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Wed Nov 7, 2018, 02:58 PM Nov 2018

Support thread for Nancy Pelosi. Madam Speaker. [View all]

Just listen to her! She is prepared, incisive, on point with real policy, talking about her work behind the scenes, and she just said “subpoena, if we have to.”

I want her behind the little man at the next SOTU breathing fire down his neck.

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Fuck the Pelosi haters! NurseJackie Nov 2018 #1
This message was self-deleted by its author Eliot Rosewater Nov 2018 #31
Well said. I support that statement. Eliot Rosewater Nov 2018 #33
Applause from me pandr32 Nov 2018 #34
Aye! LuvLoogie Nov 2018 #66
At this pivitol moment.. Cha Nov 2018 #76
I'm with her! Drum Nov 2018 #2
Me too! DownriverDem Nov 2018 #53
I plead with her not to ignore impeachment efforts this time onit2day Nov 2018 #62
Nancy is one sagesnow Nov 2018 #3
Nancy all the way CatMor Nov 2018 #4
She has my full support (and gratitude) hlthe2b Nov 2018 #5
Oh YEA. CousinIT Nov 2018 #6
Major Blue Wave . . . Iliyah Nov 2018 #7
I stand with Nancy Pelosi riversedge Nov 2018 #8
I do, too! Nancy Pelosi, our Once and Future Speaker. calimary Nov 2018 #36
Me Too! Bfd Nov 2018 #9
That'll be a beautiful sight! calimary Nov 2018 #38
She can do that better than anyone. She has the game down pat. I have never doubted her. She fought The Wielding Truth Nov 2018 #57
Trump will feel Pelosi's presence behind him. Payback for HRC Bfd Nov 2018 #60
I support her lunatica Nov 2018 #10
Go get em Nancy !! nt UniteFightBack Nov 2018 #11
Absolutely!!!!!! Stinky The Clown Nov 2018 #12
KR Me. Nov 2018 #13
I am definitely with her!!!! jrthin Nov 2018 #14
Tweet from Dan Rather octoberlib Nov 2018 #15
I am not surprised. I am surprised at the Democrats that would be surprised. Wintryjade Nov 2018 #27
Madam Speaker!! musette_sf Nov 2018 #16
Well done. Focused. Pitch perfect. Raven123 Nov 2018 #17
I'm sick of people who believe the right about Nancy NastyRiffraff Nov 2018 #18
Anyone who makes the repubs this mad deserves to lead! unitedwethrive Nov 2018 #19
Amen GopherGal Nov 2018 #78
Go Madam Speaker! workinclasszero Nov 2018 #20
+1 2naSalit Nov 2018 #56
Uh, No. Cheviteau Nov 2018 #65
We need her experience right now. n/t susanna Nov 2018 #21
I'm in. Kurt V. Nov 2018 #22
Republicans are doing to her what they've done to Clinton. displacedtexan Nov 2018 #23
Congrats to the Speaker. LanternWaste Nov 2018 #24
I am on it. I am adamant I want her Speaker for a while, anyway. Wintryjade Nov 2018 #25
Aye! muntrv Nov 2018 #26
We need Nancy Pelosi now more than ever! skylucy Nov 2018 #28
Congratulations Madame Speaker! Cousin Dupree Nov 2018 #29
She will be a good Speaker, impeachment or not marylandblue Nov 2018 #30
Once again, thanks to a Democratic sister, Nancy, who persisted. . . . nt Bernardo de La Paz Nov 2018 #32
Nancy knows how to lead, how to get shit done, how to win! FakeNoose Nov 2018 #35
It will be sweet to see Trump taken to task by a powerful woman IronLionZion Nov 2018 #37
How about Maxine Waters instead! whistler162 Nov 2018 #39
Why? mcar Nov 2018 #47
Nancy is Savvy & Tough. She'll Be s Great Speaker! dlk Nov 2018 #40
Thank you!! Shes a 5 star General in our Dem army.. we dont need samnsara Nov 2018 #41
Love Nancy! mcar Nov 2018 #42
I'm happy to come back to see some support. We need a United front. nolabear Nov 2018 #43
Go Nancy! Silver Gaia Nov 2018 #44
Count me in! MontanaMama Nov 2018 #45
Ms. Pelosi is going to make those con men work for their pay, for a change. ancianita Nov 2018 #46
I'm with Nancy too! karin_sj Nov 2018 #48
Go Nancy!! Thanks for the outstanding leadership in tough times Thekaspervote Nov 2018 #49
If there is one person who is qualified to oversee tRump it is Nancy Pelosi! pazzyanne Nov 2018 #50
We need to give every Dem 100% now, the thugs are going to go all out elmac Nov 2018 #51
Nancy Pelosi has a bigger set of balls than Spanky does. greatauntoftriplets Nov 2018 #52
K&R ck4829 Nov 2018 #54
I Support her 100% Tribalceltic Nov 2018 #55
She needs and deserves 100% support. Nt BootinUp Nov 2018 #58
No more "Turn the reins over to the berniecrats" crap NBachers Nov 2018 #59
No shit. Thank you!! Bfd Nov 2018 #64
Thank you. Amen! NurseJackie Nov 2018 #77
Love her! LiberalLoner Nov 2018 #61
I Love Nancy ellie Nov 2018 #63
Adding my support Small-Axe Nov 2018 #67
I totally stand with Nancy. She is the right person at this time for Speaker!! iluvtennis Nov 2018 #68
I support her 100%. She knows how to get the work done under so many different situations. mahina Nov 2018 #69
Totally with Nancy... Tikki Nov 2018 #70
I'm with her! EllieBC Nov 2018 #71
I'll never forget January 4, 2007 klook Nov 2018 #72
I'll never forget it too. llmart Nov 2018 #75
Hells YASSSSS!!!!! nt Baltimike Nov 2018 #73
Nice visual, nola! Cha Nov 2018 #74
Hell to the yeah Lotusflower70 Nov 2018 #79
When Obama won, McConnell stood up within a few days and said his main goal was to block everything pdsimdars Nov 2018 #80
So, Mitch McConnell is the bar? kcr Nov 2018 #82
This is a support thread for Nancy Pelosi. MrsCoffee Nov 2018 #83
WE NEED NANCY! They've fallen for the GOP anti-Pelosi bullshit. In It to Win It Nov 2018 #81
We have to stay united wildman76 Nov 2018 #84
Go Nancy! Greybnk48 Nov 2018 #85
Tee hee! Troll that orange mofo, Nancy! DinahMoeHum Nov 2018 #86
Yes! romana Nov 2018 #87
Madam Speaker marieo1 Nov 2018 #88
anyone talking against Nancy must be a repug troll Rene Nov 2018 #89
Present! Wounded Bear Nov 2018 #90
Pelosi Has been a great Speaker disndat Nov 2018 #91
That could be Pence or she could be giving the INdemo Nov 2018 #92
Love Nancy Mickju Nov 2018 #93
Nancy JeaneRaye Nov 2018 #94
She's coming into her own now lunatica Nov 2018 #95
k and r niyad Nov 2018 #96
K&R... spanone Nov 2018 #97
She's the best wryter2000 Nov 2018 #98
An easy K&R!! Politicub Nov 2018 #99
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