84
+ 1 loyalsister Jan 2019 #44
I disagree with your characterization that Gillibrand is being "demonized" here. Demit Jan 2019 #49
She might as well be Satan on this forum crazycatlady Jan 2019 #58
I am truly sorry that you were victimized while still so young. kag Jan 2019 #71
Gillibrand "focused on sexual assault in the military" - as did Franken, on defense contractors question everything Jan 2019 #73
I remember that. They showed the case on an HBO special. Caliman73 Jan 2019 #119
You just made the case for Franken having been a sacrificial lamb. Demit Jan 2019 #75
Let me ask about the Weiner hearings, the Conyers hearings, etc crazycatlady Jan 2019 #81
Senator Bob Packwood, a Republican, in the early 90s question everything Jan 2019 #87
thank you crazycatlady Jan 2019 #89
Notice that Louis CK is on the road and getting standing O's for doubling down. SleeplessinSoCal Jan 2019 #50
Respectfully, I think you're missing the point. kag Jan 2019 #57
Not so quickly Trumpocalypse Jan 2019 #68
FYI, you are posting a hit piece by a right winger. Caliman73 Jan 2019 #121
Loud and consistent?? Trumpocalypse Jan 2019 #128
Yes. That opened the floodgates Caliman73 Jan 2019 #129
An ethnics committee hearing Trumpocalypse Jan 2019 #149
+1 Gidney N Cloyd Jan 2019 #80
Excellent details. Knee-jerk reactions do not serve any of us well. Cassidy Jan 2019 #97
Thank you for your post. The country certainly needs a public discussion of what is acceptable question everything Jan 2019 #135
Not all women are telling the truth. LakeArenal Jan 2019 #105
An act of self-aggrandizing betrayal is not simply a conflict. dchill Jan 2019 #24
Disscussion board! Get it??? Nt USALiberal Jan 2019 #30
I do get it, but there is no discussion in having 9 threads that say, "Rachel is having Gillibrand. Squinch Jan 2019 #45
I suspect this will sink her early on...nt 2naSalit Jan 2019 #6
K&R!!!!! Ernesto Jan 2019 #7
And there's no reason for KB to expect any favors from the Clinton people. nt oasis Jan 2019 #8
They should keep their pocketbooks closed and the endorsements non-existent. lark Jan 2019 #12
Gee, I was told NOBODY cares or remembers about Franken-- and Gillibrand's role in his departure hlthe2b Jan 2019 #10
Really? Interesting. SDJay Jan 2019 #91
I'm not excluding anyone even if there are things in their past (even recent past) I don't like. aikoaiko Jan 2019 #13
I agree rbnyc Jan 2019 #107
She's the only one that gave no due process to Al.. LakeArenal Jan 2019 #110
Good ananda Jan 2019 #14
please reconsider... handmade34 Jan 2019 #15
Well said Perseus Jan 2019 #34
Agree 100%. zentrum Jan 2019 #17
That's what I think too TexasBushwhacker Jan 2019 #65
Yup. Me too. zentrum Jan 2019 #77
Or, the GOPee/Putin were blackmailing Gillibrand for something? suegeo Jan 2019 #83
As were the rest of us. Robbed of Paul Wellstone's legacy twice. mahina Jan 2019 #103
mahina, thank you for remembering another great Minnesotan. pazzyanne Jan 2019 #134
Me too, from so far away. He still lifts my heart. mahina Jan 2019 #136
+100 MoonRiver Jan 2019 #20
EXCELLENT letter. LisaM Jan 2019 #21
Teen Vogue has some great articles, too. deurbano Jan 2019 #25
I just don't see anyone running now or anyone we know may run mastermind Jan 2019 #22
Keyword: progressive. Gidney N Cloyd Jan 2019 #28
Warren is another topic.. LakeArenal Jan 2019 #113
Given her history with Phillip Morris and the NRA rating, how is she a Democrat? CaptYossarian Jan 2019 #23
She seem chameleon-like SoFlaDem Jan 2019 #29
Bernie Sanders is a better "Democrat" than this Democrat. (n/t) thesquanderer Jan 2019 #93
?Bernie signed that Railroad letter too! LakeArenal Jan 2019 #114
I was talking about all the republican-ish positions KG has taken over the years thesquanderer Jan 2019 #118
She doesn't think fast enough on her feet to be president. Gidney N Cloyd Jan 2019 #26
Saw that this morning in my paper newspaper and was going to post it here The Velveteen Ocelot Jan 2019 #27
Gillibrand pamdb Jan 2019 #33
I do hope that if she were to become the candidate for the Democratic party Perseus Jan 2019 #39
? Both Harris and Brown signed the Railroad letter... LakeArenal Jan 2019 #112
K & R Duppers Jan 2019 #35
I have asked this question before, maybe someone here can answer it Perseus Jan 2019 #36
So far it doesn't seem like he's ever expressed an interest in it. The Velveteen Ocelot Jan 2019 #42
People often are best in specific posts and Adam Schiff is excellent as head of question everything Jan 2019 #76
I do agree. But maybe we NEED him to run LakeArenal Jan 2019 #115
His fan base has mentioned it, but he isn't talking. Caliman73 Jan 2019 #122
She will have my complete support if/when she comes out of the Convension with the nod. marble falls Jan 2019 #37
Exactly the way I feel. As they say, "She's dead to me." pdsimdars Jan 2019 #40
Wonderful Letter. Thanks for posting! bitterross Jan 2019 #43
Please let me once again. . . Hangdog Slim Jan 2019 #46
Welcome to DU wryter2000 Jan 2019 #53
Hypocrisy of Gillibrand marieo1 Jan 2019 #56
Spot on analysis. SergeStorms Jan 2019 #60
Thank you for bringing this to my attention. Butterflylady Jan 2019 #66
The one thing I knew for sure when that all happened. JNelson6563 Jan 2019 #67
There were two letters Trumpocalypse Jan 2019 #70
It was not Chuck Schumer that was the deciding factor in Al's decision to resign DFW Jan 2019 #111
Ok Trumpocalypse Jan 2019 #123
I'm not interested in permanently obsessing over this DFW Jan 2019 #130
Thank you for your clear analysis question everything Jan 2019 #137
There was a reason he was slow to react DFW Jan 2019 #140
I believe that Gillibrand used Franken for her personal political purposes. Zen Democrat Jan 2019 #86
she wont get far....you can tell she's fake mentalslavery Jan 2019 #92
I'll just put this here cannabis_flower Jan 2019 #94
As a former LittleGirl Jan 2019 #95
The Franken thing stuck in my craw a little bit padah513 Jan 2019 #96
Nor mine. Her spectacular flameout on. Rachel Maddow (1st interview. Since mahina Jan 2019 #100
It was ALL about HER career. Get rid of a more popular candidate;look good & (feel good)doing it. flying_wahini Jan 2019 #104
How do you know that? Trumpocalypse Jan 2019 #106
Me too. firstwife Jan 2019 #108
While I am really sorry about the loss of Franken, who Perrenial Voter Jan 2019 #109
If this was political jiu-jitsu to calibrate the Democratic Party to the #MeToo movement . . . MrModerate Jan 2019 #117
Agree with your second paragraph. LakeArenal Jan 2019 #126
She's dead to me. n/r MrModerate Jan 2019 #116
+1000 Power 2 the People Jan 2019 #124
Gillibrand is a small ripple in the pond, there are far more important things to attend to. NoMoreRepugs Jan 2019 #127
I will vote for Gillibrand. Collimator Jan 2019 #132
Good letter to the editor cp Jan 2019 #144
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