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Tue Jul 24, 2018, 04:09 PM Jul 2018

You might not like Bernie Sanders, or you might even hate him [View all]

by the sounds of how he gets bashed relentlessly here. Some of the hatred expressed towards him on this forum is ridiculous, shameful, and sounds as if it's coming from the mouths of right-wing neocons, not Democrats.

The thing is, over all of his years of service to this country, Bernie Sanders has been as much or more of a Democrat in spirit as just about anyone else in Congress.

More that a few people think that if more Democrats running for office were just like Bernie, we wouldn't be in the pathetic situation we are in right now with Republicans controlling everything. Sometimes that harsh reality is a little hard to take.

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... NurseJackie Jul 2018 #1
That's a matter of perspective. mythology Jul 2018 #9
Defending the Democratic Party against lies and smears and attacks is not... NurseJackie Jul 2018 #15
He's not bashed. LisaM Jul 2018 #27
If you trash the Sanders group you won't see those daily posts. Autumn Jul 2018 #64
Not the cross-posted ones. NurseJackie Jul 2018 #69
Put that poster on ignore. An easy click with tools the admins provided. Problem solved Autumn Jul 2018 #70
Doesn't work for posts that end up on the home page. NurseJackie Jul 2018 #76
They should fix that problem and make their members happy, it's not like Bernie can be erased. Autumn Jul 2018 #78
Someone should suggest it! NurseJackie Jul 2018 #81
You should do that! I'm capable of ignoring what makes me uncomfortable. It's easy. Autumn Jul 2018 #95
I can ignore the man and his fans, but I can't ignore the damage... NurseJackie Jul 2018 #145
Post removed Post removed Jul 2018 #282
Nobody is "bashing" Bernie. NurseJackie Jul 2018 #303
Yep.(nt) ehrnst Jul 2018 #302
He is hardly an effective legislature. His bills: Renamed two post offices and up vets benefits. olegramps Jul 2018 #276
Well said! nt jrthin Jul 2018 #34
More people who accomplish little to nothing. NCTraveler Jul 2018 #13
So, if I wanted to find out what his major legislative accomplishments were, where would I look? NurseJackie Jul 2018 #18
Thank you. Tipperary Jul 2018 #28
Yay-me NCTraveler Jul 2018 #31
Bernie's record GitRDun Jul 2018 #180
What are his major legislative accomplishments? NurseJackie Jul 2018 #260
LMGTFY... progressoid Jul 2018 #294
Try not to confuse "personal achievements" with "MAJOR LEGISLATIVE ACCOMPLISHMENTS"... NurseJackie Jul 2018 #305
Dang, I was expecting a laughing gif. progressoid Jul 2018 #309
What about HIS major legislative accomplishments? NurseJackie Jul 2018 #311
So where are your goalposts? progressoid Jul 2018 #328
An honest answer to my question would... NurseJackie Jul 2018 #333
Last try. progressoid Jul 2018 #338
From Govtrack, here are the three that became law: George II Jul 2018 #343
So that's an overall success rate of only 0.8% NurseJackie Jul 2018 #345
He is someone that prefers to run things, and not have to work in a team to get things accomplished ehrnst Jul 2018 #348
I agree, Bernie would be a better fit as leader of an advocacy group or an activist. betsuni Jul 2018 #351
That is much more effective research than copying and posting from a blog ehrnst Jul 2018 #356
Thanks for this excellent analysis, NJ! mcar Jul 2018 #361
Thank you NJ! sheshe2 Jul 2018 #376
"Passed bills are actual accomplishments. " progressoid Jul 2018 #388
So, what was your list of numbers about, if not "accomplishments" to rebut NJ? ehrnst Jul 2018 #395
NJ asked a question, I tried to answer it. progressoid Jul 2018 #399
"DU's umbrage brigade?" ehrnst Jul 2018 #400
I never wavered a single iota. NurseJackie Jul 2018 #412
But... but... legislative efficacy is not really important at all when talking about ehrnst Jul 2018 #410
LOL Gothmog Jul 2018 #411
