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It is a law dude! BigmanPigman Jun 2018 #1
He doesn't give a fuck about "the law"... ADX Jun 2018 #7
I guess we need to keep donating to groups who have hired attorneys to fight BigmanPigman Jun 2018 #12
This malaise Jun 2018 #16
Let Jimmy Carter explain it to him. eppur_se_muova Jun 2018 #2
Yeah, remember when Carter gave up his family's peanut farm? Dave Starsky Jun 2018 #15
I remember it well. And he did so w grace. Crutchez_CuiBono Jun 2018 #31
I like #3 SallyHemmings Jun 2018 #3
Dems could impeach Red Don on this alone, that's why presidents have always aired on the side uponit7771 Jun 2018 #4
Yep. Obama would have been impeached, even if Dems had control of both chambers. Garrett78 Jun 2018 #44
gee that's too bad 0rganism Jun 2018 #5
Yep, those pesky laws are very impractical for crook and conmen. nt procon Jun 2018 #6
How about we just seize all those assets and sell them off ProudLib72 Jun 2018 #8
The orange piece of shit has been in office for a year and a half....... a kennedy Jun 2018 #9
I'll take door number 3, Monty. nt Xipe Totec Jun 2018 #10
He'll get away with it until someone stops him. Solly Mack Jun 2018 #11
Someone bdamomma Jun 2018 #17
That,too. Solly Mack Jun 2018 #22
Well, I have an idea for me. Yonnie3 Jun 2018 #13
So it is difficult for the Trump Organization to not act like criminals and thieving assholes dalton99a Jun 2018 #14
They don't have to ACT like criminals and... 3catwoman3 Jun 2018 #23
Just enforcing the laws! elias7 Jun 2018 #18
US Constitution, Art II, Sec 3: he shall take Care that the Laws be faithfully executed, struggle4progress Jun 2018 #19
Isn't there something in the Bible about the law and government? Caliman73 Jun 2018 #20
Womp, womp. sinkingfeeling Jun 2018 #21
He should not have run for president. lpbk2713 Jun 2018 #24
The real shame of it all is.... KY_EnviroGuy Jun 2018 #37
Oh well I guess since it's complicated, then no fuckin worries, Our Bad. Volaris Jun 2018 #25
tRump would add to that list.... KY_EnviroGuy Jun 2018 #38
And Congress. ALWAYS so complicated with those guys. Volaris Jun 2018 #40
LOL. If the shoe fits...... KY_EnviroGuy Jun 2018 #42
Can't track money or children. Result of one is 6 bankruptcies & of the other is ... ? . . . nt Bernardo de La Paz Jun 2018 #26
Funny Progressive2020 Jun 2018 #27
so, if I use my home for laundering Russian money NewJeffCT Jun 2018 #28
Which law malaise Jun 2018 #29
"This whole Russia thing is complicated so better stop investigating it" he might say. . . . nt Bernardo de La Paz Jun 2018 #30
"This climate change stuff is not practical for making money old ways. Let's call it a hoax." . . nt Bernardo de La Paz Jun 2018 #32
There are two solutions. Either sell off 100% or quit. LiberalFighter Jun 2018 #33
Is that like, "It's not practical for me to keep my neighbor's stuff I borrowed... Honeycombe8 Jun 2018 #34
Complying with the law is so inconvenient. Amaryllis Jun 2018 #35
And I can't stop robbing banks world wide wally Jun 2018 #36
It's one or the other, dude FakeNoose Jun 2018 #39
Good news for the Trump organization........ MyOwnPeace Jun 2018 #41
Trump needs to divest Gothmog Jun 2018 #43
To be fair, Trump has already divested himself from ashling Jun 2018 #45
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