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99. Why is this a thing?!
Mon Sep 17, 2018, 03:18 AM
Sep 2018

I mean it literally could be a multitude of things. From a normal hand position posed for a picture, the dick game (which was a military favorite) to live long and prosper whoever, whatever, I dont know!

So while people are expending resources, scouring the internet to oust these white power photos. Or looking ridiculous accusing them of it, it was just as ridiculous as trying to defend a false internet meme that the LGBTQ community was wanting to accept pedos into the fold (which was later proven false).

This should be the message to this shit, if there even has to be one. You lay down with racists, dont expect suprised when you get lumped into with them.

If a black man kneeling during the anthem is somehow pissing you off, congratulations. You have something similar with the Klan.


The way some of them are signing it... mwooldri Sep 2018 #1
Let's employ Occam's Razor, shall we? Cirque du So-What Sep 2018 #3
In Germany they use this hand signal to mean "you're an asshole" FakeNoose Sep 2018 #31
or OK... or wank.. or I just picked my nose.. defacto7 Sep 2018 #39
... Cirque du So-What Sep 2018 #43
I didn't mean that as an argument in their favor. defacto7 Sep 2018 #52
& bash didn't mean it as...& miller didn't mean it as...& these police didn't mean it as........ AnotherMother4Peace Sep 2018 #72
I read that it began as a hoax on 4chan. Petrushka Sep 2018 #103
Totally different hand motions sarah FAILIN Sep 2018 #107
Here's a link that might further explain things. I bookmarked it myself for later. Petrushka Sep 2018 #110
Thanks for the info. It makes my point clear. defacto7 Sep 2018 #112
I know what they are trying to say. mwooldri Sep 2018 #84
The thing is, they know that we know, still they continue to do this.... FM123 Sep 2018 #2
Suspended with Pay ? bahrbearian Sep 2018 #4
The article says without pay. john657 Sep 2018 #6
Usually they get rewarded. bahrbearian Sep 2018 #12
So true, john657 Sep 2018 #13
Good. suspension with pay isn't much of a punishment. nt raccoon Sep 2018 #45
More like a paid vacation. N/T. john657 Sep 2018 #46
For only one week, they should be fired. Blue_true Sep 2018 #85
Fire them. roamer65 Sep 2018 #5
I don't think they can be fired for the first offense, john657 Sep 2018 #7
I agree. How can people that did that be trusted to fairly police all populations? nt Blue_true Sep 2018 #86
They should be all fired sellitman Sep 2018 #8
I agree. They aren't going to change the way they think and they are smirkymonkey Sep 2018 #14
Agreed. It has been my experience that most government entities already require some diversity dameatball Sep 2018 #66
Agreed. Day one and two usually is tolerance training. Blue_true Sep 2018 #88
Two or three didn't do it. Blue_true Sep 2018 #87
Diversity training done well helps change thinking and behavior in several ways... Hekate Sep 2018 #94
They have guns, and if any of them kills a person of color, all ecstatic Sep 2018 #9
They are a liability & insurance companies should factor this into their rates. nt AnotherMother4Peace Sep 2018 #76
One will likely kill a POC unjustly. Blue_true Sep 2018 #89
"Good" cops tazkcmo Sep 2018 #101
Disagree. Blue_true Sep 2018 #116
I accept your disagreeing. n/t tazkcmo Sep 2018 #117
Whatever is up with these jerks, one thing's for sure, mountain grammy Sep 2018 #10
how long has this been a racist hand signal? First the green frog and now this elmac Sep 2018 #11
That is kind of how symbols work. They mean one thing, then their meaning changes. Caliman73 Sep 2018 #59
The KKK have been using hand signals like this since the 1860s. meadowlander Sep 2018 #92
The ADL (Anti-Defmation League) found it began as a hoax on 4chan. Petrushka Sep 2018 #104
Richard Spencer Milo and others began flashing it before the 4chan thread JonLP24 Sep 2018 #106
Thank you for the link. Petrushka Sep 2018 #108
It started out as a mostly apolitical forum JonLP24 Sep 2018 #109
Thank you for the reply. I think I've heard enough to realize how fortunate I am . . . Petrushka Sep 2018 #111
thank you. nt elmac Sep 2018 #115
It is intentional. Just like that horrible woman married to Kavenaugh. BOTH are intentional. nt. essme Sep 2018 #15
What the hell are you talking about? john657 Sep 2018 #16
I think he does mean Zina Bash. She was directly behind Kavanaugh giving the sign, & came back the AnotherMother4Peace Sep 2018 #26
Correct. john657 Sep 2018 #28
You are correct. Bash. I thought she was married to the possible SC "justice". nt essme Sep 2018 #95
Zina Bash is Mexican & Jewish; 7962 Sep 2018 #33
Stephen Miller is a nazi Jew, condemned by his family - go figure. nt AnotherMother4Peace Sep 2018 #37
