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3. Racism is background noise....
Thu Jun 14, 2018, 04:15 PM
Jun 2018

for far too many folks like Bernie and his "bros." It is too hard for them to consider that life is harder for women and minorities.

Where Has He Been? Me. Jun 2018 #1
It's official. I'm smarter than Bernie Sanders! Even *I* knew that!! NurseJackie Jun 2018 #12
As It Is Vermont Me. Jun 2018 #14
Bazinga! George II Jun 2018 #148
Out chasing oligarchs. He is good at that. nt Blue_true Jun 2018 #52
Article written by Shaun King no less MrPool Jun 2018 #2
He is a Bernie supporter. brer cat Jun 2018 #46
Yep. sheshe2 Jun 2018 #116
And he writes how "suprised" he is by the "genuineness" that he sees. ehrnst Jun 2018 #216
My response the same, "Oh, for god's sake!" Hortensis Jun 2018 #103
The only reason a senator and 30 year pol - especially one supposedly so excellent on civil rights EffieBlack Jun 2018 #107
An inescapable conclusion. Hortensis Jun 2018 #122
He also doesn't seem to know that it is state election law, lapucelle Jun 2018 #226
Catchphrase rhetoric. Simple messages designed Hortensis Jun 2018 #229
"alt-left"...? disillusioned73 Jun 2018 #161
Yeah it's a real thing MrPool Jun 2018 #200
Well, yes, they often partner with RT, the propaganda arm of Putin ehrnst Jun 2018 #217
Racism is background noise.... SallyHemmings Jun 2018 #3
You can make your point without sexism Tom Rinaldo Jun 2018 #8
Aw. NurseJackie Jun 2018 #13
I might offer you a hankie... Tom Rinaldo Jun 2018 #15
Oh, brother! NurseJackie Jun 2018 #17
I love it when people unintentionally prove the point kcr Jun 2018 #22
I also love it when, NurseJackie Jun 2018 #26
So true kcr... they embarrassingly lack the ability to see themselves. InAbLuEsTaTe Jun 2018 #60
Ha! NurseJackie Jun 2018 #94
Lol sheshe2 Jun 2018 #134
Every Bernie Bro stereotype... kcr Jun 2018 #164
So true... and so predictable!! InAbLuEsTaTe Jun 2018 #170
Or is it benevolent sexism Fullduplexxx Jun 2018 #34
So... you think there is a thing called reverse sexism, LOL? bettyellen Jun 2018 #27
Good point. Stupid political correctness has no place in real life Tom Rinaldo Jun 2018 #157
Sorry Tom but Hillary dominated women, except the young ones. Caliman73 Jun 2018 #92
A lot of women supported trump in 2016. George II Jun 2018 #149
K&R ! stonecutter357 Jun 2018 #4
K&R Scurrilous Jun 2018 #5
... Lucinda Jun 2018 #6
I read through that twitter feed. sheshe2 Jun 2018 #7
We wasted all that time in 2015-16 on a divisive campaign on such an uniformed candidate... brush Jun 2018 #58
Media gave him a pass and he was never vetted. sheshe2 Jun 2018 #68
Very sad. We had to fight all that divisiveness, plus Putin's bots, repug vote suppression/hacking.. brush Jun 2018 #74
It is sad, brush. sheshe2 Jun 2018 #81
Bernie has some blind spots--some areas where he is unquestionably going to a well that is outdated JCanete Jun 2018 #100
What? sheshe2 Jun 2018 #137
you can absolutely be generous and charitable of spirit JCanete Jun 2018 #147
Oh brother sheshe2 Jun 2018 #203
what a helpful folllow up...so glad you chimed back in. I certainly learned something. Why bother? JCanete Jun 2018 #204
You're trying WAY too hard. EffieBlack Jun 2018 #174
Excellent Reality Based Tweets from WomanTalkingToDeath Cha Jun 2018 #126
Hey, Cha. sheshe2 Jun 2018 #132
bernie didnt really say that, it,s from the onion, right? oh wait... nt msongs Jun 2018 #9
Nope. sheshe2 Jun 2018 #112
Remember when Hillary Clinton *started* her campaign with jail reform? joshcryer Jun 2018 #10
I remember when she told us the biggest worry for small town people was the opioid epidemic... Hekate Jun 2018 #16
Hillary would've been one of the greatest President's we've ever had. joshcryer Jun 2018 #18
You are 1,000% too right! 👍 sprinkleeninow Jun 2018 #42
Yep, a lot of time was wasted fighting against a woefully uninformed opponent in a divisive campaign brush Jun 2018 #63
I am just going to hug you here. sheshe2 Jun 2018 #138
A-w-w-w, you're embarrassing me. Thank you. brush Jun 2018 #183
all of it really has to do with power and money though. All the rest of it happens/ happened JCanete Jun 2018 #104
Wait a minute, I was told by the berners that he was the most all american girl Jun 2018 #11
