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39. Good for you ... and us. We aren't perfect, like anybody or any thing,
Tue Jul 24, 2018, 12:53 AM
Jul 2018

but we are head, shoulders, waist, knees and ankles better than the R Party as far as what and who is best for all people in the nation, plus some. Thanks for joining what is really the only viable option for defeating fascism and achieving equal rights, opportunity and justice for all.

I became a Democrat today [View all] teach1st Jul 2018 OP
Glad you finally joined.. Kahuna7 Jul 2018 #1
me too Larrybanal Jul 2018 #22
Welcome to the party! Aristus Jul 2018 #2
Thank you! And welcome MaryMagdaline Jul 2018 #3
Thanks for always voting for Democrats and I understand about the Sheriff. TexasProgresive Jul 2018 #4
In my case teach1st Jul 2018 #9
Disgusting pig, imo. NCTraveler Jul 2018 #16
Our sheriff is a good man and the only way he could get elected is to be R TexasProgresive Jul 2018 #27
now for the work --we MUST #GOTV--and welcome riversedge Jul 2018 #5
Welcome aboard! InAbLuEsTaTe Jul 2018 #6
Welcome home! 3catwoman3 Jul 2018 #7
I have many former students teach1st Jul 2018 #10
Thanks for jumping in the pool JHB Jul 2018 #8
We are awesome! Cary Jul 2018 #11
Welcome aboard! Downtown Hound Jul 2018 #12
At the time teach1st Jul 2018 #14
Welcome to the cool kids table!!! Maraya1969 Jul 2018 #13
A little while back I went from NPA to Democratic Party. NCTraveler Jul 2018 #15
Do you live in a red/purple area? lpbk2713 Jul 2018 #17
Florida teach1st Jul 2018 #19
Excellent. lpbk2713 Jul 2018 #20
Tampa Bay area teach1st Jul 2018 #21
Me too Clearwater Oppaloopa Jul 2018 #43
thank you AlexSFCA Jul 2018 #18
May I say... GetRidOfThem Jul 2018 #23
Welcome to the party!! blue-wave Jul 2018 #24
Welcome! gulliver Jul 2018 #25
Welcome Funtatlaguy Jul 2018 #26
Glad to have you msdogi Jul 2018 #28
Welcome! We're glad you're here. yardwork Jul 2018 #29
Welcome to the Party, teach! Cha Jul 2018 #30
Welcome, teach! NastyRiffraff Jul 2018 #31
Welcome, I"m sure many are glad to have you as Democrat, the more the merrier! George II Jul 2018 #32
Welcome! bitterross Jul 2018 #33
Welcome to Blueland! n/t Different Drummer Jul 2018 #34
Recommended. H2O Man Jul 2018 #35
I did the same in 2008 FakeNoose Jul 2018 #36
WELCOME! Silver Gaia Jul 2018 #37
Welcome! Puzzler Jul 2018 #38
Good for you ... and us. We aren't perfect, like anybody or any thing, KPN Jul 2018 #39
If we had 10 of these a day... yuiyoshida Jul 2018 #40
All I have to say is... Trumpocalypse Jul 2018 #41
I've long claimed "independence" out of some vague contrarianism, I guess... Orsino Jul 2018 #42
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