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13. Think you're right
Fri Jan 4, 2019, 11:08 PM
Jan 2019

Republicans are nervous and will be increasingly so the longer this shutdown goes on. 2020 is looming and will be coming 'round the corner faster than anyone realize. Already, Susan Collins and Cory Gardner have voiced 'concerns,' which is more about their own electability than anything else. I've read the airports are in chaos because TSA workers are calling in sick, a 200-300% increase. The National Park system has been overwhelmed because Trumpski irresponsibly left them open without the normal supervisory staff. All these Federal workers and contractors have been left in the lurch with no paychecks coming in and normal services have been abandoned. Have you seen the trash buildup in DC? Give it another week and the noise and complaints and outrage will grow deafening. And rightly so.

This is damn hostage situation with Trumski threatening to bring the whole government down while demanding a ransom, his $5 billion. Interestingly enough, the 11th hour is reporting that Trump had no plans for a long-tern shutdown and is only now recognizing the broader implications.


K&R saidsimplesimon Jan 2019 #1
LOL!! peggysue2 Jan 2019 #5
Years? That crazy motherfucker will be kicked Cha Jan 2019 #2
You lips to . . . peggysue2 Jan 2019 #6
That is Great News! Cha Jan 2019 #11
i am starting to get a little worried Kurt V. Jan 2019 #3
No doubt about it! peggysue2 Jan 2019 #7
A national security emergency order that is never lifted and you have Dictator Don. sarcasmo Jan 2019 #4
The irony here is that . . . peggysue2 Jan 2019 #8
His behavior shows that he has nothing. Blue_true Jan 2019 #9
Think you're right peggysue2 Jan 2019 #13
The crazy has been there all along, but today we got the Long Play version. Grammy23 Jan 2019 #10
Today was pretty amazing peggysue2 Jan 2019 #14
Dead Presidents talking to trump.. Cha Jan 2019 #12
LOL!! peggysue2 Jan 2019 #15
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