HAVING co-sponsors is a feather in the cap for the legislator/s who introduced and crafted the bill... NurseJackie Jul 2018 #354
Actually, those numbers aren't as clear as you might think concerning legislative achievements. ehrnst Jul 2018 #355
Statistics without context are difficult to guage. lapucelle Jul 2018 #359
Does ordering a meal that never arrives satisfy one's hunger? NurseJackie Jul 2018 #360
Here is a very objective and illuminating link, posted without comment: George II Jul 2018 #362
Their analysis is in stark contrast to the cheers, raves and laurels I often read here. NurseJackie Jul 2018 #366
From your link (the highlighted in orange part) progressoid Jul 2018 #373
This however there is a tool that allows one to factor in the many other important aspects ehrnst Jul 2018 #374
The Congress; was to the right of Bernie on the major critical issues of the day and has Uncle Joe Jul 2018 #377
What inertia did his run in 2016 "break?" ehrnst Jul 2018 #382
Medicare for All is just one example of inertia being broken Uncle Joe Jul 2018 #403
Ted Kennedy introduced MFA in 1971. Why do you think that he didn't get on board and ehrnst Jul 2018 #404
I believe in large part it's because Ted died in 2009 and the inertia was broken in 2016 but if Uncle Joe Jul 2018 #417
As I said in my response to you.... ehrnst Jul 2018 #433
Everything is relative and I don't consider Bernie's legislative record to be poor, he Uncle Joe Jul 2018 #440
"Everything is relative" ehrnst Jul 2018 #441
Wrong again, posts 200 and 233 Uncle Joe Jul 2018 #442
The Right thinks that getting rid of Planned Parenthood is long overdue, good and moral ehrnst Jul 2018 #443
Morals or morality is universal with the exception of sociopaths or psychopaths Uncle Joe Jul 2018 #444
Missed Votes progressoid Jul 2018 #379
Oh, so now it's whataboutism. ehrnst Jul 2018 #380
It's not whataboutism. progressoid Jul 2018 #385
Actually, no... ehrnst Jul 2018 #390
How hard is this to understand. progressoid Jul 2018 #396
Accusing me of Whataboutism is indeed charging me with being a hypocrite ehrnst Jul 2018 #401
Wait, wut? progressoid Jul 2018 #407
Mea culpa - you didn't accuse me of whataboutism, you denied doing it yourself. ehrnst Jul 2018 #409
Indeed - CONSTITUENT services, meaning services for constituents in Vermont. George II Jul 2018 #381
Meh! A standard disclaimer... but the data and statistics speak for themselves. NurseJackie Jul 2018 #387
I just wished for world peace. Amimnoch Jul 2018 #363
You left out free kittens and free weed. George II Jul 2018 #424
Can you link to the bills for "healthcare for rural communities and veterans" ehrnst Jul 2018 #347
GOP Officials Publicly Denounce Bernie Sanders' Obamacare Expansion, Quietly Request Funding progressoid Jul 2018 #367
So, no, it wasn't an bill. it was "earmarking" in the ACA you are talking about. ehrnst Jul 2018 #371
Which is why I asked about the goalposts. progressoid Jul 2018 #375
I was addressing what you asked, and provided several metrics and a tool that combines them. ehrnst Jul 2018 #378
It's so hard to keep track of which of Bernie's many failings we're talking about. progressoid Jul 2018 #383
And we have a smokescreen and a Gish Gallop for the win... ehrnst Jul 2018 #392
goalposts????? heaven05 Jul 2018 #357
Yep. I think that the phrase ehrnst Jul 2018 #308
And he was the "Mayor of Burlington" too! NurseJackie Jul 2018 #310
What I find humorous is that the 10-year Mayor of Burlington wasn't effective enough.... George II Jul 2018 #344
So you need to include Bernie's time as mayor to make his subsequent long career on the Hill ehrnst Jul 2018 #358
I don't need to do anything GitRDun Jul 2018 #386
Every politician has some good history, no one says that he doesn't. ehrnst Jul 2018 #394
lol GitRDun Jul 2018 #413
lol ehrnst Jul 2018 #434
you are a real piece of work GitRDun Jul 2018 #437
Thank you! ehrnst Jul 2018 #438
I'm tired of hearing about him manor321 Jul 2018 #2
Me too. Show his tax return or else, as you perfectly said, jrthin Jul 2018 #38
