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Tue Jul 24, 2018, 01:38 AM Jul 2018

Ex-Obama Secret Service Agent Reveals What Barack Was Like When The Cameras Weren't On Him [View all]

Snip: I will say that, personally, I have differed on many of President Obama’s stances in politics. I do not support much of his political agenda.

With that stated… Senator Obama, Mrs. Obama and their two daughters were always extremely cordial and appreciative for everything that we provided them.”

“They were engaging with us, asking us about our families and making sure that we were provided for.

On numerous occasions, Mr. Obama would ask me how my wife was doing (she was pregnant with our first child), and wished her the best.

I never, never saw him belittle another person, I never witnessed him do anything behind his wife’s back… For all of my political differences with Barack Obama, I will be the first to say that he is a very decent man.”

Link: https://braincharm.com/2018/06/19/ex-obama-secret-service-agent-reveals-what-barack-was-like-when-the-cameras-werent-on-him/?utm_source=AOLPartnership
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K & R Thank you for posting Wwcd Jul 2018 #1
And we all took him for granted until we lost him. Beautiful man. lindysalsagal Jul 2018 #18
Not all of us, I didn't take him for granted Perseus Jul 2018 #32
As you say . . . Collimator Jul 2018 #47
Can you imagine anyone within the dump family hugging one another? erronis Jul 2018 #29
I've seen tRump hug Ivanka... Johnyawl Jul 2018 #36
Eew. SusanaMontana41 Jul 2018 #60
Only when they're checking each other for wires... JHB Jul 2018 #40
Even in their group photos kskiska Jul 2018 #45
And they have a boy as PUTOS (Putin's POTUS). Non-developed frontal brain lobes. erronis Jul 2018 #46
He forgot to add, Now I have to get over to the Trump rally and make American Great Again. olegramps Jul 2018 #31
I wondered too, what did this guy dislike so much? BlancheSplanchnik Jul 2018 #41
One of my favorite photos of them. As I recall, it was taken in the Quad Cities after a long time.. Frustratedlady Jul 2018 #53
Yes a very good Raine Jul 2018 #2
Obama was an excellent President and I Cha Jul 2018 #3
K&R! No really a surprise to anyone - and what a difference from the current occupant... Rhiannon12866 Jul 2018 #4
I prefer to call that orange blob the illegal squatter. niyad Jul 2018 #19
I was just being polite... Rhiannon12866 Jul 2018 #59
ohhhh, I love that one!! niyad Jul 2018 #62
No surprise -- but it's really nice to hear it. Hekate Jul 2018 #5
I guess it's rare to get such a great family in the White House rusty quoin Jul 2018 #6
Of course. No surprise here. Control-Z Jul 2018 #7
"...he is a very decent man." Raster Jul 2018 #8
The person and the politics are the same C_U_L8R Jul 2018 #9
there's one thing you can say about trump mnmoderatedem Jul 2018 #10
disagree. barbtries Jul 2018 #24
why does the Secret Service seem to be composed entirely of right wingers? ProfessorPlum Jul 2018 #11
Just A Guess, Plum. . . ProfessorGAC Jul 2018 #13
i am relieved that Obama survived ProfessorPlum Jul 2018 #15
Have you known many cops? jcgoldie Jul 2018 #14
I agree, you are right about that. ProfessorPlum Jul 2018 #16
I think a lot of them come from military backgrounds FakeNoose Jul 2018 #38
Authoritarians are drawn to law enforcement ThoughtCriminal Jul 2018 #48
Lots and lots of cops/agents/guards are RWers. They are generally authoritarian types and are often Nay Jul 2018 #56
This n/t MarcA Jul 2018 #61
Cool...but the guy's gonna get any clearances he had revoked! Laura PourMeADrink Jul 2018 #12
Freeper claimed he was soft, weak, effeminate IronLionZion Jul 2018 #17
Ex Obama ... does that mean current Trump? If so, pretty obvious why he chose those 2 mr_lebowski Jul 2018 #20
Never doubted for a second that this beautiful man would be any different Totally Tunsie Jul 2018 #21
Note to Agent WELLS: Prolly those policies you disagree with are what "a decent man" adheres to!1 UTUSN Jul 2018 #22
Amen. Boomerproud Jul 2018 #44
+1, what is keeping people from making this connection? uponit7771 Jul 2018 #63
An Antonio Porchia aphorism. Snotcicles Jul 2018 #23
Not surprising. Pres Obama is a class act. But I'm at a loss to understand what this Nanjeanne Jul 2018 #25
There was ONE thing he reportedly did behind Michelle's back RandySF Jul 2018 #26
No shock there... nice though to hear confirmation of what we all expected to hear. InAbLuEsTaTe Jul 2018 #27
Good article but that website really stretched it out underpants Jul 2018 #28
Airing political differences at every opportunity bucolic_frolic Jul 2018 #30
Yeah, but he's 'dishonest' according to deplorables. louis-t Jul 2018 #33
of course heaven05 Jul 2018 #34
What a horrible SOB! No wonder trump is undoing everything he did!!!!!! George II Jul 2018 #35
He showed us who is every day in office n/t hibbing Jul 2018 #37
He is a decorous and gracious man. AtomicKitten Jul 2018 #39
Obama is the real deal while Trump is the shart of the deal. Sneederbunk Jul 2018 #42
K&R Scurrilous Jul 2018 #43
I miss having a real POTUS Gothmog Jul 2018 #49
Those are the qualities of a leader. What we have now is not a leader. ffr Jul 2018 #50
So no loyalty oath was asked for or required and everyone was respected to do their jobs. Freethinker65 Jul 2018 #51
Bien dans sa peau BeyondGeography Jul 2018 #52
He's just a good guy. dawg day Jul 2018 #54
In other words -a mensch marybourg Jul 2018 #55
Maybe the agent will also grow up a bit and re-evaluate HIS political agenda. rwsanders Jul 2018 #57
Last line is so revealing LiberalLovinLug Jul 2018 #58
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