I'm not saying she did, nor am I saying she didn't, john657 Sep 2018 #41
"only she knows for certain" & she's ready to gaslight (lie) with the best of them. AnotherMother4Peace Sep 2018 #53
Gaslight? john657 Sep 2018 #56
It's what abusive people do to manipulate through lies & deception. AnotherMother4Peace Sep 2018 #63
I was wrong about Bash being married to the scumbag SC candidate. nt essme Sep 2018 #96
Six Narcotics Task Force Members Gymbo Sep 2018 #17
I'll bet so too. yardwork Sep 2018 #19
So, just curious greymattermom Sep 2018 #18
There is a difference... robbob Sep 2018 #25
I hope the equivalency folks read & think about your response. nt AnotherMother4Peace Sep 2018 #27
Equivalency folks make me laugh and scratch my head robbob Sep 2018 #32
Conduct unbecoming. John Fante Sep 2018 #75
Yes, they should be fired and never play again. Blue_true Sep 2018 #91
The Chief says "suspended from the narcotics team" tom_kelly Sep 2018 #20
This should be treated as a gang sign DBoon Sep 2018 #21
This. Lisa0825 Sep 2018 #29
excellent point Grasswire2 Sep 2018 #48
It is a gang sign. yardwork Sep 2018 #77
And still they wonder why people don't trust them, fucking idiots. Augiedog Sep 2018 #22
Same thing I said up thread. john657 Sep 2018 #23
Watch Trump's fingers next time he makes a speech. gordianot Sep 2018 #24
Just to be clear, these aren't NYPD. lapucelle Sep 2018 #30
Whew riverbendviewgal Sep 2018 #34
DIVERSITY TRAINING !??? WTF ?.. fire their asses.. pangaia Sep 2018 #35
Diversity training won't fix this shit jmbar2 Sep 2018 #42
I retweeted this to Chuck Grassley, Ryan & McConnell lillypaddle Sep 2018 #36
working on it Hermit-The-Prog Sep 2018 #54
So Kaepernick gets shunned because he kneels for justice ProudLib72 Sep 2018 #38
Exactly. John Fante Sep 2018 #73
...and this happened yesterday: Leghorn21 Sep 2018 #40
My wife's nephew, just this morning, told us that 4chan invented that sign... maveric Sep 2018 #44
How's the ADL for a source? WhiskeyWulf Sep 2018 #47
Problem is, what started out as hoax really was eventually adopted by racists. nt SunSeeker Sep 2018 #50
It looks like trolling to me, not actual signalling between racists. WhiskeyWulf Sep 2018 #55
What's the difference? It's racists showing their hate either way. nt SunSeeker Sep 2018 #58
If it is being used as a white power signal for trolling, then it is a white power signal. keithbvadu2 Sep 2018 #62
Exactly. nt SunSeeker Sep 2018 #65
I don't see the difference. yardwork Sep 2018 #78
They are either doing 2 things JonLP24 Sep 2018 #100
Not really. Lee-Lee Sep 2018 #60
No, really. "The right" and the white supremacists are the same. One is just more subtle. SunSeeker Sep 2018 #64
Ah, the old... flotsam Sep 2018 #82
Hi..I have a tremendous amount of respect for the work you do...thank you! Anon-C Sep 2018 #74
You know what police mean when they flash this sign. Exactly. yardwork Sep 2018 #80
Uhmm... if they are making subtle hand signals so people will think they are racists... jcgoldie Sep 2018 #81
If it started in February 2017, then how did the Mississippi Burning script written in 1985, meadowlander Sep 2018 #93
These racist fuckwads have ruined the ok symbol for us. SunSeeker Sep 2018 #49
Same page here, SunSeeker. I thought of Cha Sep 2018 #98
Outrageous! Fire these assholes Pepsidog Sep 2018 #51
Looks like the circle game to me. phleshdef Sep 2018 #57
What's the circle game? nt LAS14 Sep 2018 #61
Circle jerk maybe. Kaleva Sep 2018 #67
Google it. Kids been doing it at least since the early 80s. phleshdef Sep 2018 #68
The Circle Game, courtesy of "Malcolm in the Middle": sl8 Sep 2018 #71
White supremacist in the police department? Gothmog Sep 2018 #69
Exactly why if rump gets justice and filthy traitors aka deplorables start shooting Eliot Rosewater Sep 2018 #70
It's a gang sign now, and needs to be treated as such. I hope their local Civil Service Commission.. Hekate Sep 2018 #79
Relative to other alternative work for their skillset, police work pays well locally. Blue_true Sep 2018 #83
Police departments nationwide have more than secondwind Sep 2018 #90
Alabama, of course, they did. SUSPENDED, Excellent NEWS! Maybe they be showing off Cha Sep 2018 #97
Why is this a thing?! Separation Sep 2018 #99
It is also a Buddhist mudra vlyons Sep 2018 #102
This is the fact. So who gets to use it in America and for what? defacto7 Sep 2018 #113
It is a stupid troll by racists to revel in their racism. This is not a harmless trolling. SunSeeker Sep 2018 #114
Don't put words in my comment that aren't there. defacto7 Sep 2018 #118
Objecting to racist displays is not "marching to their tune." nt SunSeeker Sep 2018 #119
Looks like a bunch of fat boys playing air soft. Throck Sep 2018 #105
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