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63. You can't have a crime against a person without a victim
Thu Sep 27, 2018, 08:26 AM
Sep 2018

So in many ways, yes.

Now if we find property that appears to be stolen we can go check and see if the owner was unaware of the theft. But then still they would have to file a complaint before anything could be done.

But in this case obviously the victim is known and knows she can file a complaint at any time. They can’t force her to and shouldn’t badger her to.

Give them a lie detector test left-of-center2012 Sep 2018 #1
And check their bank accounts TexasBushwhacker Sep 2018 #6
+1, one thing demrepinde male female know by now is lie to the FBI ... go straight to jail uponit7771 Sep 2018 #22
so have they turned themselves into the appropriate local authorities? nt msongs Sep 2018 #2
They will be forced to turn themselves in after at140 Sep 2018 #51
How long is the statute of limitations in that jurisdiction? cwydro Sep 2018 #58
There isn't one mythology Sep 2018 #60
Pay them enough? Sure. CincyDem Sep 2018 #3
We'll see if this goes anywhere meadowlark5 Sep 2018 #4
Not surprised a bit. What else do they have up their sleeves. BigmanPigman Sep 2018 #5
Can't wait to hear two losers risk criminal charges for rape. Hoyt Sep 2018 #7
If so Chuck, then put them in the perjury trap... RockRaven Sep 2018 #8
+1, this is beyond desperate and some crap red don would do uponit7771 Sep 2018 #20
Why can't I find anything about this on the Internet onenote Sep 2018 #9
It's the top story on Foxnews.com NewsCenter28 Sep 2018 #12
Yeah it is bullshit anyway. triron Sep 2018 #13
Yeah why admit to this?? NewsCenter28 Sep 2018 #15
Rudolph Hess, a True Believer in the Hitler, went this crazy during the end while the others were... uponit7771 Sep 2018 #21
this is serious desperation wow. JHan Sep 2018 #10
Still doesn't explain the other instances. roamer65 Sep 2018 #11
Question is if this gives cover to Collins and Murkowski to vote yes NewsCenter28 Sep 2018 #14
Collins and Murkowski will sign their political death warrants if they vote to confirm. roamer65 Sep 2018 #16
Collins is more concerned about Avenatti's client's allegations. triron Sep 2018 #23
Only two? I am surprised they did not find more men willing to admit to it? Freethinker65 Sep 2018 #17
I just went to Fox's website and yes - it's the top story and takes up half the page meadowlark5 Sep 2018 #18
omfg uponit7771 Sep 2018 #19
Trump's the one who wants him... regnaD kciN Sep 2018 #28
Let's see, their names are Beavis and Butthead, torius Sep 2018 #24
These accounts are designed, by the GOP, to muddy the waters and de-value the credible ones blogslut Sep 2018 #25
Except Sen. Whitehouse is a democrat. triron Sep 2018 #26
...and that's not an anonymous allegation. regnaD kciN Sep 2018 #30
The name is blacked out. There's only one allegation that's anonymous then. triron Sep 2018 #33
Yes, but... blogslut Sep 2018 #32
Tell them that Dr Ford has the DNA. LiberalFighter Sep 2018 #27
Will they call the dang FBI already??!!! C_U_L8R Sep 2018 #29
No names major debacle Sep 2018 #31
Wonder if this will be brought up at the hearing tomorrow?? triron Sep 2018 #35
Popcorn at the ready! major debacle Sep 2018 #37
BREAKING: Actually, it gets much weirder... regnaD kciN Sep 2018 #34
I don't think Dr. Ford is not clear headed about who it was. triron Sep 2018 #36
"I am Brett Kavanaugh!"??? Retrograde Sep 2018 #38
It's a rung above, "I am Jeffrey Dahmer" major debacle Sep 2018 #40
Doubling down on a pile of shit is just twice as much shit. dchill Sep 2018 #39
So are the republicans who were calling Ford a Liar, now saying she was assulted? To boot they have still_one Sep 2018 #41
Statute of limitations Louis1895 Sep 2018 #52
Perfect story to peddle to the Republican base Awsi Dooger Sep 2018 #42
Doesn't matter, they bring this up at the hearing the Democrats, and I suspect a couple of still_one Sep 2018 #43
FBI won't be called Awsi Dooger Sep 2018 #44
they will pay the consequences either way in the midterms still_one Sep 2018 #46
Two separate anonymous men claimed they each did it. Sounds pretty shaky to me. n/t pnwmom Sep 2018 #48
Ah the old "I am Spartacus" ploy! If he really has a couple assclowns trying that, this could get brewens Sep 2018 #45
They've each come forward separately -- not together. And I understand they're anonymous. n/t pnwmom Sep 2018 #47
I wonder if they'll be called to testify at the hearing. - n/t Jim__ Sep 2018 #49
This throws it into a huge mess Lee-Lee Sep 2018 #50
Wow, that's just so simple NJCher Sep 2018 #53
Lee-Lee, might this force a police investigation? Hortensis Sep 2018 #54
Only she can "force" an investigation Lee-Lee Sep 2018 #61
I asked you because I figured you'd know, but really? Hortensis Sep 2018 #62
You can't have a crime against a person without a victim Lee-Lee Sep 2018 #63
Okay. Hortensis Sep 2018 #65
Really? Gothmog Sep 2018 #66
Unbelievable Sunsky Sep 2018 #55
What i think duforsure Sep 2018 #56
lol, so why not postpone the hearing and let FBI do their job? beachbum bob Sep 2018 #57
USA Today has run the story... 4139 Sep 2018 #59
What are their names, Chuckie? MineralMan Sep 2018 #64
Even Graham thinks that these two idiots are liars Gothmog Sep 2018 #67
This is so odd that I assumed it was just internet shitheads spreading lies xor Sep 2018 #68
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