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121. Independent
Fri Nov 9, 2018, 12:27 PM
Nov 2018

Dare I say that, though I am registered Democrat, those who identify as Independent or, in California, Decline to state, are a strong reason the House, and many Governors, have flipped to blue. Bernie is the reason that the Democrats have again dared to move back to progressive policies.

Or, dare I say Proud Liberal Dem Nov 2018 #1
Down south, the old time saying was "Tend to your knitting" YessirAtsaFact Nov 2018 #126
Bernie, like other progressives, is fallible but searching for solutions. DemocracyMouse Nov 2018 #140
Thank you peace frog Nov 2018 #214
And I thank you as well. Paka Nov 2018 #220
I also thank you and agree. blueinredohio Nov 2018 #227
Damn straight. warmfeet Nov 2018 #228
Absolutely! Paka Nov 2018 #232
Wholeheartedly Agree (except the "funny" part) Martin Eden Nov 2018 #296
correct The Wizard Nov 2018 #304
I'm tired of Sanders butting in .... he is not even a Democrat. Butt out Bernie. trueblue2007 Nov 2018 #181
Are you interested in just having a club? DemocracyMouse Nov 2018 #217
a CLUB ????????? what in the world are you talking about? I didn't say anything about a club. trueblue2007 Nov 2018 #219
We have a party not a club and Sen. Sanders could join...but chooses not to. Demsrule86 Nov 2018 #316
Right! True Blue American Nov 2018 #346
Anyone who chooses can join. Demsrule86 Nov 2018 #378
Here is what Michael Moore predicted in 2016: Trump wins. olegramps Nov 2018 #127
+1. Anti-Democratic leftists hide their animosity Hortensis Nov 2018 #173
That post True Blue American Nov 2018 #288
Agree. People who feel Democrats need all the criticism Hortensis Nov 2018 #300
+1 betsuni Nov 2018 #301
You can very easily True Blue American Nov 2018 #308
+1000. You bet. House women up to @98 from 84, Hortensis Nov 2018 #309
Thank you for the new count. True Blue American Nov 2018 #324
Awww bless Kentonio Nov 2018 #348
"half the party" "so you centrists can lose another election in peace." betsuni Nov 2018 #350
Where do you get this percentage? Gothmog Nov 2018 #357
Half? NurseJackie Nov 2018 #375
"Those who define their righteous superiority by their dissension from the mainstream..." YES! WOW! NurseJackie Nov 2018 #374
+1 betsuni Nov 2018 #241
He won't release his tax returns, so he won't run. boston bean Nov 2018 #2
+1 dalton99a Nov 2018 #24
Or he could join trump is suing to invalidate these ballot access laws Gothmog Nov 2018 #175
Post removed Post removed Nov 2018 #3
For what? He isnt a Democrat. scheming daemons Nov 2018 #5
Admins say he is. Take it up with them... Dennis Donovan Nov 2018 #20
He is objectively not a Democrat scheming daemons Nov 2018 #22
Thanks for the post, daemons SCantiGOP Nov 2018 #46
Email Skinner and EarlG then... Dennis Donovan Nov 2018 #50
It's actually no on his registration. Agschmid Nov 2018 #203
Tell that to the bashers of an actual D- Pelosi. boston bean Nov 2018 #61
That is a rather excellent point you make. NurseJackie Nov 2018 #373
LOL... c'mon dude.... NT Adrahil Nov 2018 #64
No You DownriverDem Nov 2018 #73
Sanders and the letter after his name says he is not democrat. Wintryjade Nov 2018 #154
Wake up people DownriverDem Nov 2018 #307
That is what I believe. Wintryjade Nov 2018 #319
The new DNC rules would require sanders to officially join the party to run Gothmog Nov 2018 #176
Well, You're Still Here Me. Nov 2018 #56
So many times DownriverDem Nov 2018 #70
Terms of Service specifically mention Sanders thesquanderer Nov 2018 #115
