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30. Ethnic cleansing. That's what this is all about.
Fri Jul 6, 2018, 07:51 PM
Jul 2018

The trump regime is determined to reduce the non-white population of the U.S. by any means necessary.

K&R Solly Mack Jul 2018 #1
It is time for people of good conscience to defy his orders. Ilsa Jul 2018 #2
Good conscience is the key descriptor - Trump's minions don't possess that quality. iluvtennis Jul 2018 #5
Seems that should have happened in February of 2017. joshdawg Jul 2018 #24
Surely it can be blocked, because when GOVMT terminates TPS, that does NOT make them all criminals. Bernardo de La Paz Jul 2018 #3
Except that this regime Bettie Jul 2018 #7
Kick democrank Jul 2018 #4
The numbers listed in the text of the article actually add up to more than 400,000 geardaddy Jul 2018 #6
Over 400K adults and 200K children of those adults is reason for disparity (nt) mr_lebowski Jul 2018 #28
Ah, ok, thanks! geardaddy Jul 2018 #46
I have been posting about this dozens of times grantcart Jul 2018 #8
Your number is way way way too low. awesomerwb1 Jul 2018 #11
typo, should have read 200,000, thanks grantcart Jul 2018 #29
Part of this, I think, is to get rid of possible Democratic votes.... C Moon Jul 2018 #9
I am absolutely certain that this is partly about suppression of the Democratic vote. Still In Wisconsin Jul 2018 #12
+1 appalachiablue Jul 2018 #21
These TPS people awesomerwb1 Jul 2018 #10
How much money videohead5 Jul 2018 #13
Ohh, but think of all the jobs PoindexterOglethorpe Jul 2018 #25
God! Can no one stop this Monster?! sweetroxie Jul 2018 #14
Not no one bdamomma Jul 2018 #18
This makes me sick, literally. northoftheborder Jul 2018 #15
that bdamomma Jul 2018 #16
Bastards PaulX2 Jul 2018 #17
Are we really building camps and rounding up people??? Luz Jul 2018 #19
Write postcards, get on Twitter and retweet good articles and counter the lies awesomerwb1 Jul 2018 #26
This is where I draw the line. Initech Jul 2018 #20
He is a cancer on this nation that needs to be removed. smirkymonkey Jul 2018 #22
+1. He is a cancer on humanity. dalton99a Jul 2018 #38
Trump is determined to make America a more brutal, inhumane and dangerous country. stuffmatters Jul 2018 #23
Not only that. He's determined to play to the Republican base... JHB Jul 2018 #43
This is how you kill a democracy; it's been the Repub uber lords (Kochs) agenda all along. stuffmatters Jul 2018 #45
Funny how the "pro-life" party and it's fascist leader workinclasszero Jul 2018 #27
Ethnic cleansing. That's what this is all about. scarletwoman Jul 2018 #30
That is exactly what it is. SunSeeker Jul 2018 #32
Agree workinclasszero Jul 2018 #44
But wait, if he deports all Hondurans, Haitians and Salvadorans than what group is next? yuiyoshida Jul 2018 #31
But this is what's so weird. America was never all white. SunSeeker Jul 2018 #33
They really want it white only... yuiyoshida Jul 2018 #37
K&R suffragette Jul 2018 #34
K&R... N_E_1 for Tennis Jul 2018 #35
Only Hitler topped this evil fuck sellitman Jul 2018 #36
And not a beep from Republicans in Congress dalton99a Jul 2018 #39
Congress MUST fix this KentuckyWoman Jul 2018 #40
This is child snatching! McCamy Taylor Jul 2018 #41
Here's an idea superpatriotman Jul 2018 #42
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