Or else what? xajj4791 Jul 2018 #118
Candidates of Both Parties have always Released their Tax Returns. This was the first time it didn't JI7 Jul 2018 #213
I could not agree more, xajj4791 Jul 2018 #218
EVERY democrat that Runs for President JI7 Jul 2018 #219
that is dumb xajj4791 Jul 2018 #220
every republican other than trump DID release it . JI7 Jul 2018 #222
You may not be aware of this, but we are not republicans. We don't follow Squinch Jul 2018 #224
and yet you still do not understand xajj4791 Jul 2018 #231
Nope. I want financial disclosure from my candidates. They've Squinch Jul 2018 #232
"your party"? Welcome to DU Hekate Jul 2018 #266
Noticed that. sheshe2 Jul 2018 #336
You state that you belong to "no party" but you need to remember you are on Democratic Underground ehrnst Jul 2018 #349
That doesn't make any sense. betsuni Jul 2018 #353
No, you don't understand. Our Party is Better than Cha Jul 2018 #418
As the old Laugh In line went....."Say goodnight Dick" George II Jul 2018 #425
We are perfectly able to determine what to require from Squinch Jul 2018 #225
Reminder Cheviteau Jul 2018 #274
it doesnt help xajj4791 Jul 2018 #293
*All* the crap that Hillary got from posting her returns was fake. ehrnst Jul 2018 #350
What candidate. Sanders isn't running for President. No one is right now. Caliman73 Jul 2018 #405
Anyone who wants to run as a Democrat in 2020 lapucelle Jul 2018 #414
Maryland has already adopted a ballot access laws requiring release of tax returns Gothmog Jul 2018 #416
"Your candidate" ?? BTW, on the Democratic side, yes........he IS the "lone hold out". George II Jul 2018 #423
If we take control of the House, then we can get the tax returns Gothmog Jul 2018 #415
Every divisive thread here always has something to do with him. Squinch Jul 2018 #54
You're right. I have an idea to solve the problem... NurseJackie Jul 2018 #314
This thread seems to have attracted many who left 2 years ago. Squinch Jul 2018 #317
Just like Sarandon... NurseJackie Jul 2018 #318
. Squinch Jul 2018 #325
THANK! YOU! Tarheel_Dem Jul 2018 #62
Well, it is true that Bernie only released his 1040 form, a two-page summary of his federal returns elmac Jul 2018 #100
We seen Trump simple form also uponit7771 Jul 2018 #248
no, we didn't, get your facts straight elmac Jul 2018 #255
As if that makes a big difference in regards to the tax returns the simple forms don't say s*** uponit7771 Jul 2018 #256
But claiming a poorly copied document leaked to msnbs elmac Jul 2018 #257
Same. Maven Jul 2018 #103
Ouch. nt sheshe2 Jul 2018 #209
He's definitely not a Democrat and would not appreciate being labeled as such oberliner Jul 2018 #3
Bernie is the one bashing us dansolo Jul 2018 #4
Agree !! This post is not about democrats for democrats. It's about Bernie the independent. Thekaspervote Jul 2018 #11
I have to chuckle at all the hand-wringing and whining when LOYAL Democrats defend our party... NurseJackie Jul 2018 #12
Oh sheshe2 Jul 2018 #339
And attacks the party from outside of the party. NightWatcher Jul 2018 #16
One reason is because some Democrats agree with him, mostly. aikoaiko Jul 2018 #89
+1, then the subsequent "misspoke" uponit7771 Jul 2018 #250
So if Dem candidates in Alabama Trumpocalypse Jul 2018 #5
I didn't say that mtnsnake Jul 2018 #6
You didn't say that, but Bernie and his acolytes do all the time. BS can go reform his own party.... Hekate Jul 2018 #41
Could have fooled me. Trumpocalypse Jul 2018 #177
You did say a lot of people think that if more Democrats were like Bernie treestar Jul 2018 #244
Bernie could never win in TN. Phil Bredesen, successful Mayor, Governor and businessman will! redstateblues Jul 2018 #140
I think that was my point nt Trumpocalypse Jul 2018 #178
"Relentlessly" seeking Bernie's tax returns, since forever. Asking too much? oasis Jul 2018 #7
We don't need more people with a history... NCTraveler Jul 2018 #8
