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19. Brilliant
Thu Jun 7, 2018, 07:58 AM
Jun 2018

So proud...not happy with Lurie’s silence. He was the kid on the playground bullied by the likes of the Traitor in Chief, that a Jenkins no doubt protected...

Malcolm is the man. BlueTsunami2018 Jun 2018 #1
I am with you, brother! Louis1895 Jun 2018 #2
Or sister Louis1895 Jun 2018 #3
The idiots keep shoving the microphones into his face, even though he's made it clear he tblue37 Jun 2018 #4
Yeah and not giving him room underpants Jun 2018 #5
I think that is why he held up the "You aren't listening" sign a second time-- tblue37 Jun 2018 #6
Reporters gotta ask questions RVN VET71 Jun 2018 #21
have a new favorite player dembotoz Jun 2018 #7
I wonder how many channels showed this and how many tossed the film mucifer Jun 2018 #8
ESPN - #4 story (NBA finals are 1-3) under Top Headlines underpants Jun 2018 #10
His strategy was brilliant BumRushDaShow Jun 2018 #9
the fucking reporters barbtries Jun 2018 #11
The Obtuse Questions by the Reporters Say Everything dlk Jun 2018 #12
That was brilliant. nt chowder66 Jun 2018 #13
K&R uponit7771 Jun 2018 #14
The reporters pissed me off. rainin Jun 2018 #15
"Malcolm, is the message being lost?" gratuitous Jun 2018 #16
Exactly this. volstork Jun 2018 #22
the ABC & FOX reporters embarrassed themselves. Kurt V. Jun 2018 #17
Former Saint Roy Rolling Jun 2018 #18
Brilliant SallyHemmings Jun 2018 #19
Absolutely brilliant.. mountain grammy Jun 2018 #20
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