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3. "No one should let this news cycle pass and just go back to business as usual."
Mon Jul 16, 2018, 08:04 PM
Jul 2018

Would it be possible?

This is how we are made captive to Big Media. Will they keep up the drumbeat of Drumpf's treasonous behavior, or simply move on to the next shiny object?

Ultimately, it's Big Media who decides the narrative, what gets covered, whose speech gets attention, who shows up as a guest on the Sunday shows.

Yes, we can take to the streets - but I remember how the thousands of protestors for the bush II inauguration were blacked out by the MSM. I remember how the protests by MILLIONS all around the world against the Iraq war were conveniently left out of the MSM news coverage. Because the MSM loves a war, loves broadcasting big explosions.

I'm 68 years old. I can remember the time before "News" became a commodity, before it was expected to make a profit, when it was considered to be a social responsibility on the part of those who were granted the use of the public airwaves.

It is the fault of Television that we've ended up with such an idiot asshole for president. It is the fault of Television that there are so many stupid, shallow, mouth-breathers in our population that they would vote for such a slimey conman.

Yeah, "No one should let this news cycle pass and just go back to business as usual." - but, for our sins, it will.

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