These two issues are huge right now and everyone needs to be fighting on the right side of them. Yep bettyellen Jul 2018 #55
No issue is bigger right now than Russia trying to undermine our government.... George II Jul 2018 #125
Also a huge concern! Just pointing out there are loads of motivated liberals over gun control bettyellen Jul 2018 #142
Gun control is another issue that has been voted against a number of times. George II Jul 2018 #156
I'm sick of the pandering to WWC by being afraid of sensible gun reform.... bettyellen Jul 2018 #184
Exactly! This is the No. 1 issue, how our election was attacked. R B Garr Jul 2018 #153
I don't hate him MyNameGoesHere Jul 2018 #10
He is not a Democrat, except once for a hot minute, and has no right to tell us how to run our party Hekate Jul 2018 #14
+++++++++++++++++++++++++++ sheshe2 Jul 2018 #36
Spot on. Tipperary Jul 2018 #42
Bingo! Little Star Jul 2018 #65
Bingo....bingo...bingo pbmus Jul 2018 #83
Yep...spot on Docreed2003 Jul 2018 #155
Bazinga! George II Jul 2018 #161
Exactly! NurseJackie Jul 2018 #249
"TODDLE" is Ageism populistdriven Jul 2018 #264
I feel so chastised, populistdriven. Too bad BS never took the time to chastise his acolytes when... Hekate Jul 2018 #265
When people start to nitpick you personally... NurseJackie Jul 2018 #307
Well I voted for her twice and was also offended by the ageism that populistdriven Jul 2018 #421
Well I voted for her twice and was also offended by the ageism that populistdriven Jul 2018 #422
... NurseJackie Jul 2018 #306
When he comes clean with his taxes and Tad Devine's WhiteTara Jul 2018 #17
You are not a Democrat unless you join the party. And I disagree with your take on our Demsrule86 Jul 2018 #19
Fuck that. W_HAMILTON Jul 2018 #20
This, exactly! smirkymonkey Jul 2018 #68
+1 SunSeeker Jul 2018 #91
+1, they seem to leave out that part of the Sanders story uponit7771 Jul 2018 #251
I think we can find some middle ground here where we don't bluedgeon people with JCanete Jul 2018 #21
Go start your own Bernie board blue cat Jul 2018 #22
he wouldnt be a constant topic of conversation here if mopinko Jul 2018 #23
I expect him to get beaten again in 2020 if he runs. Blue_true Jul 2018 #116
Or you might be just plain sick of him tavernier Jul 2018 #24
DU still considers Bernie an independent friend of Democrats backtoblue Jul 2018 #25
A lot of the vitriol would ease if Skinner closed down the Sanders group and removed Autumn Jul 2018 #39
It definitely needs addressed. backtoblue Jul 2018 #43
I'm not sure anyone cares enough to address it.nt Autumn Jul 2018 #56
Spot on, Autumn Hekate Jul 2018 #47
The Sanders Group. sheshe2 Jul 2018 #53
If anyone knows warm and welcoming it would be you. Autumn Jul 2018 #60
Aaaah, shucks Autumn. sheshe2 Jul 2018 #101
Are you kidding. Blue_true Jul 2018 #123
Yeah I'm very perplexed by this. joshcryer Jul 2018 #131
If I didn't take advantage of the grace offered after the hack, I would have been gone. Blue_true Jul 2018 #179
I was attacked as being "anti-Semitic" because I criticized him. Little did the attacker... George II Jul 2018 #154
After May 2016, it was pretty bad here. I was banned but read OPs every day. Blue_true Jul 2018 #183
That poster accused anyone who said anything negative about Bernie mcar Jul 2018 #194
Oh ya!!! The Sanders group! Eko Jul 2018 #115
Is this the open, warm, and welcoming group that has 50 people blocked? George II Jul 2018 #208
Aaaand.... total silence. Figures. NurseJackie Jul 2018 #240
163 people blocked in the Barack Obama group. progressoid Jul 2018 #298
LOL! NurseJackie Jul 2018 #315
There it is! progressoid Jul 2018 #329
I see that I also struck a nerve! Good! NurseJackie Jul 2018 #332
Sorry, no nerves struck. progressoid Jul 2018 #337
Well, it bothered you enough to reply with several "whatabouts"... NurseJackie Jul 2018 #346
I don't think you understand the definition of whataboutism progressoid Jul 2018 #370
Thank you for helping me to prove my point. NurseJackie Jul 2018 #384