People are upset. When posts are emotionally influenced they tend to land hard. Caliman73 Nov 2018 #142
"but I think that Sanders spends too much time focusing on those critiques." LiberalLovinLug Nov 2018 #205
Different perspectives. Caliman73 Nov 2018 #213
Thanks for your measured response LiberalLovinLug Nov 2018 #265
Emotions can get in the way. Caliman73 Nov 2018 #267
Yup. Let's hope so LiberalLovinLug Nov 2018 #323
You can get a post removed for ANYTHING these days. 7962 Nov 2018 #145
Most of what Bernie Sanders raised during his 2016 primary is now the dem agenda onit2day Nov 2018 #201
+1 Go Vols Nov 2018 #210
Bernie needs to sail off into the White House. Power 2 the People Nov 2018 #230
Agreed! InAbLuEsTaTe Nov 2018 #260
Those are all losers in a general election. The Pres candidates never run on the party platforms. nt mr_liberal Nov 2018 #234
I agree srobertss Nov 2018 #236
Most of what he laid claim to was already in the Dem agenda. Ninsianna Nov 2018 #249
Love Love LOVE this!! Jack Bone Nov 2018 #283
Most all were already Dem agenda. Geez, I love the rewriting of history. Wintryjade Nov 2018 #320
Why? Cha Nov 2018 #6
Because in the tos there is a special cant bash bernie rule even though he's not a dem Fullduplexxx Nov 2018 #9
Everything in the OP is Cha Nov 2018 #12
I agree but That wont stop some from alerting Fullduplexxx Nov 2018 #19
Yes. Thank you! NurseJackie Nov 2018 #256
Heya, Jackie! Cha Nov 2018 #258
I almost got banned lillypaddle Nov 2018 #54
There is also another rule sarah FAILIN Nov 2018 #69
Ok more be careful about what you say rules... gtk thanks Fullduplexxx Nov 2018 #87
Post removed Post removed Nov 2018 #94
Not from me!;( True Blue American Nov 2018 #289
Do you think that changes if Dems don't let Sanders run Dem, or he just chooses a 3rd party run? Wintryjade Nov 2018 #321
as a Vermonter handmade34 Nov 2018 #8
I have to ask True Blue American Nov 2018 #291
He renamed a couple of post offices. Small-Axe Nov 2018 #338
I guess you could True Blue American Nov 2018 #342
Yes, this is the true story. His primary focus should have been R B Garr Nov 2018 #360
You mean Bernie True Blue American Nov 2018 #362
Yes, he said he wouldn't endorse her, as if a woman who R B Garr Nov 2018 #364
Well, Bernie True Blue American Nov 2018 #370
... LexVegas Nov 2018 #16
Ummm... let me alert your alert now beastie boy Nov 2018 #42
Bernie... handmade34 Nov 2018 #4
Too bad we cant have an open and honest discussion about this Fullduplexxx Nov 2018 #7
BS is the one who keeps Cha Nov 2018 #15
Im in agreement with .********* CENSORED ************ Fullduplexxx Nov 2018 #21
Off topic, I know; but regarding race: why is Barack Obama black; maddiemom Nov 2018 #195
she is black also. if she was to run for public office it would be clear she is black JI7 Nov 2018 #336
I agree that his comment about some whites being uncomfortable voting for a black person... brush Nov 2018 #10
Huh? Did he say it wasn't about racism? KPN Nov 2018 #67
I think you better go back and read his comment. brush Nov 2018 #79
Already did (actually right after I posted). ... and edited my post. KPN Nov 2018 #83
Agreed. Demwolv Nov 2018 #11
Well said EffieBlack Nov 2018 #31
"A push further away from the center can leave your party unrecognizable..." Bfd Nov 2018 #34
Loosely claim the Dem label? recentevents Nov 2018 #302
Some refuse to call themselves a Democrat. Bfd Nov 2018 #315
I've pointed out a number of times that of 100% of Americans, maybe 15-20% are far right.... George II Nov 2018 #124
