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Sun Jun 17, 2018, 08:24 PM

The Tipping Point [View all]

If you are still supporting Trump, you are one hundred percent on-board with taking children away from their parents, and caging them like animals.

You can tell yourself that you’re not – but you are. At this point, for anyone to say, “Just because I support Trump doesn’t mean I agree with all of his policies,” is no different than a German exonerating himself from the guilt of the extermination camps by claiming that he “didn’t really agree with all of Hitler’s policies” either.

Your “pResident” is taking children – frightened, traumatized children – away from their mothers, and is warehousing them in “facilities” often located thousands of miles away from where their parents are being held. Parents are not being told where their children are, or when – or even if – they will ever see them again.

Babies, toddlers, children too young to understand what’s happening to them, are living in a state of constant fear. Their parents live with the emotional torture of not knowing what is being done to their children – without even knowing if they’re still alive.

If you still support Trump, you SUPPORT THIS.

There is no law that decrees these actions. If you believe Trump’s lie that he is upholding a law that simply does not exist, you are no different from those who saw cattle-cars full of people on their way to Auschwitz and dismissed their inevitable fate of starvation, torture and death as simply a matter of “law”.

Your “pResident” could end this inhumane nightmare with one phone call. But instead, he chooses not to.

If you still support Trump, you are complicit in all of the above. As a nation, we are now past the point of cherry-picking which “policies” we agree with or don’t – it’s time to pick a side.

We’ve heard the Republicans say that every US prisoner is separated from their children when they are jailed. But there is no one currently incarcerated who has had his/her children imprisoned as well; there are no inmates who are refused the knowledge of their children’s whereabouts or welfare while they are behind bars. In other words, murderers, drug dealers, and rapists are given more humane treatment than desperate people who committed the crime of wanting a better life for their families.

What it comes down to is this: You either whole-heartedly and without reservation support a man who is putting innocent children in cages, or you don’t support him at all. There is no wiggle-room here. There is no in-between place where you can hide behind that “but I don’t agree with all of his policies” bullshit. You either ally yourself with decent people who find Trump’s actions abhorrent, anti-American, and immoral – or you ally yourself with him.

You either stand up for decency, compassion, and what is morally right – or you lie down with Trump and wallow with him in that fetid swamp that defends his assault on innocent children.

You either withdraw your support from this immoral would-be dictator, or you raise your voice to condemn him.

You either stop pretending that a man who would take children away from their parents is a “good Christian” adhering to Christ’s teachings, or you condemn him for doing things that The Nazareen never condoned.

I am sick-to-death of those have defended this Idiot and his lies, but we are now at the breaking point. Separating children from their parents is not a squabble over “policy” – it is a tipping point in defining who we are as Americans, and who we are as decent human beings.

If you still support Trump, you are as gutless, morally-bereft, and bigoted as he is. There is no getting around that.

I might remind everyone that after WWII, those who collaborated with the Nazis were not treated well by their countrymen – and those who are collaborating with Trump’s Nazi-like decrees won’t be treated any better.

If you stand with Trump on this issue, you WILL face the consequences of your actions in the days to come. If you defend Trump on this issue, we will know who you are and will deal with you accordingly.

You’re either with decent, moral people who see the immorality of what is being done to children – or you are completely in agreement with Trump’s indecency and immorality.

Your choice - and you might want to speak up before it's too late to save your own wretched souls.

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