Then there is this... sheshe2 Jul 2018 #341
ZERO blocked in the Hillary Clinton Group. I guess we're not as contentious as others? George II Jul 2018 #426
Oh no, that doesn't conform to the narrative of vindictive Hillbots whose sole motivation betsuni Jul 2018 #430
Well... progressoid Jul 2018 #431
It was the blockees who were contentious, as anyone who was there can tell you. betsuni Jul 2018 #432
Thank you mountain grammy Jul 2018 #93
My pleasure, mountain grammy. sheshe2 Jul 2018 #109
I'm sorry, she, was that sarcasm? mountain grammy Jul 2018 #120
Oh maybe sheshe2 forgot about that. joshcryer Jul 2018 #126
You need to get over yourself. mountain grammy Jul 2018 #151
I think it's pertinent. joshcryer Jul 2018 #157
I wish to ask your permission to send you a PM, mountain grammy. sheshe2 Jul 2018 #190
Of course mountain grammy Jul 2018 #191
That was sarcasm. joshcryer Jul 2018 #111
Yep. sheshe2 Jul 2018 #163
That's the best idea I think you've ever had! Someone should suggest it! NurseJackie Jul 2018 #63
It's been suggested. Autumn Jul 2018 #66
+1 George II Jul 2018 #75
It would also help if Russian visitors were not considered "members of this community." rzemanfl Jul 2018 #92
I'm sure Admins have names and home addresses, emails for all members and CC#s for Autumn Jul 2018 #104
You're welcome to believe that. They don't have to "stay long" to earn their rubles. rzemanfl Jul 2018 #108
I think I'll trust that the admins have a handle on things like that. Mirt stays on top Autumn Jul 2018 #114
I'm sure they don't. I've been a star member for several years and I know they don't have .... George II Jul 2018 #164
After the hack Skinner said no personal information was leaked. joshcryer Jul 2018 #167
I signed up with my name and email, and I donated by check in the early years. Autumn Jul 2018 #170
You are the head mod of the Sanders Group. joshcryer Jul 2018 #122
You read my post it was pretty clear, I suggested that closing it down would ease Autumn Jul 2018 #136
The group is dead. joshcryer Jul 2018 #139
Sorry, I usually agree with you Autumn, but no it would not "ease some of the vitriol" LiberalLovinLug Jul 2018 #284
It happens anyway. Even the off the cuff remark about him falling under the Autumn Jul 2018 #287
You're right. LiberalLovinLug Jul 2018 #288
They have no desire to do that. Bernie is not welcome here, neither are Autumn Jul 2018 #289
The problem is both the anti-Sanders OPs and the pro-Sanders OPs are attacked. LiberalLovinLug Jul 2018 #295
"By the same motley crew." --- LOL! NurseJackie Jul 2018 #312
The Problem is.. that BS creates this division Cha Jul 2018 #319
It's... NurseJackie Jul 2018 #320
Mahalo, Jackie! You took the words right out of my Cha Jul 2018 #323
Where'd ya go? NurseJackie Jul 2018 #321
Is that a new projector? betsuni Jul 2018 #322
lol Cha Jul 2018 #324
+1 Jamaal510 Jul 2018 #210
One thing I dislike more than Bernie BannonsLiver Jul 2018 #26
I dislike this more.. BS disingenuously saying the "Dem Party is Cha Jul 2018 #30
When he LIES about the Democratic Party like that... NurseJackie Jul 2018 #80
It's for Sure the M$$$$$M and the GOPutin Cha Jul 2018 #186
Yep. Preaching to the choir. BannonsLiver Jul 2018 #85
Not to mention that he's ascended into that 1% himself in the last few years (or longer?) George II Jul 2018 #166
They're his BUZZ Words and it doesn't matter Cha Jul 2018 #188
Thanks, mtnsnake. elleng Jul 2018 #29
This message was self-deleted by its author InAbLuEsTaTe Jul 2018 #88
My pleasure, elleng. mtnsnake Jul 2018 #196
"Democrat in spirit" translated: NOT A DEMOCRAT scheming daemons Jul 2018 #32
2 senators voted against Russia sanctions in 2017: Rand Paul and Bernie Sanders. VOX Jul 2018 #33
That is true. He also voted against another important matter: the Iraq War mtnsnake Jul 2018 #94
The Sanctions bill that he voted against included sansctions on Iran elmac Jul 2018 #110
He voted to join the Russia sanctions bill with the Iran sanctions bill. KitSileya Jul 2018 #216
