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2. important point
Sun Dec 30, 2018, 09:20 PM
Dec 2018

you are so right about that. Every failure is an excuse to go after taxes and regulations.

There is a book called Turbulence in which the author/researchers studied Boeing when it converted to the Jack Welch formula of business. They first thing they had to do was destroy the old model that included things like loyalty, shared sense of purpose, and pride in their work. It was replaced with competition among workers and fear of losing their jobs.

They followed up with a second book that told the effects od the realized changes. Not good.

That was just the Wichita division, right? The Velveteen Ocelot Dec 2018 #1
Yes Wichita KrazyinKS Dec 2018 #3
Why would that do that? fescuerescue Dec 2018 #4
The refinery that was contaminated was in Chicago KrazyinKS Dec 2018 #8
I was just thinking that Recursion Dec 2018 #6
important point KT2000 Dec 2018 #2
Thanks for the book title, I'll look it up. dae Dec 2018 #5
here is the info: KT2000 Dec 2018 #7
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