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Fri Oct 5, 2018, 09:15 PM Oct 2018

For what it's worth... [View all]

Maybe I'm the only one who felt this way, but somehow, I felt that the Kav nomination would pass. I guess I saw it as inevitable. I feel very calm and I'm thinking of what we can do next.

The Republicans want us to be depressed and inactive. That won't happen with me. I have a quiet determination to do whatever I can to fight them. Right now that means contributing to several folks who are running hard for the House. I don't know what form my quiet determination will take as we move forward, but I'm sure I will figure it out and carry on.

We must not lose heart!

Forward, my dear friends!

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For what it's worth... [View all] CaliforniaPeggy Oct 2018 OP
Thank You CaliforniaPeggy!!! spanone Oct 2018 #1
... CaliforniaPeggy Oct 2018 #3
K&R. n/t FSogol Oct 2018 #2
Yep. kydo Oct 2018 #4
I remember that too, and it heartens me. Thanks for the song! CaliforniaPeggy Oct 2018 #7
Sage words, Peggy. Thanks! CurtEastPoint Oct 2018 #5
Thanks so much, my dear CurtEastPoint! CaliforniaPeggy Oct 2018 #10
We will never win, unless ewagner Oct 2018 #63
I am keeping my outrage and anger tamped down meadowlark5 Oct 2018 #6
That's exactly the right reaction, my dear meadowlark5! CaliforniaPeggy Oct 2018 #12
K&R 2naSalit Oct 2018 #8
Personally, me and my friends and family are fighting on. It only Iliyah Oct 2018 #9
And we need to be energized, my dear Iliyah! CaliforniaPeggy Oct 2018 #13
... Xipe Totec Oct 2018 #11
"Maybe I'm the only one who felt this way, but somehow, I felt that the Kav nomination would pass." JimGinPA Oct 2018 #14
That's OK, not being calm, my dear Jim! CaliforniaPeggy Oct 2018 #17
When the rules were changed to simple majority, mwooldri Oct 2018 #15
That is indeed what happened. Some day it will work to OUR benefit. n/t CaliforniaPeggy Oct 2018 #18
All my life it's been a pendulum that swings back and forth. Mr.Bill Oct 2018 #27
Agree study war no more Oct 2018 #60
Thank you, CaliforniaPeggy. As always - always! - you said it just right. Glorfindel Oct 2018 #16
Ah, my dear Glorfindel! CaliforniaPeggy Oct 2018 #19
K&R highplainsdem Oct 2018 #20
The onion is still being peeled. cachukis Oct 2018 #21
KR NT ProudProgressiveNow Oct 2018 #22
Well said, Peg! Wounded Bear Oct 2018 #23
The fucking assholes have been demonizing us from day one. Initech Oct 2018 #24
Thanks California Peggy, You're A DU Treasure Grassy Knoll Oct 2018 #25
I thought he would too simply because he is a dishonest jerk and THAT is the only GemDigger Oct 2018 #26
Come November I am voting with attitude!! Purrfessor Oct 2018 #28
Hear! Hear! Amen and thank you. LoisB Oct 2018 #29
Well Said NickPeace Oct 2018 #30
I love your optimism. My question - do you trust that the votes are fairly counted? NRaleighLiberal Oct 2018 #31
Thank you, my dear NRaleighLiberal... CaliforniaPeggy Oct 2018 #38
and that is the nub - I truly believe the vote was hacked. I have, after all, to be a realist. NRaleighLiberal Oct 2018 #40
Hi there! Do I recall correctly that you might have been in the path of Hurricane Florence? PearliePoo2 Oct 2018 #70
Hi and thanks - we are fine - and lucky. The decrease and intensity and change in track saved our NRaleighLiberal Oct 2018 #71
You're exactly right, Peggy peggysue2 Oct 2018 #32
I am with you! summer_in_TX Oct 2018 #33
Thanks, Californey! I've thought for days he'd be confirmed. Honeycombe8 Oct 2018 #34
I am with you Peggy, but... rufus dog Oct 2018 #35
Taking the high moral ground is all well and good........but you're right about learning to fight. CaliforniaPeggy Oct 2018 #41
We sit in California and are safe rufus dog Oct 2018 #53
We already have enemies.....so we might as well have some good reasons for that! CaliforniaPeggy Oct 2018 #54
I'm further south rufus dog Oct 2018 #55
hit The Republicans Hard On What They Didn't Do DallasNE Oct 2018 #36
She persisted, so must we. KY_EnviroGuy Oct 2018 #37
Thank you California Peggy. defacto7 Oct 2018 #39
Trying not to feel depressed by srobertss Oct 2018 #42
Message auto-removed Name removed Oct 2018 #43
Having only ten years as a member and hardly any posts cachukis Oct 2018 #44
I did read your post. I appreciate your brevity, but I wasn't sure how to respond. CaliforniaPeggy Oct 2018 #48
"Quiet determination" dobleremolque Oct 2018 #45
Proud to be your 100th rec tavernier Oct 2018 #46
You honor me and my post, my dear tavernier........thank you! CaliforniaPeggy Oct 2018 #49
Dear Peggy, BlancheSplanchnik Oct 2018 #47
Glad I could help, my dear BlancheSplanchnik! CaliforniaPeggy Oct 2018 #50
a little flame 🔥 of hope is what a lot of us need BlancheSplanchnik Oct 2018 #51
I'm with you, California Peggy. sueh Oct 2018 #52
My dear California Peggy... Hekate Oct 2018 #56
what we can do next NJCher Oct 2018 #57
Thanks. We needed a pep talk. Vinca Oct 2018 #58
Spot On! jimlup Oct 2018 #59
You... Highway61 Oct 2018 #61
This incursion will not stand... czarjak Oct 2018 #62
"Forward, my dear friends!" pazzyanne Oct 2018 #64
Yes, they want us to be depressed and discouraged. Dale Neiburg Oct 2018 #65
Yeah, this is just SSDD. malthaussen Oct 2018 #66
Ca ira! malthaussen Oct 2018 #67
Hear, hear......I agree. a kennedy Oct 2018 #68
Thank you cp Oct 2018 #69
Battles only end when one side surrenders. nolabear Oct 2018 #72
"Somethin' happenin' here..." maddiemom Oct 2018 #73
Wow! Sobering tazmaniac Oct 2018 #74
My first year teaching... maddiemom Oct 2018 #75
You're not the only one. I was sure he'd eventually be confirmed The Velveteen Ocelot Oct 2018 #76
Thanks, Peggy. I needed that. Nitram Oct 2018 #77
My Dear Peg: Give 'em HELL, babe! trof Oct 2018 #78
As election day nears, I'm going to post a notice in the rec room Mr.Bill Oct 2018 #79
k&r n/t lordsummerisle Oct 2018 #80
They're asking for it Tree-Hugger Oct 2018 #81
If I had a hammer struggle4progress Oct 2018 #82
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