Oh yes, I've pointed that fact out a number of times, and also this one: George II Jul 2018 #331
He just tweeted out that the Dems just represent the 1%. pnwmom Jul 2018 #35
Inasmuch as he's now in that 1% does that mean that he won't run as a Democrat in two years? George II Jul 2018 #175
Utter Nonsense Me. Jul 2018 #37
Just NO. BS has just come out Bashing the Democratic Cha Jul 2018 #40
Another BS thread?? awesomerwb1 Jul 2018 #44
Like death and taxes. nt Blue_true Jul 2018 #135
I feel there are some who would rather see Trump get a second term than elect Bernie in 2020. welivetotreadonkings Jul 2018 #45
First and foremost, BERNIE IS NOT A DEMOCRAT, so good luck with that line of thinking... Hekate Jul 2018 #51
Maybe. I guess we'll see. welivetotreadonkings Jul 2018 #316
I believe you are spot on nt elmac Jul 2018 #117
I strongly disagree. GulfCoast66 Jul 2018 #158
Right. And most of us could provide a referral if asked. nt Hekate Jul 2018 #199
Those people are morons. welivetotreadonkings Jul 2018 #313
That is utterly untrue treestar Jul 2018 #246
Here on DU? Can you provide a link? ehrnst Jul 2018 #300
A dominant majority of Democrats believe that but Republicans hate the idea..go figure. Uncle Joe Jul 2018 #46
That poll was comparing Sanders to Trump dansolo Jul 2018 #143
Good catch. sheshe2 Jul 2018 #192
Actually no, the question is crystal clear and doesn't even mention Trump Uncle Joe Jul 2018 #200
The question immeditatly before it was the same, but about Trump. dansolo Jul 2018 #221
Exactly. Taking polls about BS out of context seems to be a habit with some. Squinch Jul 2018 #226
There were questions regarding Schumer, Pelosi, McConnell, Ryan and Pence Uncle Joe Jul 2018 #233
Yes, it's hard to figure for sure mtnsnake Jul 2018 #198
.. Uncle Joe Jul 2018 #204
... mtnsnake Jul 2018 #207
The poll compares BS only to trump. If the poll asked voters if Squinch Jul 2018 #228
I find that he doesn't tolerate any dissent from his views. ehrnst Jul 2018 #48
It has nothing to do with not liking or hating anyone. honest.abe Jul 2018 #49
+1000. (nt) ehrnst Jul 2018 #50
+1. I don't hate Bernie. I don't know what he is. dalton99a Jul 2018 #59
If Bernie hasn't helped, why are so many Democratic Candidates particularly Uncle Joe Jul 2018 #369
Oh, fer fuck's sake. Squinch Jul 2018 #52
Thank you. Sophia4 Jul 2018 #57
We do need to be united. So he needs to stop trashing Democrats and the Democratic Party. Squinch Jul 2018 #67
Bernie is campaigning for Democrats. Sophia4 Jul 2018 #71
So he's not campaigning against incumbent Democrats any more? Hekate Jul 2018 #74
For the WIN! sheshe2 Jul 2018 #152
I wonder if he'll continues to campaign for Democrats once the Democratic primaries are over. lapucelle Jul 2018 #130
Is Hillary campaigning for Democratic candidates? I know she gave a speech this week, Sophia4 Jul 2018 #144
As a matter of fact, yes she is, despite her status as a private citizen. lapucelle Jul 2018 #162
Good. Sophia4 Jul 2018 #169
Still attacking Hillary I see. GulfCoast66 Jul 2018 #165
Is Hillary campaigning for incumbents? Sophia4 Jul 2018 #168
Pathetic. You guys just can't let up on the Hillary GulfCoast66 Jul 2018 #173
I'll try and explain: he trashes Democrats constantly. That pisses me off. Squinch Jul 2018 #185
Thank YOU. mtnsnake Jul 2018 #82
What else is new?! InAbLuEsTaTe Jul 2018 #97
FYI, you were alerted on. Ace Rothstein Jul 2018 #127
I saw that post and crinnged backtoblue Jul 2018 #172
Good post, Sophia. aikoaiko Jul 2018 #86
Very well said elmac Jul 2018 #87
You should take your own advice. You could explain how your choices R B Garr Jul 2018 #90
I live in California. Sadly, since my state votes overwhelmingly for Democrats Sophia4 Jul 2018 #107
Thank you for confirming that you did not vote for Hillary. R B Garr Jul 2018 #113
The votes in California in presidential elections don't count for much. Sophia4 Jul 2018 #119
