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25. Also, it's not like there will be anything true, and it's not like there will be anything
Tue Jan 8, 2019, 09:54 PM
Jan 2019

that can't be digested in a couple of lines of print. He just doesn't have the intellect to generate more.

And why does everyone play his game every time he decides he needs some attention? Everyone playing his game is what got him elected in the first place. We never learn.

I'm with you. NT WeekiWater Jan 2019 #1
Welcome to DU! sharedvalues Jan 2019 #9
That is kind. WeekiWater Jan 2019 #10
So will I. Goodheart Jan 2019 #2
Not me. nt backabby-blue Jan 2019 #3
Me too, for the same reason. nt 42bambi Jan 2019 #4
I know, right? jberryhill Jan 2019 #5
Please don't. He WANTS you to watch. Don't. sharedvalues Jan 2019 #6
Half the people reading it.. WeekiWater Jan 2019 #12
I will pass on the speech and as soon as I see on DU he is finished kimbutgar Jan 2019 #7
🤜🤛 sharedvalues Jan 2019 #11
Me, too!! ailsagirl Jan 2019 #20
All he does is lie, so no, I'm not listening or watching. Hassler Jan 2019 #8
Watching mainstreetonce Jan 2019 #13
Why not? Squinch Jan 2019 #19
Ikr? It's not like it won't be discussed ad nauseum for the next week or more. cwydro Jan 2019 #24
Also, it's not like there will be anything true, and it's not like there will be anything Squinch Jan 2019 #25
I'm not watching because I can't stand to see or hear him for longer than 20 seconds. n/t BlueStater Jan 2019 #14
1 second for me ailsagirl Jan 2019 #22
I'm up so I'm watching. underpants Jan 2019 #15
I hate being lied to my face wasupaloopa Jan 2019 #16
One day he will lose it and they'll drag him off, or something similar. I wanna be there. Hoyt Jan 2019 #17
The point in not watching is not giving ratings to the stations who should not be airing this Squinch Jan 2019 #18
you reward both the networks and Donald Hermit-The-Prog Jan 2019 #21
I just can't stand his voice or his face. cwydro Jan 2019 #23
Oh I'm definitely watching. Know thine enema. nolabear Jan 2019 #26
Good joke, but don't you already know him? Now that it's over, was there anything in there Squinch Jan 2019 #29
Fuck it. Blue Owl Jan 2019 #27
Be you, Baby. mahina Jan 2019 #28
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