This site seems bogus. Can anyone here confirm its legitimacy? The Wielding Truth Jun 2018 #25
It is bogus and a phony puff piece. The data Hortensis Jun 2018 #118
The author is a Bernie supporter. sheshe2 Jun 2018 #119
The Intercept was started a few years ago by Glenn Greenwald Bradical79 Jun 2018 #221
"I had no idea....."?? It's his JOB to have an idea and know this stuff.... George II Jun 2018 #19
What am I missing? The article says he's evolved. kamalafan Jun 2018 #20
I guess he evolved since the campaign because just 18 months ago he thought AAs... brush Jun 2018 #65
I think that is stretching the truth just a wee bit there kamalafan Jun 2018 #91
Right. He thought most drug dealers in jail were African American. I stand corrected. brush Jun 2018 #97
There is this kamalafan Jun 2018 #101
Ok .. for the sake of argument, assume Mic's numbers that Soledad quoted are wrong and let's EffieBlack Jun 2018 #109
I get what he's saying kamalafan Jun 2018 #117
He's a progressive who wants to be president. He should be much better informed than that. brush Jun 2018 #125
He's not "95% of Americans." He's a senator who was running for president and claiming to be EffieBlack Jun 2018 #127
Some of us who are AA (like myself) also understand kamalafan Jun 2018 #144
When Bernie is addressing an AA audience, he seems to portray a ehrnst Jun 2018 #155
Nothing wrong with admitting your faults. That's a good thing. EffieBlack Jun 2018 #175
Interesting point kamalafan Jun 2018 #191
It's relevant and not ageist EffieBlack Jun 2018 #194
+1000. (nt) ehrnst Jun 2018 #151
Yes. The new/old debtors prison. sheshe2 Jun 2018 #131
Most people are completely unaware of the laws surrounding all this kamalafan Jun 2018 #145
Bernie's not "most people." He's a U.S. Senator. EffieBlack Jun 2018 #176
And I'd wager most senators are unaware as well kamalafan Jun 2018 #190
So what? Bernie's not "most senators." EffieBlack Jun 2018 #195
Ok. kamalafan Jun 2018 #196
Well... sheshe2 Jun 2018 #67
Ok I have issue with this TBH kamalafan Jun 2018 #96
Well that is what has been said. sheshe2 Jun 2018 #105
According to many Sanders supporters mcar Jun 2018 #113
Thank you, mcar,. sheshe2 Jun 2018 #140
Yeah, it's pretzel strategy.. doesn't work. Cha Jun 2018 #143
Yes, when Bernie moves to the left - it's "evolving." When it's anyone else, it's "pivoting" ehrnst Jun 2018 #156
Hypocrisy from the agitprop peddlers at the intercept Blue_Tires Jun 2018 #205
I don't understand Soledad's tweet #s. spooky3 Jun 2018 #21
Keep mining for those negative Bernie angles Power 2 the People Jun 2018 #23
Why is that any less ignorant? Seriously, he went to Ferguson and had no idea what was written in bettyellen Jun 2018 #28
Grasping at straws Power 2 the People Jun 2018 #29
Nope, following the news and deeply disappointed is more accurate. But hey, you don't care... bettyellen Jun 2018 #30
What news? Power 2 the People Jun 2018 #31
You're wasting your time. chwaliszewski Jun 2018 #36
A direct quote from Bernie reported by one of his most fervent supporters is "Bernie hate?" EffieBlack Jun 2018 #73
Taken out of context... tkmorris Jun 2018 #75
Oh, please ... EffieBlack Jun 2018 #78
I guess if he didn't spend so much time hating on the Democratic party people might start MrsCoffee Jun 2018 #166
Perhaps, he's pointing out some flaws with the party. chwaliszewski Jun 2018 #167
Yeah, I guess calling the party an absolute failure is just pointing out some flaws..... MrsCoffee Jun 2018 #171
I followed the news about Ferguson, Other towns with similar problems, and also the bettyellen Jun 2018 #83
"our cause to elect Democrats" musette_sf Jun 2018 #135
Yep.We all want the same thing. Power 2 the People Jun 2018 #136
My cause is to elect Democrats musette_sf Jun 2018 #214
oh bullshit Kurt V. Jun 2018 #24
Black people should vote for Bernie ProudLib72 Jun 2018 #32
That reminds me of trump's line "what do you have to lose?" George II Jun 2018 #150
Time for another SOUL FOOD lunch with Killer Mike...nt SidDithers Jun 2018 #33
Oopfh! NurseJackie Jun 2018 #98
Maybe he has a bottle of hot sauce in his pocket Cuthbert Allgood Jun 2018 #111
... SidDithers Jun 2018 #139