Nah. Bernie and his involvement is necessary. aikoaiko Nov 2018 #13
So you are ok with the subtle French kiss to racists? Blue_true Nov 2018 #25
Yes, they are ok with it. nt LexVegas Nov 2018 #27
This is what he said. aikoaiko Nov 2018 #88
So degrees of racism? MrGrieves Nov 2018 #149
I realize you're being sarcastic, but it not unreasonable to think in terms of degrees of racism. aikoaiko Nov 2018 #178
I think he was walking on eggshells... TeeYiYi Nov 2018 #211
Not so subtle, IMO mcar Nov 2018 #89
This black person appreciates your honesty EffieBlack Nov 2018 #32
Counterpoint: No, they aren't Maven Nov 2018 #183
Affirmation: You're correct. NurseJackie Nov 2018 #259
K and r. Tipperary Nov 2018 #14
People need to stop thinking in a 2016 mindset. OnDoutside Nov 2018 #17
Well said wryter2000 Nov 2018 #48
Thanks for the Cha Nov 2018 #57
As a 2016 Bernie supporter, LakeArenal Nov 2018 #118
Well, OnDoutside Nov 2018 #165
Re: LakeArenal Nov 2018 #179
Re OnDoutside Nov 2018 #202
Great analogy- dawg day Nov 2018 #331
I like Joe very much True Blue American Nov 2018 #343
agreed barbtries Nov 2018 #18
nope, he doesn't shanny Nov 2018 #23
FFS Bernie, "poor people are not worried about Trump investigations??" Bfd Nov 2018 #26
OH JHC.. BS DOES NOT GET IT. Cha Nov 2018 #40
No, he apparantly does not . This is so insulting Bfd Nov 2018 #63
I have my guesses.. Cha Nov 2018 #66
Who does he consider his base with statements like these recent ones? Bfd Nov 2018 #74
I think we know Cha Nov 2018 #81
WTF? Without "investigations" or "subpoenas" there is NO oversight, and without oversight.... George II Nov 2018 #128
It's quite possible he DOES see it NastyRiffraff Nov 2018 #190
What the hell is wrong with him?! The Independent from Vermont ... Hekate Nov 2018 #137
Sounds like "impeachment is off the table" for Bernie too. namahage Nov 2018 #157
+ a million And that is his OTHER problem ♀️ Bfd Nov 2018 #180
Bernie, Bernie True Blue American Nov 2018 #292
You're correct. It is... NurseJackie Nov 2018 #306
His latest round of tone deaf comments were deeply offensive ecstatic Nov 2018 #28
Yep.. just the Cha Nov 2018 #85
+10,000,000 EffieBlack Nov 2018 #29
Bernie Should Stop Telling The Truth PaulX2 Nov 2018 #30
You think saying that being uncomfortable voting for a black person isn't racism is "truth"? EffieBlack Nov 2018 #33
This. nt. Amimnoch Nov 2018 #95
+1. n/t rzemanfl Nov 2018 #209
Wow obamanut2012 Nov 2018 #38
But it's not true. Cha Nov 2018 #60
What is that saying about if it walks like a duck. Eliot Rosewater Nov 2018 #143
Joe Biden, by credible polls unlike the one that you reference which had serious errors, Demsrule86 Nov 2018 #62
So in you opinion he is correct? GulfCoast66 Nov 2018 #123
That rationale has trumpian notes BannonsLiver Nov 2018 #163
What is it he said that is "the truth"? dawg day Nov 2018 #330
I concur njhoneybadger Nov 2018 #35
Cosign! obamanut2012 Nov 2018 #36
I almost forgot... chwaliszewski Nov 2018 #37
As in vogue as Democrat Pelosi bashing. Bfd Nov 2018 #43
It Wouldn't Be If He'd Stop Pontificating Me. Nov 2018 #59
And I see reflexive, irrational defense of everything he says is still in vogue among his followers. BannonsLiver Nov 2018 #170
Bernie needs to hand the progressive baton off to Beto aeromanKC Nov 2018 #39
Or to Stacey or Andrew or Sharice or Alexandria or ... EffieBlack Nov 2018 #44
This! mcar Nov 2018 #156
I was wondering why StuckInTexas Nov 2018 #192
What in the hell are you talking about? EffieBlack Nov 2018 #208
Stacy's battle for our right to vote and the actual work delisen Nov 2018 #310
