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Mr. Ected

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4. Remember the Devin Nunes memo from February?
Wed Nov 7, 2018, 06:50 PM
Nov 2018

And all the fanfare that preceded it? How it was going to change the world and prove that this investigation was nothing more than a witch hunt?

Well, it didn't.

The only way to prove that the Mueller investigation is a witch hunt, as has been suggested dozens of times, is to allow it to become part of the public domain. If it's on par with the Nunes memo, it deserves to be laughed off the stage, and Dems would likely feel pretty stupid.

Only that isn't going to happen. It's very real, it's backed by solid proof, and Trump and all his cohorts will go down hard upon its publication.

Doesn't the Mueller investigation deserve the same public scrutiny that the Nunes memo attracted?

You better Tish....you better. Start today. Crutchez_CuiBono Nov 2018 #1
Good response. nt Honeycombe8 Nov 2018 #2
Hope this means Mueller has passed on his findings to state AGs just in case... brush Nov 2018 #25
They need to start holding him accountable NOW. The longer they wait . . . pdsimdars Nov 2018 #3
She is not sworn in yet. Blue_true Nov 2018 #6
Remember the Devin Nunes memo from February? Mr. Ected Nov 2018 #4
He better not mess with her. Sic 'im, Tish. DinahMoeHum Nov 2018 #5
i love her already onetexan Nov 2018 #11
There's a new sheriff in town.... Stellar Nov 2018 #13
Hallelujah! Cha Nov 2018 #17
Damn ZeroSomeBrains Nov 2018 #15
I know, I thought the same thing FakeNoose Nov 2018 #16
What a beautiful woman! ZZenith Nov 2018 #21
James is a Woman With an Action Plan dlk Nov 2018 #7
Do everything in your power to seek justice. ffr Nov 2018 #8
Go Tish! Poiuyt Nov 2018 #9
Yes! Silver1 Nov 2018 #10
Good to hear the reassurance !! These people are in trouble...PERIOD. No matter what we can't UniteFightBack Nov 2018 #12
Thank you, Tish Achilleaze Nov 2018 #14
K&R... spanone Nov 2018 #18
Go Tish! So happy I got to vote for you yesterday! c-rational Nov 2018 #19
a former federal prosecutor and colleague Glenn Kirschne Linda Ed Nov 2018 #20
This message was self-deleted by its author Native Nov 2018 #22
Every woman in a position of power diminishes Trump by a considerable degree. Nitram Nov 2018 #23
Well, she's right, but... malthaussen Nov 2018 #24
I'll say this again - ScratchCat Nov 2018 #26
K&R red dog 1 Nov 2018 #27
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