Makes one wonder: George II Jun 2018 #141
Awesome movie Cuthbert Allgood Jun 2018 #213
Damn it feels good to be a gangsta JustAnotherGen Jun 2018 #199
Goblin it down, eh? ehrnst Jun 2018 #153
Only if he's a monger. George II Jun 2018 #184
... NurseJackie Jun 2018 #193
1992. betsuni Jun 2018 #154
What in gob's name are you talking about? Cha Jun 2018 #201
... sheshe2 Jun 2018 #202
Hmmmmmm ...... LiberalBob_in_MA Jun 2018 #35
The Intercept all but worships Sanders. ehrnst Jun 2018 #38
Isn't that Glenn Greenwald's site? George II Jun 2018 #142
Yes. And works with closely with RT ehrnst Jun 2018 #152
Clarification Power 2 the People Jun 2018 #40
That's what I think as well LiberalBob_in_MA Jun 2018 #49
Please point out where it is being taken out of context. sheshe2 Jun 2018 #76
Out of context and a convenient ommission Power 2 the People Jun 2018 #82
She didn't take Bernie's comment out of context at all EffieBlack Jun 2018 #129
A Democrat/progressive candidate should be aware of that. Also that AAs are not drug dealers. brush Jun 2018 #69
You've got a point Power 2 the People Jun 2018 #77
Cute. But Clinton was actually referring to crack dealers as super predators, not AA youth. brush Jun 2018 #80
Just a passive-aggressive response to a passive-aggressive reply Power 2 the People Jun 2018 #84
You're not fooling anyone. brush Jun 2018 #87
Neither are you Power 2 the People Jun 2018 #88
brush isn't trying to "fool anyone". Cha Jun 2018 #89
Not trying to. I write what I mean without sly innuendo. brush Jun 2018 #93
OK Power 2 the People Jun 2018 #95
Overt untrue whatAboutIsm noted uponit7771 Jun 2018 #115
Shouldn't a senator be aware lapucelle Jun 2018 #231
One would think ... EffieBlack Jun 2018 #238
+1 leftstreet Jun 2018 #79
Are you kidding! The Intercept has always Cha Jun 2018 #43
Kick and Reced! ehrnst Jun 2018 #37
I would have expected more from Soledad O'Brian karynnj Jun 2018 #39
At least she has deleted the tweet mythology Jun 2018 #173
Good on Soledad O'Brien! Cha Jun 2018 #41
C'mon DU we are better than this Power 2 the People Jun 2018 #48
Your trying to cover up news isn't working. Cha Jun 2018 #50
Really? Power 2 the People Jun 2018 #54
THIS!! InAbLuEsTaTe Jun 2018 #62
Vermont is the whitest state in the US. Garrett78 Jun 2018 #44
Bernie is so yesterday aeromanKC Jun 2018 #45
Yes. Pass the torch already! Hillary did quite sometime ago..so can you bernie Wwcd Jun 2018 #55
Yes!! aeromanKC Jun 2018 #61
Here's the link to the story behind the pic: Wwcd Jun 2018 #72
Very Good aeromanKC Jun 2018 #120
Yup. It is encouraging to watch what women can do when someone steps on our basic right as a person Wwcd Jun 2018 #124
To whom has Hillary passed the torch? Please enlighten us. InAbLuEsTaTe Jun 2018 #64
Months ago when she said she wasn't running again. Consider yourself enlightened. brush Jun 2018 #70
No one seriously believes Hillary has closed the door on another run in 2020... InAbLuEsTaTe Jun 2018 #85
Oh please. Hillary has moved on and Sanders should too. We have a deep bench of young... brush Jun 2018 #90
Oh please, how I wish you were right... but then why would Hillary say... InAbLuEsTaTe Jun 2018 #128
A few months ago? Really? She's indicated much more recently that she's run her last campaign. brush Jun 2018 #130
To be fair, Hillary could be the Incumbent in 2020 aeromanKC Jun 2018 #114
Soledad is actually not stating her statistic correctly dsc Jun 2018 #47
Even that is not quite accurate - as some of the African Americans (and whites ) in prison are from karynnj Jun 2018 #56
honestly that is likely not all that big a deal dsc Jun 2018 #66
I find it hard to believe he did not know that. drray23 Jun 2018 #51
K&R brer cat Jun 2018 #53
how could he not know that barbtries Jun 2018 #57
If I am reading this correctly, only 1.52% of people in Vermont are African-American. Sophia4 Jun 2018 #59
You're looking at the wrong stats... cynatnite Jun 2018 #99
Per Info please, there are only 3,063 African-Americans in Vermont. Sophia4 Jun 2018 #106
It's not the number imprisoned, but the ratio of African Americans to whites... cynatnite Jun 2018 #121
True, but see my post 186. It is probably a state problem. Sophia4 Jun 2018 #187