Wasn't there a national strategy?? I recall it was intended to influence people R B Garr Jul 2018 #146
OMG. She didn't vote for Hillary. Squinch Jul 2018 #187
Seems like. RB Garr seems to be on to something here. Hekate Jul 2018 #201
No she didn't. The first posts back were anti-Biden spam R B Garr Jul 2018 #214
Fuckin wow !!! uponit7771 Jul 2018 #253
So when you register voters do you tell them not to bother voting in 2020 because their vote seaglass Jul 2018 #195
I am a little confused here. sheshe2 Jul 2018 #212
California: population - 39,776,830 Sophia4 Jul 2018 #217
Post removed Post removed Jul 2018 #223
Are you kidding me with this? Very Tail-Gunner Joe of you. PassingFair Jul 2018 #268
Agree PassingFair karin_sj Jul 2018 #281
So many old friends suddenly returning all at once. Squinch Jul 2018 #290
SO suspicious! PassingFair Jul 2018 #297
Couldn't agree more, Sophia4 karin_sj Jul 2018 #279
Yup, says it all, says it well, says it kindly as can be. A-Schwarzenegger Jul 2018 #406
He bludgeoned his way into the party making promises he couldnt keep Fullduplexxx Jul 2018 #58
Best post of the day Power 2 the People Jul 2018 #61
Dems don't bash Bernie. Bernie bashes Dems -- All. The. Damn. Time. It gets old Hekate Jul 2018 #72
Hear, hear!! InAbLuEsTaTe Jul 2018 #98
This message was self-deleted by its author SunSeeker Jul 2018 #99
Can you be a little specific with some of your assertions? Like: George II Jul 2018 #73
OMG! tecelote Jul 2018 #77
He deserves to get slammed after some recent comments lancelyons Jul 2018 #79
my problem with him was he let his surrogates/campaign poison the 'other side'.. samnsara Jul 2018 #84
I like Bernie! chwaliszewski Jul 2018 #96
HA. Oops, peed my undies. nt Blue_true Jul 2018 #102
Bernie Rocks!! But, how does this OP help us win in November? RiverStone Jul 2018 #105
Reply Don Fletcher Jul 2018 #106
Post removed Post removed Jul 2018 #112
I wish I could rec this post. MrsCoffee Jul 2018 #121
Thank you. yardwork Jul 2018 #124
Thank you liberal N proud Jul 2018 #133
You're welcome. yardwork Jul 2018 #134
I don't mind criticism for my opinion but I don't like when someone like you blatantly lies about me mtnsnake Jul 2018 #138
I have no idea if you're telling the truth or not. My post is directed at JPR returnees. yardwork Jul 2018 #148
I was never part of JPR, so you can apologize, or not, for making that up. mtnsnake Jul 2018 #171
If you don't post on JPR, then my post isn't directed at you. yardwork Jul 2018 #174
Thank you. Apology accepted and appreciated. mtnsnake Jul 2018 #176
AMEN! brer cat Jul 2018 #147
You said it. yardwork Jul 2018 #150
Just in time for the midterms, too. joshcryer Jul 2018 #160
Yep. sheshe2 Jul 2018 #182
I'm not bored so much as absolutely disgusted. Squinch Jul 2018 #189
No shit Hekate Jul 2018 #202
I will never forgive him for dividing the Democratic vote liberal N proud Jul 2018 #128
You are right. There is an unreasonable and unwarranted PoindexterOglethorpe Jul 2018 #129
Oh really? The man who just called MY party the party of the 1%? We have a lot of current material Hekate Jul 2018 #203
Ok. Please enlighten me with what legislation he got passed to back up his talk. nini Jul 2018 #132
Should posters start posting some Sanders quotes? Honeycombe8 Jul 2018 #137
Well gee, I guess you told us! Adrahil Jul 2018 #141
He's more of a Democrat than i am apparently bluedye33139 Jul 2018 #181
THANK YOU! Raine Jul 2018 #149
You're very welcome mtnsnake Jul 2018 #197
Not dislike, not hate. I am skeptical, fed up, annoyed, investing in real Democrats... LuvLoogie Jul 2018 #159
"Bashed relentlessly?" mcar Jul 2018 #193
Oh snap Hekate Jul 2018 #206
I have been reliably informed shanny Jul 2018 #230
You still don't understand the difference? betsuni Jul 2018 #234
Was that you being clever shanny Jul 2018 #237
Was that you being ... something? betsuni Jul 2018 #238
Got it. "Clever" it is. shanny Jul 2018 #239
Omygerd, I am bashed relentlessly. betsuni Jul 2018 #241
