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O)%@& Grrrrrrrr Iliyah Oct 2018 #1
Trump: "Panama City? Is that even in America?" TheBlackAdder Oct 2018 #18
Trump: Gotta build that wall around Mexico Beach... Make 'em pay for it. keithbvadu2 Oct 2018 #32
"America First" my ass!!! Ohiogal Oct 2018 #2
Trump is America Lindsay Oct 2018 #3
He even said that they were prepared for this storm eleny Oct 2018 #4
This will get real ugly in two days max malaise Oct 2018 #5
thanks for the videos Hermit-The-Prog Oct 2018 #23
Yep malaise Oct 2018 #25
Didn't he raid FEMA to pay for the children's detention centers? -nt CrispyQ Oct 2018 #6
Yea - I think he took 10 million from FEMA womanofthehills Oct 2018 #15
Yes. nt Blue_true Oct 2018 #17
Trump: Those cheap cages still cost money and my friends need to make a profit. keithbvadu2 Oct 2018 #33
FLORIDA: The Puerto Rico of the Mainland BamaRefugee Oct 2018 #7
Here in PR Ramsey Barner Oct 2018 #14
Yes, because of all the trouble that Mayor gives us over that Panama Canal he has there BamaRefugee Oct 2018 #21
With the frequency of storms increasing I do not expect Republicans to step up. BeckyDem Oct 2018 #8
How can this be a FEMA emergency FakeNoose Oct 2018 #9
Trump to travel to Florida to view Hurricane Michael damage at Mar-a-Lago keithbvadu2 Oct 2018 #34
Where is the mainstream media on this? BadgerMom Oct 2018 #10
The shit will hit the fan hen he gets there malaise Oct 2018 #12
K&R! Omaha Steve Oct 2018 #11
And he*s out golfing today Achilleaze Oct 2018 #13
Can't interrupt Drumpt's golfing today. kairos12 Oct 2018 #16
Sounds like another A+ to me ... lillypaddle Oct 2018 #19
Don't worry, be happy Racerdog1 Oct 2018 #20
But, but ... Trump said left-of-center2012 Oct 2018 #22
Accordng to the 2016 city data page for Mexico Beach, Florida 71% voted for Trump in the general eleny Oct 2018 #24
Boy, are they gonna have a real epiphany. roamer65 Oct 2018 #31
OK then malaise Oct 2018 #26
Trump transferred $9.8M from FEMA to ICE vlyons Oct 2018 #27
Yes I remember that True_Blue Oct 2018 #29
He's busy. Those golf balls aren't gonna hit themselves. nt tblue37 Oct 2018 #28
It's time to start the retreat inland. roamer65 Oct 2018 #30
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