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12. When I was a kid Christmas time was the peak season of religious warfare within my family.
Thu Dec 6, 2018, 09:13 PM
Dec 2018

It's amazing how raw sexual attraction can bring people of diverse and conflicting faiths together.

My own "Christmas Spirit" looks a lot like PTSD.

My best Christmas ever I got the Hong Kong flu and everyone temporarily put their religious differences aside because they were afraid I was literally going to die. My dad's sister, and my mom's cousin had died as children in similar circumstances.

Alas my anoxic self did not get the Heathkit radio I most desired for that Christmas.

That may have been for the best. I later built a similar radio from scratch and that was immensely empowering.

My personal religion is equally scratch-built.

I work in college foodservice. johnp3907 Dec 2018 #1
I think we have a similar outlook. Mid December. dameatball Dec 2018 #4
Me too! Charlotte Little Dec 2018 #32
Enjoy your time!!....:) dameatball Dec 2018 #38
Thank you Charlotte Little Dec 2018 #40
We started cleaning last week malaise Dec 2018 #2
Ha! I hear you! That would speed the festivities up for sure. dameatball Dec 2018 #3
I don't. . . BigDemVoter Dec 2018 #5
Nuttin wrong with that. Happy Festivus.....:))) dameatball Dec 2018 #6
Thank you! BigDemVoter Dec 2018 #7
lol....."play around with"...just caught that.....:) dameatball Dec 2018 #39
Well I put up my Festivus pole last year, elocs Dec 2018 #8
Me too shanti Dec 2018 #10
I don't either. nt Delmette2.0 Dec 2018 #34
Sometime around 11:50 pm on December 25. Liberal Veteran Dec 2018 #9
Ha! Whatever works! dameatball Dec 2018 #13
Nov 1! Roland99 Dec 2018 #11
When I was a kid Christmas time was the peak season of religious warfare within my family. hunter Dec 2018 #12
Hey I got Hong Kong flu on Xmas Day! LeftInTX Dec 2018 #15
Thanks for the replyt You had some experiences that diverged from mine. The Heathkit was also dameatball Dec 2018 #16
Home Depot rolled out the Christmas shit before halloween Hotler Dec 2018 #14
Well last year was a bummer because of natural disasters, but I sent presents to the grandkids... Hekate Dec 2018 #17
This seems normal to me too. Everyone has different schedules and maybe no schedules at all. dameatball Dec 2018 #18
I put my tree up today. blueinredohio Dec 2018 #19
We usually took our tree down on 12/31 or before. dameatball Dec 2018 #20
Yup. Same here. A few times we slacked. dameatball Dec 2018 #41
I like Christmas trees & lights. Dulcinea Dec 2018 #51
This weekend and I'm excited. WeekiWater Dec 2018 #21
Great news. Like I said, everyone is different, but if it works for you....wonderful. dameatball Dec 2018 #22
I like what you do with the tree. WeekiWater Dec 2018 #23
That's a great idea for the park. Thanks for explaining it. Good thoughts all around. dameatball Dec 2018 #25
I like how you use your tree. BannonsLiver Dec 2018 #24
I did not know that. Thank you. The funny thing about a year round Christmas tree is that it dameatball Dec 2018 #26
It's not Christmas until Charlie Brown says so NotASurfer Dec 2018 #27
November belongs to Linus and the great pumpkin. After that Charlie Brown and Snoopy.You got it. dameatball Dec 2018 #29
I have to wait till after Thanksgiving Raine Dec 2018 #28
I agree. Definitely after Thanksgiving! dameatball Dec 2018 #30
How un-American! misanthrope Dec 2018 #31
About 30 years ago (maybe,) elleng Dec 2018 #33
I know what you mean. I have grandkids now so the fancy stuff is at their house. dameatball Dec 2018 #35
Yes, different strokes! elleng Dec 2018 #36
Happy Hanukkah and best wishes for the new year. Seems like it may be a wild ride. dameatball Dec 2018 #37
I started working on a wreath this week, so I guess WhiteTara Dec 2018 #42
Was listening to some Andrea Bocelli Christmas music online last night. That was fun. dameatball Dec 2018 #45
Xmas is pretty sad for me Bayard Dec 2018 #43
It's hard to get in the mood sometimes. This time last year Iwas coming off colon cancer surgery and dameatball Dec 2018 #44
end of august/start of september JI7 Dec 2018 #46
Wow, that's early. Good for you. Lots of different responses on the OP. Thanks. dameatball Dec 2018 #47
Growing up, the tree was put up on Christmas Eve Day blaze Dec 2018 #48
We never had the cherub carousel things. Those are cool. dameatball Dec 2018 #49
I'm not religious but I enjoy a Christmas tree. Codeine Dec 2018 #50
I celebrate the Solstice but this year I have to 'accommodate' family for Christmas Siwsan Dec 2018 #52
Tonight, Friday PJMcK Dec 2018 #53
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