That's Democrat BETO. Someone who proudly claims his Party name. Bfd Nov 2018 #47
We have not seen the last of Beto! True Blue American Nov 2018 #347
Agree 100% True Blue American Nov 2018 #345
I think this may be my second "Bernie" post, as I generally stay out of them. dameatball Nov 2018 #41
Thank You Bfd Nov 2018 #52
Yes indeed. calimary Nov 2018 #167
Well said! comradebillyboy Nov 2018 #91
JFC. Give it up already. mac56 Nov 2018 #45
That should be "whip it." And if you can be wrong about that... nt fleabiscuit Nov 2018 #290
Go bernie...that is go home!! Thekaspervote Nov 2018 #49
The sooner the better. He is now up to his old tricks beastie boy Nov 2018 #51
I like Bernie, but he needs to be a Democrat all the time, not just election time. louis c Nov 2018 #53
I'll loan him a horse. redstatebluegirl Nov 2018 #55
Bernie May Mean Well, or Not, However, His Constant Critiques of Democrats Help No One dlk Nov 2018 #58
There you go. LiberalFighter Nov 2018 #109
All that aside I generally do like his stances on most issues and had he actually joined the party cstanleytech Nov 2018 #65
another circular firing squad elmac Nov 2018 #68
Be a Democrat all the time, not just election time louis c Nov 2018 #172
Bernie is the reason we are where we are today notinkansas Nov 2018 #275
Agreed! He would need a sound apology tour and full R B Garr Nov 2018 #71
every time I see a thread on DU attacking fellow progressives elmac Nov 2018 #72
This site is DU - Democratic Underground... not PU - Progressive Underground scheming daemons Nov 2018 #103
oooooooh mmmmmmy elmac Nov 2018 #160
so your saying that Democrats are not progressives? elmac Nov 2018 #161
Some progressives are Democrats..... but some "progressives" are disrupters. scheming daemons Nov 2018 #168
Extremely astute; your clarity is a bit nebulous, but your empirical pronouncements cover that up. Magoo48 Nov 2018 #191
You do know that russia helped sanders a great deal Gothmog Nov 2018 #363
He needs to do his job agingdem Nov 2018 #75
but there is a silver lining elmac Nov 2018 #76
That cuts both ways BannonsLiver Nov 2018 #164
K & R SunSeeker Nov 2018 #77
I think this is my first-ever post in a Bernie thread. Croney Nov 2018 #78
But many defenders are certainly giving it a good try... NurseJackie Nov 2018 #114
He's not the only one BeyondGeography Nov 2018 #80
I lulz'd KG Nov 2018 #82
Manchin instead? hell674 Nov 2018 #84
Show me where Manchin said something like Bernie did about voting and racism? BannonsLiver Nov 2018 #169
Manchin hell674 Nov 2018 #223
Republicans love people like you because you help them win. nt mr_liberal Nov 2018 #239
WhataboutManchin is the new WhataboutHillary betsuni Nov 2018 #242
not my point hell674 Nov 2018 #248
Manchin doesn't call the Democratic Party a failure consisting of establishment elites betsuni Nov 2018 #250
Manchin doesn't say much to piss off NRA, anti-choice, or insurance corporations. hell674 Nov 2018 #254
What Third Way nonsense? betsuni Nov 2018 #261
Health care and the Third Way hell674 Nov 2018 #263
I guess Third Way means politics. betsuni Nov 2018 #270
Possibly hell674 Nov 2018 #273
BS was missing in action in his home state Vermont during the general election. lapucelle Nov 2018 #356
Wow.. so there's another repub Gov in Vermont Cha Nov 2018 #366
Governor Scott recently contracted to send VT's incaracerated to a for-profit prison in Mississippi. lapucelle Nov 2018 #368
Most developed nations achieve universal health coverage with hybrid/multi-payer systems ehrnst Nov 2018 #376