... mcar Jul 2018 #258
I howled as well. shanny Jul 2018 #263
Seriously? dlk Jul 2018 #205
K and recommended AtomicKitten Jul 2018 #211
Sanders says the Democratic Party is not the party that represents working people, betsuni Jul 2018 #215
If the Democratic Party... CanSocDem Jul 2018 #236
Because in the last 30 years the GOP has held the presidency all but twice and in both cases...the Demsrule86 Jul 2018 #247
LOL betsuni Jul 2018 #259
+1 uponit7771 Jul 2018 #254
There are areas to be frustrated with our party involving what interests have sometimes been served, JCanete Jul 2018 #275
Amen! shanny Jul 2018 #227
Hmmmm MFM008 Jul 2018 #229
K&R.. disillusioned73 Jul 2018 #235
That's for sure! karin_sj Jul 2018 #285
Yes, We Are Loud and Proud! Only there's more than a few all Cha Jul 2018 #330
"More of a Democrat" has to include promoting and campaigning for Dems... Orsino Jul 2018 #242
How can that be; he did not win the primary treestar Jul 2018 #243
I would like to see what bills he has authored that have passed. redstatebluegirl Jul 2018 #245
More like Bernie as in loving guns? LexVegas Jul 2018 #252
He's either a target or a sacred cow. LanternWaste Jul 2018 #261
I don't want to hear about outsiders telling Democrats Progressive dog Jul 2018 #262
+++++ JHan Jul 2018 #269
All I know is that I never seem to hear Nancy Pelosi or Chuck Schumer pecosbob Jul 2018 #267
You know Pelosi was critical in getting the ACA passed right? JHan Jul 2018 #270
Let's not forget what our good old centrist buddy, Ben Nelson of Nebraska did to ACA progressoid Jul 2018 #299
And Max Baucus Power 2 the People Jul 2018 #428
That is typical. Some low info hears the rabble rousing dem bashing kcr Jul 2018 #334
If he says stupid shit, I will criticize him. JHan Jul 2018 #271
The Democratic party is a big tent DemocratSinceBirth Jul 2018 #272
Two words for you: Tad Devine louis c Jul 2018 #273
Agree 100 percent! karin_sj Jul 2018 #277
rec Kurt V. Jul 2018 #278
Trolls The Wizard Jul 2018 #280
Exceedingly well said! green917 Jul 2018 #283
I'm dismayed too karin_sj Jul 2018 #286
It's Boomer Liberalism vs Millennial Progressivism wonkwest Jul 2018 #291
Bernie Sanders is almost 80 years old kcr Jul 2018 #335
Doesn't make him less of a symbol wonkwest Jul 2018 #342
Exactly.. disillusioned73 Jul 2018 #364
I hope so wonkwest Jul 2018 #398
But that's not his message kcr Jul 2018 #419
I don't agree with him wonkwest Jul 2018 #420
'Sanders is just a symbol' melman Jul 2018 #368
Once they went after her, I knew wonkwest Jul 2018 #389
Bernie has always struck me as the ultimate Boomer. ucrdem Jul 2018 #372
I don't think you're wrong wonkwest Jul 2018 #391
hey thanks ucrdem Jul 2018 #393
Thanks for the exchange wonkwest Jul 2018 #397
Likewise! ucrdem Jul 2018 #427
It's really hard to articulate wonkwest Jul 2018 #439
Suddenly lots and lots of JPR folk weighing in here. I guess the bat signal went out. Squinch Jul 2018 #292
r e s p e c t , f o r FraDon Jul 2018 #296
I agree with mtnsnake. nt ladjf Jul 2018 #301
BS heaven05 Jul 2018 #304
I like Bernie. Willie Pep Jul 2018 #326
KnR SammyWinstonJack Jul 2018 #327
Valerie Jarrett on The View today Algernon Moncrieff Jul 2018 #340
Your opinion. Mine is the opposite. democratisphere Jul 2018 #352
I'd think the model "Democat" would refer to himself as one. nt. Amimnoch Jul 2018 #365
Envision BS always holding a black leather book. fleabiscuit Jul 2018 #402
He is a progressive and has a message that resonates with some. Caliman73 Jul 2018 #408
They said Barack Obama would never win because he was black. Power 2 the People Jul 2018 #429
Racism is definitely endemic to the US... Caliman73 Jul 2018 #435
I appreciate what you've said but I disagree with your conclusion on electoral viability. Power 2 the People Jul 2018 #436
Bernie doesn't bother me but the people obsessed with him bother me. Jersey Devil Jul 2018 #445
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