There is so much wrong with this...OK to discriminate in a small state with a low Black Demsrule86 Jun 2018 #159
I agree with you that it is terribly wrong. Sophia4 Jun 2018 #186
It has to be fixed across the board. Demsrule86 Jun 2018 #206
Yes. I know. It is absolutely unacceptable. Sophia4 Jun 2018 #207
I agree completely. Demsrule86 Jun 2018 #210
Here is an anti-Bernie article on this issue. Sophia4 Jun 2018 #108
It's proof that racial injustice exists in Vermont and Bernie doesn't know that. cynatnite Jun 2018 #123
The number of African-Americans in Vermont remains small compared to other states. Sophia4 Jun 2018 #236
But Vermont does not have anywhere near 100,000 African-Americans. Sophia4 Jun 2018 #237
About 1.5% of Vermont's residents are African Amer, but represent almost 11X whites incarcerated: George II Jun 2018 #228
The problem is that if the incarceration for African Americans in Vermont is Sophia4 Jun 2018 #232
The "per 100,000" is a rate, the number is used to normalize the data... George II Jun 2018 #233
What is your source for a population of 8,000 for African-Americans in Vermont? Sophia4 Jun 2018 #234
United States Census.... George II Jun 2018 #235
I would still be worried, but that number would not get the press that the California Sophia4 Jun 2018 #240
I don't think you can say someone was schooled if they are not in the conversation. aikoaiko Jun 2018 #71
White Male Privilege... dlk Jun 2018 #86
If he had no idea, he hasn't been representing his state very well... cynatnite Jun 2018 #102
Wow mcar Jun 2018 #110
What fun. Suddenly, evolving on the issues is fine and The Intercept is suspicious. betsuni Jun 2018 #133
Don't forget, "You can't school someone who isn't part of the conversation!" kcr Jun 2018 #162
This message was self-deleted by its author redgreenandblue Jun 2018 #146
It's not surprising that someone GaryCnf Jun 2018 #158
We know, we know... lol disillusioned73 Jun 2018 #160
Tweet gone, Soledad wrong oberliner Jun 2018 #163
From Here, Or From Here? ProfessorGAC Jun 2018 #168
Soledad misquoted @mic. She DIDN'T misquote Sanders or take him out of context EffieBlack Jun 2018 #179
Thanks for highlighting Sanders' own words. In ANY R B Garr Jun 2018 #188
Thank goodness we're above all that... LanternWaste Jun 2018 #192
Now that the tweet is gone because it was wrong will you self delete the thread? nt Quixote1818 Jun 2018 #165
Delete the thread. Purple Mountain Maje Jun 2018 #169
Not "debunked" at all. She quoted Sanders correctly. That's the basis of discussion here. NurseJackie Jun 2018 #181
Not in context. Purple Mountain Maje Jun 2018 #185
She quoted him verbatim - there was not "context" problem with his quote EffieBlack Jun 2018 #189
K&R Gothmog Jun 2018 #172
Much ado about nothing. jalan48 Jun 2018 #177
In his 25+ years in D.C, Bernie has never, not once, KitSileya Jun 2018 #178
So, if I wanted to find a list of his major legislative accomplishments, where would I look? NurseJackie Jun 2018 #180
That moment when the Intercept writes a fluff piece Blue_Tires Jun 2018 #182
page does not exist when I clicked on the link niyad Jun 2018 #197
Sorry, that page doesn't exist! populistdriven Jun 2018 #198
Interesting? No. GaryCnf Jun 2018 #208
You can pontificate all you want EffieBlack Jun 2018 #209
And nothing you have said GaryCnf Jun 2018 #211
And nothing YOU'VE said obscures the fact that Bernie hasn't clue one what to do about any of this EffieBlack Jun 2018 #212
I can't disagree with that GaryCnf Jun 2018 #222
This message was self-deleted by its author George II Jun 2018 #223
I noticed that "super predators" was thrown in there, without full context! Revealing? Perhaps. George II Jun 2018 #225
I believe there was ample context GaryCnf Jun 2018 #241
Clearly Hillary pulled him to the left on this. ehrnst Jun 2018 #215
You rock! NurseJackie Jun 2018 #219
Evolving? Say it ain't so! George II Jun 2018 #224
Excellent edits, Effie. NurseJackie Jun 2018 #218
I love you, too Jackie! EffieBlack Jun 2018 #220
sweet Effie, saidsimplesimon Jun 2018 #227
Quoting something Bernie said in the last month doesn't "divide" Democrats EffieBlack Jun 2018 #230
sweet Simple, ehrnst Jun 2018 #239
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