sorry but no hell674 Nov 2018 #247
So no examples where he said something as goofy about race like Bernie did? BannonsLiver Nov 2018 #279
Stop the trashing Kosey Nov 2018 #86
The OP doesn't blame Republican voters for electing Republicans. Mariana Nov 2018 #102
He may not have started the attack on Franken, namahage Nov 2018 #108
I love this post so much. It's honest and heartfelt... NurseJackie Nov 2018 #90
It's not only not flattering to those who agree with him, but it's on the edge of being insulting... George II Nov 2018 #98
Excellent point. Very insulting and risks alienating NurseJackie Nov 2018 #105
Bernie speaks like many Dems should Iowa420 Nov 2018 #92
Bernie on Trump: Trump's not really a racist or sexist emulatorloo Nov 2018 #93
The problem isn't the message, it's the package it comes in BannonsLiver Nov 2018 #158
Join and stir. Enjoy your stay. n/t rzemanfl Nov 2018 #207
Which "Dems" don't? George II Nov 2018 #313
Post removed Post removed Nov 2018 #96
He makes excuses for racists..... and he attacks Democrats...and he is NOT a Democrat scheming daemons Nov 2018 #106
True. Thank you. NurseJackie Nov 2018 #367
ok Kurt V. Nov 2018 #97
Here is another link to the graphic BumRushDaShow Nov 2018 #134
thnx. i don't know how to do that yet Kurt V. Nov 2018 #146
I found another source for the graphic that had an image extension on the end (.jpg or .gif or .png) BumRushDaShow Nov 2018 #153
And there it is... as expected disillusioned73 Nov 2018 #99
But he needs the vote he ain't gonna get. Amimnoch Nov 2018 #101
What vote he ain't gonna get???? disillusioned73 Nov 2018 #112
Totally agree with this. nt. Amimnoch Nov 2018 #100
He is a sitting senator who got nearly 70% of the vote in his state on Tuesday - so VT did not ask karynnj Nov 2018 #104
It's time for a lot of the Old Hoss' to pass the torch Tarc Nov 2018 #107
Agreed. Magoo48 Nov 2018 #198
Agree, 100%. True Blue American Nov 2018 #297
Whoever wins the Democratic presidential primary... RobertDevereaux Nov 2018 #110
He did get Progressive people to run so he does have value lunatica Nov 2018 #111
I'll say about him what many here say about Pelosi: ehrnst Nov 2018 #113
Goose, gander... and all that! :-D NurseJackie Nov 2018 #116
Bye Bernie. Tavarious Jackson Nov 2018 #117
Oh shit...be careful there...That 'segment" here will run you a rash of shit for that that simple Crutchez_CuiBono Nov 2018 #119
More young, progressive candidates zentrum Nov 2018 #120
More democrats won period. Tavarious Jackson Nov 2018 #271
Oh, you must mean zentrum Nov 2018 #325
Those isses have always been democratic issues. Tavarious Jackson Nov 2018 #332
Thank you True Blue American Nov 2018 #371
This cannot be repeated enough. betsuni Nov 2018 #372
Independent dogandturtlemom Nov 2018 #121
+1 Power 2 the People Nov 2018 #125
No he's not. NurseJackie Nov 2018 #131
Then who is?? Iowa420 Nov 2018 #199
The people, voters. betsuni Nov 2018 #235
Let's start with the entire Democratic Party, from the top (Tom Perez) to local members... George II Nov 2018 #312
+1 Go Vols Nov 2018 #212
I disagree. Tavarious Jackson Nov 2018 #268
Bernie is not as much as a problem Tribalceltic Nov 2018 #122
Amen to that. NurseJackie Nov 2018 #133
Indeed. calimary Nov 2018 #171
He needs to go away Botany Nov 2018 #129
At this point I tend to agree SHRED Nov 2018 #130
That makes us Both... LovingA2andMI Nov 2018 #136
He lost me when... SHRED Nov 2018 #139
Amen. Disappear, Bernie. (nt) Paladin Nov 2018 #132
+ 1 iluvtennis Nov 2018 #135
Agreed. sagesnow Nov 2018 #138
You are entitled to your opinion Sherman A1 Nov 2018 #141
Bernie Kosey Nov 2018 #144
Is that why he is trying to appeal to racists? Are they left of center? LexVegas Nov 2018 #147
So, what.... The democratic party has no use for Bernie? Bullshit. Chakaconcarne Nov 2018 #148
... LexVegas Nov 2018 #150
Yup... disillusioned73 Nov 2018 #177
Bernie represents me and stands up for my family. RandiFan1290 Nov 2018 #151
I have a new friend Hillary supporter for many years marlakay Nov 2018 #162
Threads like these hurt the party! Catch2.2 Nov 2018 #187
I agree. Wintryjade Nov 2018 #152
YES. YES. YES. YES. YES. YES. YES. calimary Nov 2018 #155
Many people agree with you and... NurseJackie Nov 2018 #369
this is inconsiderate to Bernie supporters KayF Nov 2018 #159
I agree with the consensus BannonsLiver Nov 2018 #166
When people criticize Nancy Pelosi and say she should resign from leadership, do you also say pnwmom Nov 2018 #182
I might KayF Nov 2018 #189
You haven't though. And you are clearly one of the people who think she should step down. pnwmom Nov 2018 #194
... NurseJackie Nov 2018 #314
I doubt that sanders will either release his tax returns or agree to be a member of the party Gothmog Nov 2018 #174
as requested hell674 Nov 2018 #237
To comply with ballot access laws sanders will need five or ten years complete returns Gothmog Nov 2018 #246
you have some reason to think hell674 Nov 2018 #251
there are real questions about commissions paid for tv ads used in the California primary Gothmog Nov 2018 #272
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Bear Creek Nov 2018 #184
I disagree Catch2.2 Nov 2018 #185
I agree. He had his moment. He had his chance. Yes, I know Debbie... SKKY Nov 2018 #186
Stop with the Bernie hate! Catch2.2 Nov 2018 #188
No, I think The Russians were pushing the false narrative that the Democratic primary results... Small-Axe Nov 2018 #339
Seems like we have bigger fish to fry than criticizing Bernie and Michael Moore. PatrickforO Nov 2018 #193
Yeah, he's free to say whatever he wants, even if it sounds like he's excusing racists. pnwmom Nov 2018 #196
Not really... Catch2.2 Nov 2018 #318
Abso-fucking-lutely... SidDithers Nov 2018 #197
What? He's not a Democrat? Why hasn't anyone made this point before? ProfessorPlum Nov 2018 #200
Wait, he's NOT a Democrat? Act_of_Reparation Nov 2018 #204
Amen! chillfactor Nov 2018 #206
Could he knit pink pussy hats? RainCaster Nov 2018 #215
Damn Straight! Cha Nov 2018 #216
I live in Vermont and just voted again for Bernie.. Izzy Blue Nov 2018 #218
They may have been following the unofficial rule about not talking about investigations 60 days.... George II Nov 2018 #225
I was a delegate to the national convention Gothmog Nov 2018 #221
sorry to disappoint but I've been BEGGING Hillary & Bernie to both run again as Ds. Sunlei Nov 2018 #222
This doesn't like too bad a result to me linuxuser3 Nov 2018 #224
"If he isn't going to join us" - He's a member of the Democratic Senate caucus... PoliticAverse Nov 2018 #226
This Bernie bashing gets us nowhere. Erda Nov 2018 #229
So the question is... those STILL uncomfortable, after Obama... dawg day Nov 2018 #329
BS isn't helping when he's covering for Cha Nov 2018 #231
"Go retire, Bernie. You harm the country more than you help it." billpolonsky Nov 2018 #233
hmmm elmac Nov 2018 #238
KICK! Cha Nov 2018 #240
Maybe it's time for him to hand off the torch but the entire Democratic Party is now a lot closer to Quixote1818 Nov 2018 #243
Just No.. All BS has had are insults to Cha Nov 2018 #252
Hi doll! fleabiscuit Nov 2018 #278
Hi flea! Cha Nov 2018 #285
Yes, we put a torpedo into the bow of the republthug boat. fleabiscuit Nov 2018 #295
I saw on here all that unfolding.. and Cha Nov 2018 #328
K&R betsuni Nov 2018 #244
Such Rancor colsohlibgal Nov 2018 #245
Do you agree with his recent comments about racists? n/t pnwmom Nov 2018 #253
The day he unites DU is the day I will believe he's gonna win the Dem ticket Bfd Nov 2018 #255
Unless.. Tavarious Jackson Nov 2018 #269
Seems pretty simple to me Vinnie From Indy Nov 2018 #257
LOL. It really is that simple. Declare as a Dem, & turn over his taxes Bfd Nov 2018 #262
Exactly seta1950 Nov 2018 #264
No. woofless Nov 2018 #266
No. FDR was an internationalist, a free-trader, a pro-capitalist... Small-Axe Nov 2018 #340
I saw "The Way We Were" the other day, and Streisand's character didn't like FDR betsuni Nov 2018 #344
Correct. The far-left attacked FDR as a warmonger, and a corporatist plutocrat... Small-Axe Nov 2018 #361
He is ok when we need his vote nvme Nov 2018 #274
Perhaps if he had a D after his name Glamrock Nov 2018 #276
If you're fine with corporate control of healthcare, and if you think college should be bankrupting Marty Marzipan Nov 2018 #277
Give some fucking names, any fucking name. JHan Nov 2018 #280
There are never any fucking names, no examples of these imaginary Democrats. betsuni Nov 2018 #281
or one who wishes for "corporate control of healthcare", just more bullshit boilerplate memes. JHan Nov 2018 #282
The propaganda is so silly, I'm embarrassed for anyone shilling it. betsuni Nov 2018 #284
all to defend a shit statement. This is where we've reached. JHan Nov 2018 #299
Democrats have been on it and made progress on both those issues well before and without, Sanders. Wintryjade Nov 2018 #322
Yeah...That racist Bernie Sanders... Jack Bone Nov 2018 #286
Bernie Sanders was just re-elected. Eric J in MN Nov 2018 #287
And that's Great! jon k Nov 2018 #294
The GOP uses him less than it uses Clinton and Pelosi. That's a pretty bad reason to suggest JCanete Nov 2018 #293
+1000 Power 2 the People Nov 2018 #333
Beware IndianaKev Nov 2018 #298
Would you like Vermont to sail off, too? janterry Nov 2018 #303
Have you considered diversifying? delisen Nov 2018 #311
I live right across the river from you so I'm really aware of Vermont politics. Vinca Nov 2018 #355
Canvassed for him, should not run again, horrified by racist comment but get it lostnfound Nov 2018 #305
+1000 great post. This is the best post on this thread. Demsrule86 Nov 2018 #317
Well thank you lostnfound Nov 2018 #358
You are very welcome...been gone helping kids lay floor. Demsrule86 Nov 2018 #377
Bernie threads are like buses. If you miss one another will be along in ten minutes. dameatball Nov 2018 #326
Another barge load of this kind of stuff empedocles Nov 2018 #327
It seems that some of sanders progressives were the margin of victory for DeSantis Gothmog Nov 2018 #334
This message was self-deleted by its author Croney Nov 2018 #353
Yes, and the Rethugs love it, and will try to make it happen every time. Croney Nov 2018 #354
Rove used Nader just as Putin/Trump used Stein and sanders Gothmog Nov 2018 #359
Or maybe... williamgreen Nov 2018 #335
Welcome to DU. Hold onto your hat! marble falls Nov 2018 #337
OK fleabiscuit Nov 2018 #341
Post removed Post removed Nov 2018 #349
... betsuni Nov 2018 #351
... NurseJackie Nov 2018 #365
So jarring to see authoritrianism like Trump's on the right. pdsimdars Nov 2018 #352
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